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av8tordude 8th Apr 2012 13:56

Salary Calculator (Qatar Airways)
For those who are interested, I created a Qatar Airways compensation calculator in Excel. It will show you what you will make per month and per year. If you are interested, pm your email.

Moderator: I would like to post the calculator on the board so others can access it.

Ripley72 8th Apr 2012 14:34

Salary calculator
You have a pm...thanks in advance :ok:

av8tordude 8th Apr 2012 15:14


When you pm me, don't forget to put your email address. I will need this to email you the excel file

av8tordude 8th Apr 2012 15:21

Hi Guys,

I just been told the housing allowance for Captains should be 12000, not 15000.

priorityright 8th Apr 2012 18:43

Just sent you a pm. Thanks again for working it out.

av8tordude 25th Apr 2012 16:41

For those requesting a calculator, I will not be available after 04/27, as I will be in starting training 04/29. If you want to obtain a calculator, I would recommend posting your interest here. For those who have received my calculator, please be kind enough to pass along the same generosity that was given to you. Thanks:)

Remember...there will always be others following your footsteps once you make it to QR. Good luck.

maddog37 26th Apr 2012 20:20

Any of you could send to me that calculator? Thanks in advance!

MacManiac 26th Apr 2012 21:22

check your pm

G-FULL 26th Apr 2012 21:31

Can you kindly send me the calculator?


MacManiac 26th Apr 2012 22:24

check your PM

clockworkclown 27th Apr 2012 08:38

Could someone send me that calculator please? Thanks in advance :ok:

WingDown 27th Apr 2012 10:23

One more request for the calculator. Would be greatly appreciated!


MacManiac 27th Apr 2012 13:42



Check your PM for the passwords

samesame 27th Apr 2012 18:50

Can you please send me the pass word for the salary calculator? ..thanks

MacManiac 28th Apr 2012 06:47

check your pm

uchy 28th Apr 2012 07:35

can somebody kindly send me the calculator? Thanks a lot

samjetblaster 28th Apr 2012 08:27

Can you please send me the password.Thanks

imran_x66 28th Apr 2012 18:51

Can i get the password please?

aviatoreboy 28th Apr 2012 19:16

The calculator would be highly appreciated. Please send one if possible and of course with the secret word.;

lotsofplanes 29th Apr 2012 06:46

password please much appreciated

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