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fliion 24th Jan 2015 11:40

Feb EK overtime
Anyone else getting paid overtime in Feb assuming its 83hr threshold (?)
Or is it 86?


Mach_Krit 24th Jan 2015 12:11

85 hours...plus plus:ugh:

nakbin330 24th Jan 2015 16:09

28 x 3 - 1 = 83.

BigGeordie 24th Jan 2015 17:51

Threshold is 83 hours. I've got 10 hours overtime. Good job we aren't short of crew then.

SOPS 24th Jan 2015 18:05

10 hours...and I thought overtime was banned!!

145qrh 24th Jan 2015 19:07

What's the rate nowadays .. Tried to find it ???

harry the cod 24th Jan 2015 19:13

600/hr left seat. Nowhere near enough in my opinion, especially when it's forced upon you.


The Turtle 25th Jan 2015 01:38

Completely agree with HC on this one.... Should be double that

Dropp the Pilot 25th Jan 2015 02:03

If you are foolish enough to do overtime you are offering your services to the company at quite a large discount. You have just received a payslip. Take your gross payable and divide by 83. That is what the company pays you per hour. In my case its a little over 800 per hour so I should do 83 for 800 and then offer to do more for 600?


White Knight 25th Jan 2015 03:38

I agree Dropp... Seems like most of us have this foisted upon us! More telling though is that all of my flights, except my first flight of next month, are very undercrewed CC wise! I imagine that the CC on reserve will be busy!

harry the cod 25th Jan 2015 06:17


Slightly confused with your reasoning. Why divide by 83? Does your 'hourly' rate become less valuable when you work a 31 day month.

We're contracted for 900 hours per year. Take your basic pay and multiply by 12, then divide by 900. Mine comes in at around the 590dhs per hour mark so the 600 productivity pay is my normal rate anyway! And it's nothing to do with being foolish. In case you hadn't realised, we don't have a choice, unless you personally ring up JA towards the end of each month and tell him you'll not be doing that last flight to keep you under the threshold?

If you do, let me know how you get on. I'd be interested to hear what his response is!


donpizmeov 25th Jan 2015 06:48

I would think you need to add the per hour flying rate to your number Harry. So even you are working at a discounted per hour rate when forced into productivity.

Praise Jebus 25th Jan 2015 08:39

It's Undertime not Overtime...

Spoogie 25th Jan 2015 15:31

What's the rate nowadays .. Tried to find it ???
Rates can be found in the Pay and allowances manual as per OM-A


harry the cod 25th Jan 2015 16:16


You're right as I forgot we don't get the hourly rate once productivity is reached. As you say, I'm actually working at a discount to the Company of around 50dhs an hour compared to normal. It really is a joke.

And I'm not laughing..........


Schnowzer 27th Jan 2015 15:00

Yes you will!

Payscale 28th Jan 2015 15:34

Our own SFI make the same if you include the perks such as housing, schooling, medical and dental...

fliion 29th Jan 2015 08:06

Virtually impossible to swap anymore on the T7...further erosion.


GoreTex 29th Jan 2015 09:27

I am in overtime every month and not legal to swap, I just call sick for a flight and then I am legal again, do that every month

emratty 29th Jan 2015 09:37

And that is the reason they are bringing in if you have a sick day you can't do a swap for the month.

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