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Check Airman 19th Aug 2011 02:34

ME airlines doing US roadshows

A few weeks back, I read a thread where an airline would be doing recruitment roadshows in the US, with dates and locations included. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find the thread again.

If somebody would be kind enough to point me in the right direction, it would be appreciated.


T-6 19th Aug 2011 08:41

Etihad airways, check www.etihadairways.com careers cheers

TangoUniform 19th Aug 2011 13:15

Think EK is going to Atlanta around the first of Sept.

Check Airman 19th Aug 2011 18:51

thanks for the help

flybywire44 20th Aug 2011 13:48

Will EK be interviewing in Atlanta or just collecting resumes?

cfibrad 20th Oct 2012 22:27

I went to Atlanta in March to interview. At that time EK had problems getting computers through customs, so interviews were abbreviated. We interviewed with a recruiting captain who also conducted simulator evaluations.

Since then, they halted all FO screening and focussed on Captain upgrades and Captain new hires. I haven't heard much from them since.

Does anyone have an update?


Rotorhead1026 21st Oct 2012 01:56

Originally Posted by cfibbrad
At that time EK had problems getting computers through customs

That's actually hilarious. The only issues you should have as a foreigner entering the US is that Customs may check for pirated software and porn. There may well be another (good) reason the computers weren't carried in, but I don't know what.

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