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flyforfood1 27th Aug 2012 17:40

NDIA opening delayed until mid 2013.
Doha News reports, not surprised though it is 5 years delayed, so much for 12/12/12. :ugh:

dcoded 27th Aug 2012 17:51

Not surprised at all.

Been working on site and can tell you that everything is just a BIG mess!

Well well, this means extended contracts for me and work colleagues, So I can not complain! :D

Dubaian 4th Sep 2012 13:06

Meantime ....
Everyone still has to endure the 'mystery bus tours' to and from every aircraft.
ODIA (Old Doha Intl) has absolutely no airbridges. Some of the bus rides are very long trips from the Departures Terminal right round the N. end of the runway and well down the other side to parking stands.

Unfortunately NDIA is not the only mega project in Doha which is running late or stalled in the starting blocks..... the Friendship Bridge to Bahrain, the underground people mover project in West Bay, the Metro, several major road improvement schemes, half of the Pearl, most of Lusail City, railway links to the GCC, the list goes on & on .....

There is a rumour in town that if FIFA do not see some real progress very soon on the World Cup Stadiums, they will pull the 2022 WC from Qatar. We will see... inshall'ah

John21UK 4th Sep 2012 13:15

Used ODIA as a passenger for the first time some weeks ago and was shocked by the inefficiency! What's up with that mystery bus ride from arrivals into the unknown and back to departures plus the very expensive visa you are forced to endure when switching carriers and having to use the checkin. Vowed me to never use it again until NDIA opens. The experience really caught me off guard. Even a 1h45min connection is impossible there, incl use of crew lane. :ugh:

ferris 4th Sep 2012 19:52

I think people tend to lose sight of the fact that you 'travel' for a long way at any big airport. At Doha (transits), you walk off the plane onto a bus which takes you to the transit terminal, where you are bussed to the bottom of the steps of the next flight. Arrivals are even simpler.

Any other big airport and you tend to walk (or travelate) for ages, sometimes involving train rides.

I find Doha pretty good. Especially as the airline is really good.

John21UK 5th Sep 2012 04:16

Transits are ok. But who in his right mind came up with the idea to seperate arrivals from departures and give all those pax who have to clear customs a magic bus tour of Doha? It's insanely stupid and very frustrating when it could have been so easy.

Also, why is there no tunnel under the runway? See comment above, again!

Anyway, back to topic. Apologies, had to get it out of my system.

B737NG 5th Sep 2012 09:55

That is not the only Airport who is delayed in opening. Manila new Terminal? Berlin poor but sexy? Just announced another delay...... join the Club.

360BakTrak 5th Sep 2012 12:57

Also, why is there no tunnel under the runway? See comment above, again!
Because there is a new airport 'about' to open! :E

John21UK 5th Sep 2012 13:23

But that should have been there since they expanded the apron on the other side. Doesn't make sense to put one in now does it...dhhhh.

Gulfstreamaviator 5th Sep 2012 14:11

I use Doha on a regular basis, and have no problem with Qatar airways or the transfer process. it is better to use the bus and go direct to the transfer termianl, NO extra security. 3 min walk to Eco exec lounge. The Bus to onwards faircraft.

I have never changed operators, but was aware that there was a plan to charge visa fees for transit pax....that heavens that its not for same airline transfers.

ps was in manila last week, and the new international terminal was next to my hotel, or should I say 30 mins by taxi, (as not open yet.).....

360BakTrak 5th Sep 2012 19:19

But that should have been there since they expanded the apron on the other side. Doesn't make sense to put one in now does it...dhhhh.
I'm fairly sure that digging a tunnel under the runway is a fairly major project that would probably not be finished in time to be of any use! Laying some concrete for new stands is quite simple in comparison!

Dubaian 12th Sep 2012 06:23

But who in his right mind came up with the idea to seperate arrivals from departures
I think they were formerly combined in what is now the departures building but it became grossly overloaded and a new, separate arrivals building a few kms away was concocted as a stop-gap measure pending the opening of NDIA.

There was until recently an arriving PAX bus stop first at transit (on the end of the departures building) and then on to the new arrivals terminal. Boarding passes were colour-coded blue and yellow. This seems to have been abandoned and everyone now goes to the arrivals - even if they only want to transit. Which means another bus ride 'backwards' to the departures building and visas for at least some.

Let us fervently hope NDIA is worth the wait - and has a bar in departures !!! (ODIA doesn't.... another odd aspect. Most Intl. Airports are happy to take drinkers' money.) Its not as though Qatar is a dry state. They'll happily flog you duty free grog on the way out but you cannot get a drink while you wait (other than in one or two highly restricted access airline lounges). And let's also hope it has a well-regulated taxi rank. It's a scrum at present at busy times.

Gulfstreamaviator 12th Sep 2012 17:29

FRIDAY.?? 13th Month......
I hope this is the real operational opening date not the PR opening date........ I refer you to many other middle east projects that open on time, but remain closed for several years....glf

Gulfstreamaviator 12th Sep 2012 17:33

Exec terminal
Will one of thhe existing termials be converted to V/VIP Exec terminal, or will Rizon grab that one...
the Royal terminal will that remain as is.....

What will happen to the premium terminal, will it stay in use, or close.......


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