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CAP B767 10th Oct 2011 18:25

Flydubai vs qatar
Pros and cons of flydubai and QR.

What could be better to choose, (narrow fleet)?
Is clear that Dubai, is a better city to live.

Money,management,routes, roosters,etc etc

Iver 11th Oct 2011 17:12

You want exotic layovers/extended time away and a variety of different aircraft types - consider QR. Many 787s and eventually A350s on the way. No, I don't have SJS - just a fact that growth is coming if this pace continues...

You want to sleep in your bed every night, fly the same aircraft type every day and live in slightly more-liberal Dubai (compared to Doha) - consider Flydubai.

Sciolistes 12th Oct 2011 03:05

You want exotic layovers/extended time away and a variety of different aircraft types - consider QR.
He asked about the A320 fleet. Are there interesting stopovers?

However, shirly the q has been answered over and over in the respective master threads.

Luke SkyToddler 12th Oct 2011 03:30

If you got a family and want to see them occasionally ... Flydubai. Dubai also much better family life than Doha for sure.

If you are single and want to fly big planes all round the world, and don't mind putting up with the most aggressive, hostile corrupt and depressing work environment in the world ... QR widebody fleet.

If you want the worst of both worlds, QR narrowbody fleet. Avoid that one like the plague.

Better option would be, none of the above. There's lots of better jobs in the far east these days that pay same money without nearly as much lifestyle issues, and a lot more time off as well.

gcc_ 12th Oct 2011 12:00

Luke SkyToddler,

Sure the narrow body in QR is hectic, but it is the same almost everywhere in the middle east.
QR's 320 if one of the best in this region.
Advancement in QR is more likely than in any other airline at the moment, with all these airplanes coming in.
Considering he is flying the narrow body right now, would it be better for him to go to FlyDubai and stay on it, or go to QR and most definitely advance eventually?

Which works better in the long run, you tell me?

The choice is easy CAP_B767

Luke SkyToddler 12th Oct 2011 13:05

He didn't even mention advancement ... he asked about

Money,management,routes, roosters
So lets look at them in turn ...

QR money - below average, has historically lagged behind the other Gulf carriers when you consider no pension.
QR management - absolutely psychotic, probably not just the worst in the Gulf but in the entire world.
QR routes - on the A320, pretty much nothing but Gulf and subcontinent, virtually no good layovers unless you are one of the special ones paying for SEZ or GVA
QR roosters - no roosters that I've seen although there are some pretty big TURKEYS in the training dept. Seriously, QR rosters are the worst unless you're paying the rostering guys or part of the Indian mafia, then you get multiple consecutive subcontinent night turnrounds with min rest is about your lot.

Considering also the relentlessly brutal reporting culture where you can be terminated for any small offense not even flying related, considering the terrible staff travel, the way they are cancelling leave with no explanation or apology, the fickle and harsh upgrade and fleet transfer policy which is totally at the mercy of the crazy CEO, the appallingly bad accommodation, and the fact that Doha is a complete and total dump.

You are right about one thing though GCC, is when you tell CAP_B767 that it is a very easy choice to make, and it's NOT QR!! :hmm:

(GCC is a Kuwaiti by the way, so his experience of Doha is very far from the average experience that a non-arab expat will find).

gdukkoq 12th Oct 2011 14:02

Got very close friends at QR loving it, both got offer left seat or long haul after 3 years. Upgrade very fast. And I think Doha is fine, and very safe. it's all perspectives, but where I'm from it is a good opportunity. I don't know anything about FlyDubai, but it seems pretty good as well. :ok:

gcc_ 12th Oct 2011 14:20

Me being Kuwaiti is VERY irrelevant.
Sure I didn't have to get used to the Gulf, and the way things work around here, but all of that comes with a matter of time for pretty much any expat as well.
I have LOTS of expat friends here, who would not leave Doha, or Qatar Airways for any other airline.
They all love it out here.
The only one thing I agree with, is that Doha in itself is quiet boring.

Money: Not so bad at all.
Could be a lot worse, and the few that offer more in the Middle East, offer just a LITTLE bit more.
It's not worth giving up the advancement you can get in QR, for that little bit of increase in salary.

Management: Every airline has problems with management.
Yes QR's a little worse than a lot of other places, but nothing that makes a huge difference to me, or anybody else I know.

Routes: Do you even work for QR?
Have a look at the 320 rosters.
No good layovers?
Find me a better 320 roster anywhere in the Middle East.
Compare it with EY's if you want.

Rosters: EVERY narrow body almost anywhere in the world is hectic.
It's NOTHING new.
If you're coming in the Middle East, I can ASSURE that QR has the best in this region.
I speak out of experience.

A smart guy, who is on the narrow body right now, that wants to advance, gain good experience, get GOOD money, WILL make the choice of QR.
1000s of pilots in QR, and it's ALWAYS the same ones that complain here on PPRune.

Problem is your attitude, NOT QR.

Non Zero 12th Oct 2011 14:59

Inappropriate comparison
One is a Major (with its rapid growing Major pros&cons), the other a low-cost!
It's like comparing BA with BMI (330 excluded) ...

