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thyexpatpilotcommite 13th Sep 2013 05:27

THY the not so European best airline
Following a recent meeting with management we would like to pass some information to those that are considering to seek employment with THY.
It appears that the Turkish DGAC has failed to obtain mutual recognition from EASA. It has be announced that expat pilot will have to abandon their EASA license to obtain Turkish ICAO one.
As someone already pointed out Turkish airlines has in their internal regulations a requirement to be the holder of a four year degree to be eligible for permanent employment both as DEC or DEFO. Whilst initially THY tried to enforce such limitation it was later waived as they could not source enough pilots. To our surprise it appears that European first officer with no degree, whilst offered permanent employment, will not be considered for upgrade. Unfortunately the vast majority of expat FO has no degree. Beside the possible legal implications, as there are scores of DEC with no degree in the ranks of THY we think it is quite delusional to think that any FO in such position will consider a permanent FO career in THY. Many are already looking for alternatives and I think perspective one will have to take into account in their decision making such absurd limitation. You have been briefed.

niss 14th Sep 2013 09:19

So, nothing changed in the last 2 years :-(

WhyByFlier 15th Sep 2013 10:24

I would leave flying a LOOOOOONG time before I'd go near Turkish airlines as an employer or the country as a home - life is too short and it's too different to my way. That said, a point for you - An EASA licence is valid for life (provided you have a valid and current medical) - you wont be abandoning it, you'll just be converting to another and also keep your EASA licence.

BeCareful 16th Sep 2013 07:48

So does this mean they're gonna start accepting FAA licenses?

White Knight 16th Sep 2013 22:10

THY the not so European best airline
Interesting title.... BUT, THY have NOTHING to do with Europe...........................

WhyByFlier 17th Sep 2013 09:09

Turkish Airlines is crowned the Best Airline in Europe 2012

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