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GoByNumbers 22nd Feb 2014 03:07

EK - Meydan Heights preview, get ready
Came across this video of testing AC and water pumps in our new villas...

Donīt put too much effort into your current villa and start asking your Facilities manager for your moving date...

lospilotos 22nd Feb 2014 12:46

I especially like the guy demonstrating the A/C in the maidīs room at 12:16. He says it has the highest energy efficiency rating, but itīs clearly marked with 2 out of 5...

Outatowner 22nd Feb 2014 13:30

Not sure I can see the point of demonstrating how cold the A/C can go on a video.

GBN are you researching your next likely homestead or just really bored?

The Outlaw 15th Mar 2014 23:56

Heard that the guys in NCC are getting turfed out and sent to purgatory city. As leases expire they'll send everyone out there.

Couldn't imagine living shoulder to shoulder with 500 people you work with. Im putting money on a lot of folks getting clinically depressed, and thats just the pilots. No birds, no plants, no green...just dust and heavy diesel machinery and high voltage lines to look at...yep paradise.

New joiners....Insist on being shown this "utopia" because this is where new hires will be housed.

Think hard....

Saltaire 16th Mar 2014 04:30

I'm not disagreeing with your concerns; it could be terrible. However, we all thought Silicon oasis was awful, with no greenery, miles out in the desert etc etc... and that was the original semmer. Is that purgatory? Just sayin....

The Outlaw 16th Mar 2014 06:48

A stand alone villa with a large garden does not compare to a row house with no garden living under a power line.

I saw the DSO villa's when they where first handed over and rather liked them but we were happy where we were. Don't worry though, even the DSO group will be moving to "the projects" in time since EK don't have a long term deal with them any more. I have heard those villa's rent for 250K in the market....time is ticking...the company is in the process of building and additional 1000 units that will be ready in less than a year.

Sounds like you haven't seen it yet but you will.

Payscale 16th Mar 2014 08:59

How many of these town houses are ready now?

The Outlaw 16th Mar 2014 10:20

300 are ready now, with power water and sewer. The rest are ready by summer. Total 528.

General Dogsbody 16th Mar 2014 12:46

For New Joiners who are still "enticed" by the Package on offer, a close look at Meydan Heights is essential. I think the Lines of white terraced houses might be a deal breaker, there is no comparison to either development in DSO. The houses are smaller, with a far higher housing density and no gardens or green spaces. Its depressing to think our employer thinks this is the Future..

777X 16th Mar 2014 13:14

Couldn't imagine living shoulder to shoulder with 500 people you work with. No birds, no plants, no green
I guess as an FO, getting put in a 100% comp. accommodation tower block such as millenium, this would be the reality for 7-10 years. A never ending crew layover. The option to opt out is a deal breaker, but is it still a viable option with rent raises in UAE.

falconeasydriver 16th Mar 2014 13:55

The old bread knife thought initially they looked quite nice, but on closer inspection she was mortified, it hastened her departure with the kids back to a cooler and slightly damper climate.

White Knight 16th Mar 2014 18:46

Originally Posted by The Outlaw
300 are ready now, with power water and sewer. The rest are ready by summer. Total 528.

Funny that... Heard an HR bod say (today) that none of the villas are ready 'cos DEWA haven't put in water pipes yet! The testing you see here probably powered by local gennie units...

And two months ago when I took a look out there I'm fairly sure that only about 20 units looked to be anywhere near finished!

JAARule 16th Mar 2014 20:04

This HR bod, were his/her lips moving??

Why not spare yourselves the trouble and buy your own place. No evictions and no pilots wives hanging around watching your moves. :)

The Outlaw 17th Mar 2014 03:52


Just relaying what the project foreman told me last week. From what I saw (last week) they are ready. Careful about what HR tells you, they just want you to go away.

They are trying to get a short term lease extensions in some cases but the end result is that they WILL move staff there because its cheaper for them.

ektrazz 27th Mar 2014 07:25

Those are not really Villas , they are more like town houses. Very or no Gardens and on top of each other.Zero privacy !

Under the high tension power lines are not that great either to be honest !.

Silicon was one thing years ago , Proper free standing villas with huge gardens so even if it was far out , it was nice,

This reminds me of these goverment housing , leaving your home where ever you come from to cram into this , well think twice

This will make everyone more depressed !

Good luck moving out there !

harry the cod 27th Mar 2014 10:13

Fellow aviators.

Please, please, please do some research regarding overhead high voltage power lines. In most European countries it's now forbidden to build within a certain distance of them. It would be worth getting together on this and maybe getting independent advice. I've not been up there so don't know the location. It would be worth checking before accepting.

Please don't put yourself in a situation where god forbid you look back on this and say 'if only'. Your families health cannot be replaced. Once you accept and move in, it will be practically impossible to move out. Do you really think those smiling girls in accommodation will care. Look at the Countries they come from and decide how much life is valued there!

Do you think the VP's and above will move out there?


The Outlaw 27th Mar 2014 22:44


Nice one....1 post....so who are you really?

The power lines are there despite what the all mighty "google earth" tells you, all you need do is trust the people who post here who have seen it with THEIR OWN EYES...the power lines are there...if you still believe the all mighty google earth then do please come here to see for yourself.....

The post from above actually carries some credit....

Old King Coal 27th Mar 2014 23:20

FYI... http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/cancer-info/healthyliving/cancercontroversies/powerlines/

sarge75 31st Mar 2014 06:45

You have been told

TheDarkHorse 31st Mar 2014 08:16

Having just looked on Maps with the co-ords, these are villas? Looks like a bunch of factories to me :(

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