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malchogancho 27th Oct 2014 13:01

Urgent - Turkish Airlines - Direct contract Vs Parc Aviation
Hello everybody,

I have a very quick question.

I filled out an application form for FO position with Turkish Airlines directly through their website 8 weeks ago and never received any reply that it has been received.
After talking to some colleagues, I contacted Parc Aviation, and started preparing the documents to apply through them.

Last night I received an application directly from THY. I don't want to apply through both.

Can anyone tell me if I will get the same contract and working conditions (salary, benefits, security...etc) from both companies. Any advice which way to continue?

Any advantages and disadvantages?

Thank you so much for you advice!

KRUGERFLAP 27th Oct 2014 23:13

Advice? Turkish Airlines is not even good for Captains. For F/Os OMG. Even the turkish pilots bug out to Middle east carriers. Why do yo think they never stop hiring? Poor contract bro. High tax! Istambul is a nightmare for expats .Ok I like turkish food but layover is a short time.....!Run to the hills ! I am almost sure you are looking to commuting contract. Even that sucks! That company, like that one from Doha only look good in TV Ads. That being sad try it.Go there and do the assessement. See it by yourself. Best of luck in your career!

Snake man 28th Oct 2014 06:37

KRUGERFLAP hands out advice on all things Turkish, and yet can't spell "Istanbul". The same unforgivable error is repeated on another thread.
I would treat his advice with contempt, and recommend he apply for a refund on his school fees....

malchogancho 28th Oct 2014 07:54

I live in Bulgaria - 5 hour drive from Istanbul. I know two Captains in THY both happy.

Maybe you guys have better jobs, but I make $3000-4000 /mnth with over 2500hrs on A320 and I spend 11 months away from my family (mostly in Africa n Asia).

Any advice on Parc Aviation?

KRUGERFLAP 28th Oct 2014 11:04

Dear lord, Excuse me for that errors in istaNbul but the Smartphone does this due to a gramatic norm of my mother language that I use from time to time to write and sometimes I forgot to revise the text. If you look all my posts that a lot of errors.THAt doesn't change my points about THY or other airlines or subjects.

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