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halas 2nd Aug 2012 13:41

EK IAD 24:35 layover
The pairings are out :(


YYZ 2nd Aug 2012 14:25

This was expected as the times are so close to JFK, hopefully some reports will go in and it may change!

helen-damnation 2nd Aug 2012 17:07

Outstation info usually come out just before the route opens. Not sure if you can find out beforehand :O

The Turtle 2nd Aug 2012 20:39

JFK outbound block 1320

IAD outbound block 1430

SEA outbound block 1420 two day layover

Ive heard we're to stay at the Tyson's Corners Marriott. It is a nice hotel. A nice, but not inexpensive, mall nearby. It is not near central DC. In fact, it is in the state of Virginia. About a 30 minute bus ride from the airport to the hotel, if no traffic. There is a metro stop near Tyson's which you can use to visit the Mall in DC, i think its about 5km from the hotel (maybe a shuttlebus???...i dunno) then 30-40 min metro into Union Station. This setup is like like SFO, its not in the city. We'll park at the standard international gates, and I think we'll need to take a bus to immigration, which will add to our time, I figure its an hour plus from parking brake to hotel, easy.

And I think that IAD block time is on the low side, if you get a northbound landing, in the am rush. Figure all winter long for northbound landings. Keep recovering.

Iver 2nd Aug 2012 23:51

Tyson's Corner is not a bad place in Northern Virginia. You will find a new Orange Line stop not far from that hotel that will take you to Washington DC monuments in about 25 minutes. I agree the traffic to/from IAD can be dicey.

Tyson's Corner does have some nice restaurants and shopping too. Visited a mate in that area a few months ago.

Sorry, but that layover time sounds exhausting after that flight time. Good luck with that! :eek:

For comparison, you should find out where your Qatar 777 counterparts stay. Same area or in DC proper? Similar layover time? Do they get 24 or 48 hours? Fall in the DC area should be lovely....

CR9 3rd Aug 2012 17:06

Time for some ASR's !!! By the time all is said and done we will have less than 20 hours at the hotel. Completely, unacceptable for a flight like this!

Track 3rd Aug 2012 19:24

Just curious, how much time off in DXB does such a rotation generate?

ironbutt57 3rd Aug 2012 20:26

Think a mate of mine at KLM years back told me they did a bit of a study and found either 18, or 36 hr layover was by far preferable to 24hr one...

fatbus 4th Aug 2012 03:45

50% of the the pilots will love the shorter layover,good hours and less time away from family in dubai the other 50% want the opposite

atiuta 4th Aug 2012 06:04

97.3% of statistics are made up.

Bypass ratio 4th Aug 2012 06:36

Dubai(DXB) to Washington(IAD) is only 165nm further than New York(JFK)......

The Turtle 4th Aug 2012 08:04

you don't seriously think this routing will be over JFK then direct (or airways) IAD.....do you? c'mon man, that's some of the most densely packed airspace in the world! No, this routing most likely will be further inland, over western new york (the state), pennsylvania, then Prztl.4 or Hypr1.alb. Then south of the field for a visual to the 1's.

to call it 165nm although correct really isn't.

For this pairing its 21 hrs at best at the hotel. Daylight savings time east coast, dark at what...5-6pm? Your at a hotel on a busy throughfare (think SFO), not much to do if you wake up 9-11 pm.

This ain't Manhattan. Can't find something to do late in Northern Va.

Mr Angry from Purley 5th Aug 2012 18:04

depends on the time of day. I work for a UK airline and our rules much like EK suggest a 24hr rest period isn't brilliant. That's based on the charter mentality of day time flights UK to USA, night flight back with a time zone shift thrown in.
However, i work in express packages now and we do a night / day transition to USA with a 24hr rest period. Quick sleep on arrival in USA, get up, have a nights kip on UK local, get up and fly home. 24hrs rest period - absolutely the best.
So its down to the route, times, length, TZ shifts etc and you almost have to look at every pairing:\

Panther 88 6th Aug 2012 13:33

Problem here Mr. angry is that this is added to probably 80 other hours in the month. And we are not credited hours for time not at the controls if we are the augmenting crew. Apples and Pears.

helen-damnation 6th Aug 2012 14:06

If you feel strongly about it, use the frms link. I suspect the 380 guys will be doing so for the 203.:eek:

White Knight 14th Aug 2012 21:51

Originally Posted by Helen-D
I suspect the 380 guys will be doing so for the 203.

Well, from what I recall (good old days of 340-500 doing the 203/204) it's actually a p1ss easy trip... I look forward to it again. Good credit, not too much time away from home, easy flying and half of it sleeping:ok::ok::ok:

Sorry to hear that you B guys struggle to sleep well:}:}:}:

The Turtle 6th Oct 2012 16:58

Well some of the first fatigue reports are starting to come in.....I haven't done the trip myself, but I've spoken to a few that have, and they have stated that the return crew/cabin crew are pretty wiped out from this one. One cabin crew I spoke to said she awoke at midnight before a 9 am report time and could not go to sleep, and that others were effected like this as well.

Wondering if the three reports for seven days is accurate or has it been "sanitized"

B737NG 7th Oct 2012 09:04

I had the same in the past: 26 hours ground time after around 13-14 hours block time where a killer. I tried everything but at the end of the day I was dead tired. Sleeping after arrival, wake up too early after a solid sleep- stayed awake until or short before wake up call and got tired during the early stage of the flight. Stayed awake longer after arrival, overdone it and could not get sufficient recovery sleep before departure and woke up after a short time, mostly thru the help of housekeeping who started to work at normal hours whilst we sleep in theire opinion at odd hours for them.

Contacted the Company about that problem as a Expat.... see belows solution.

Answer of Crew Planning was= It is legal..... Answer of Chief Pilot was= We have difficult times. Written reports where good for the stack.

At the end of the day I gave up on the higher money and fly from home again, 20 min to the Airport to drive, sleeping in the own bed by 29 days per month again, also terrific.

Flying becomes too cheap and the screw is not tight enough yet, budgeting is around everywhere and the beancounters love to squezze a little more out of the lemon. When is bottom reached? There is room left, I am sure.

springbok449 7th Oct 2012 14:35

Have to agree with WK, I for one will miss it when it goes over to our colleagues on the 380 especially the 5203 rotation...

CR9 7th Oct 2012 15:33

24hours is ok if you get a good amount of time at home...Most of the Boeing guys are doing 90+ hours a month, every month still!! Sorry, but those of you that think that is it safe and sustainable let alone healthy you are out of your minds.... United's layover out of IAD in DXB is 28hours and that is short for them, however they like it because unlike EK once they hit the 70-80 hour mark they're done. So, for them its 3 dxb trips=9 days of work= 21 days off! If we did it like that here then nobody would have a problem with 24hr layovers. Anyway, not a rant just comparing apples to oranges. The fact is EK doesn't give a hoot about our rest or well being its all about maximum efficiency here which they make abundantly clearer by the year. A day less on a ULR or shorter layover's in general (look at the amount less than 24 on the cargo side this month) just means they can insert a day extra of work somewhere else...... Fly safe fella's

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