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Redline 8th Apr 2012 21:39

Schooling - Qatar

Moving to Qatar this summer having successfully made it through screening. Just waiting for the start date.. DEC A320..

I have a question for those schooling their kids out there.. I have 3 kids 7,6 & 4.. I understand the allowance really doesn't cover the costs & that there is quite a shortage of places.. but I'm after feedback on the schools themselves..

There's plenty of positives to be heard about the likes of Doha English Speaking School, Doha college, Sherborne etc.. but if we can't get our kids into these (as is looking likely) can people come back to me on..

Newton Britsh School, International D-Ring, West Bay & Lagoon
ACS (American)
Doha British School
Cambridge School of Doha
English Modern School
Qatar Academy

PM if you want.. thanks in advance

Ripley72 9th Apr 2012 10:16

Same situation..but something I am missing is why Qatar Airways is not giving any let's say "priority" listing to it's employees families and kids. I mean they're desperately looking for pilots,asking to bring wifes to Doha during selection process and then what? Is everything else left to FATE??? I think this could be a ZERO cost added value for them. I have 2 kids, 6 and 9 YO and providing them a good education is part of my "wide" scenario to decide if it's a GO - NOGO to Doha. Moving a family it's not easy,I've been through that when I was young with my parents.Lot of things to do,lot of things to pre arrange.
I'm not saying QR should give me a "ready to eat meal" but at least a sort of insurance that my kids will at least have the opportunity the join a good school.
When I was young my father got moved from italy to south america and his company had a sort of allotment priority in two of the three major schools..part of the deal: i'm not giving you extra money but I'm giving you lateral benefits that may get your life here ( or there....) easier.

Great day to everyone.....

crazy_max 10th Apr 2012 13:07

I have been looking also into this and have been asking myself these same questions. I've been doing the math on the schools and the housing allowance and I am not really seeing it.
I also have 3 kids, ages 12, 9, and 4. Looked into the same schools you did, my preference is ASD since it holds a similar curriculum to the school they are attending now, but the QR amount given for this is way short of the actual cost at ASD or similar schools.
As my numbers are right now the pay difference between my present job and going to QR will be spent in schools and housing, hence there is no point in actually taking the job, mathematically speaking.
Am I wrong? I've been doing all my research online and contacting the schools directly, and I am leaning now towards not taking the DEC position. Maybe you gents that are already there can shed some light on this.

Capt Krunch 10th Apr 2012 13:29


your calculations are correct…

keep in mind that the large majority of pilots who take jobs with this airline are presently or about to be unemployed.. they dont have the luxury of a choice in the matter.:{

poisoned by compromise

Flyjets 10th Apr 2012 14:55

Crazy Max
I had the same issue.
Impossible to find a place for my kids unless you are english, and the company didn't help me at all.
At the end I didn't accept the Dec "Employment Offer" .

crazy_max 10th Apr 2012 21:14

Thanks Guys, it seems that this is the biggest issue when you have a family. The housing part apparently is not that terrible and that something adequate can be found with the 12,000 given for it. But it seems the right number should 15,000 like in EK.

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