Luke SkyToddler 12th Oct 2011 15:38

It's not my problem mate ... I am not one of the ones that complains and complains and does nothing ... I walked out of QR last year and it was the BEST THING I EVER DID. I have nothing to lose or gain by telling it exactly like it is. And trust me I also speak from experience. It's probably not even your fault because being a Gulf local, you don't even see most of it.

The QR roster IS a lot worse than other airlines. Not for you, because you're Arab. So when one of the special ones calls the mafia and says I want to go GVA this week, and they look through the roster to see who to take the flight from, and replace it with another night KTM, they won't choose your name because it's Arabic, they will look for a name of someone called Jose or Manuel.

When you walk into the QR towers to get something done, all the lazy useless paper shufflers in there will actually sit up straight and try to help you because they see you are in national dress and they are scared you can get them fired if they ignore you, like they do to everyone else. When you cross the C-ring roundabout on the way to work every day, you won't get nearly killed by some idiot in a white landcruiser, because he will see another one who looks like him driving and will not try to push you out the way. The guys at the mall won't stare at your wife like a piece of meat. The kids at the playground won't push your kids. There are a million little reasons why your life is different to most of the other expats in QR. If you can't see that, then I am sure the other people reading the forum can figure it out for themselves.

The bottom line for a person coming from a non- Gulf or subcontinent country is : the management is 100% crazy, the roster IS terrible, the resignation rate is very high, the morale is very low, the compulsory company-provided accommodation is a disgrace, the constant fatigue is like a slow death, the traffic is lethal, the heat and the lack of interesting things to do will make your family go crazy also.

I agree with you GCC, there are some people on this board who have been complaining and crying and doing nothing about it for years, I'm not one of those and I have no sympathy for them. When I had enough, I left. I am only telling it like I see it.

I can tell you one other thing, I have met plenty of ex QR guys all over Asia now that I'm out here, and we always have a good laugh about how crazy that place was, and how our life is now, we would never go back in a million years.

It is a real shame, because QR "could" be the best job in the world if they would just sort out the lifestyle problems. Good aircraft, secure job, no taxes, some nice destinations (although many people will never get to go to them), all those things are true. But as long as they make it such a hell for the employees, why should you even bother even putting yourself through all that stress? There are soooo many better jobs out in the world now.

gdukkoq 12th Oct 2011 16:26

But many guys that left and laugh about QR should be thankful because they became more marketable after the few years in the company. So stop being an ass and be gratful for once you spoil little :mad:

Craggenmore 12th Oct 2011 16:31

QR roosters - no roosters that I've seen although there are some pretty big TURKEYS in the training dept.
Killer :ok:

But many guys that left and laugh about QR should be thankful because they became more marketable after the few years in the company

QR should be thankful for their service too. It's give and take.

jibba_jabba 13th Oct 2011 03:14

So is it really that bad? Still, right now? They are expanding like crazy and at the same time some are saying its that bad that people are leaving!

So they will go broke soon then I take it if they are that bad? The guys at the road show seemed nice so is that not the case at all?

Can someone PM me a 320 roster? I agree it seemes a bit stricter than normal but seems to me that thats gotta change for them to keep pilots according to some posting on this thread.

I believe that it is a good opportunity for quick time and upgrade to cmd, but other than that, what else is there? Jetstar?

CAP B767 13th Oct 2011 03:34

HEY man, you were pretty clear. FORGET IT ABOUT GOING TO THE GULF!

I better stay here in Southamerica . I work very happy. Maybe , the only thing we need here is a better pay, but, money is not the only thing you need.

CAP B767

spanishfly69 13th Oct 2011 06:23

CAPT 767.

Do not listen to these pilots.. pprune is the worst place to look for a real picture. There are many, but many people from south america in both companies and they are really happy..

SAND BALLS OF FIRE 13th Oct 2011 12:25

stay in in LAN or TAM for the matter i've seeing the horros and the good things coz I've worked for QR and For EK.... QR is no joke man stay home.. if you have to choose chose Ek.... longer to command, but at least you will be alive to enjoy once you get there.... friends on OZ just say its like a mini shityhad.....
just my 2 cents.:E

CAP B767 13th Oct 2011 19:44

Sand balls
Thanks man, is clear that QR, and Doha is hell !
In the other hand,I don't want more long haul.I'm tired of 12 hours flights.
If I decide going to the middle east, Flydubai maybe could be better for me.
I know FZ is a low cost, so, I just to put every thing into a scale, and take a decision.
Good luck to everyone.

CAP B767

gdukkoq 13th Oct 2011 22:55

Church, I did a few other interview, but at least QR makes you feel very welcome, no doubt about it.

Sciolistes 14th Oct 2011 02:48

PPRuNe is the worst place to look for a real picture.
Spot on! Make a decision based on location, package and type, etc. Take what is written here with a pinch of salt.

swallowenforcer 14th Oct 2011 04:48

I work for QR and enjoy my job, but I am on the 777. Everything I have read here from Luke Skytoddler I agree with 100%. If you know all these facts before you join it will make it a lot easier for you.

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