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sluggums 12th Jun 2014 09:42

'Addition' to the EK uniform
Are there any airlines elsewhere where it is mandatory for the pilots to use a company issued cockpit flight bag?

'Cause that's what TCAS has just announced. What next... our colour of underwear...?:sad:

bogeydope 12th Jun 2014 09:45

No, We'll all have to grow a beard.........!!

pilotrob23 12th Jun 2014 09:54

The women too?

sluggums 12th Jun 2014 09:56

Hopefully... Phwoaaar:D Or hair colour maybe?

glofish 12th Jun 2014 09:58

What's the bitching about? It's actually a good move, for once!

thehonourablefong 12th Jun 2014 10:00

You know what, it's a pretty petty move but it's a decent bag at least...thought they'd give us a cardboard box with PVC wrapped around it!

Suck it up, boys, it's probably worth more than this year's payrise!

cost neutral 12th Jun 2014 10:03

Ah but thats what it is, the pay rise !

checcker10 12th Jun 2014 10:09

Depends goldfish.
Think it's a complete waste of money.
I personally don't like those bags, too bulky and cumbersome.
Ain't no space in the flight deck on a 4 man crew for them. And now the wheel chair is in closet outside, don't suppose our 1st class pax will fancy my bag in the suite with them! Another well thought out plan.
Will be going in cupboard never to be seen again.
What is it with Tcas and uniforms??
Didn't he get any Christmas presents as a child.......

worldaccording2 12th Jun 2014 10:24

"Bearded ladies..gives me something to hang on too ! Whoof.."

Rip Rik Mayall

sluggums 12th Jun 2014 10:28

Not moaning per se, I think it's a bit short sighted by the company to make using the bag mandatory. Sometime the corporate branding BS goes a little too far. Why else would they make it mandatory?

Dog watch 12th Jun 2014 10:33

'Addition' to the EK uniform
Really people... It's a bag.

As much moaning as there is going on, mark my words some will 'take' 2 bags.

Where's my payrise !!!

McGreaser 12th Jun 2014 10:41

Anybody out there still slugs around a 17" laptop ?

I suppose we will get a plastic watch with a calculator on it. And the plastic wallets with velcro on them with Hello Kitty embossed on. Then the fanny pack to carry our crew sandwiches and crew allowance.

Guess i deserve to use the bag as punishment because i didn't send an email voicing my displeasure:ugh:

Just out of curiosity....in the 21st century, what do u guys carry in your flight bag ? Personally
1. ipad or Mac Book Air
2. wallet
3. phone
4. clipboard
5. condoms (baby wipes !)
5. lately....a stick to bite on and loads of lube:rolleyes::rolleyes: (can't take the pain !)

kingpost 12th Jun 2014 11:14

What a way to "try" and become a lifestyle brand, give the pilots a bag! My goodness, have they lost the plot, we need a salary increase, not a briefcase - I'm struggling to keep up with inflationary pressures!

springbok449 12th Jun 2014 11:33


I hear you, I am amazed at what some people carry in their flight bag judging by the size of them... Think the guys will struggle with the new one as it won't have any space to carry their "special" aide memoire manuals etc!

If only I could fit my iPad into my inside jacket pocket...

falconeasydriver 12th Jun 2014 11:38

Anyone know how long the handle is? being a little taller than average, I've avoided these type of bags thanks to having to stoop.

sluggums 12th Jun 2014 12:08

I think they're planning deportment lessons as well...

"Back straight, keep the book balanced on your head ladies...!"

It'll be incorporated in our 6 monthly LPC sessions I've heard.

sluggums 12th Jun 2014 12:18

100% agree.

Gulf News 12th Jun 2014 12:24

Looks to be a quality item for a change and quite useful. You can bet that there was something in it for whoever signed the purchase order for 3600 + units, that is the way things work here.

Besides its a big step up from the diary that we got last year and even beats the set of oven gloves we got in 2005.

The distribution system sounds a bit shaky and open to multiple "procurement" by the less scrupulous amongst us. I guess there will be a uptick in branded luggage for sale on Dubizzle in the near future as EK pilots try to offset the rise in the cost of living that the company does not seem to have the wherewithal to address .:)

SMOC 12th Jun 2014 12:28

C'mon at least post a pic :E

DuneMentat 12th Jun 2014 12:39

as far as i can see it's this one Patriot Rolling 2-Piece Business Set

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