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jackdaniels 21st Apr 2011 16:52

They've (EY) gotta be kiddin
Ladies and gents,
EY has now new airport vacancies:

Overtime for Etihad employees:
We are also looking for current Etihad staff who are willing to work short shifts outside their normal working hours, either 6am to 10.30am or 7pm to midnight.
Please keep in mind that this overtime cannot disrupt your normal activities or the operational performance of your department.

Crew can only work these shifts if they are rostered off and cannot withdraw from flights to do this.

All staff who apply to work on their days off or out of working hours will receive payments based upon a standard rate of Dhs 40 per hour.

I mean, Are they fu#@ing stvp!d?????
I thought drugs in this country were banned but these folks are high up on cheap crap!

[email protected]#k EY!
[email protected]#k summer schedule!

White Knight 21st Apr 2011 22:19

40 dirhams an hour........... Wow.............. that's generous:{:{

jackdaniels 21st Apr 2011 22:39

My maid makes 65 per hr!!!!! :ugh:

worlds leading scumbags

Moony123 22nd Apr 2011 00:45

Oh FFS. I may have only been here for a few months, but , that's all it takes to realise that upper management is a circus being ran by a clown!

crewmeal 22nd Apr 2011 06:11

Are you sure they didn't miss a '0' off the end?

Sir Osis of the river 22nd Apr 2011 08:50

Will they ever learn??
First the grooming guide, Then 2%, now this.


lionoftheleft 22nd Apr 2011 09:54

I love it!

dot ae 23rd Apr 2011 10:54

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this does seem to be a fair rate for entry position jobs in the UAE. I'm sure they'll have quite a few takers more than happy to grap those extra DHMS.

Speedbrake Lever 23rd Apr 2011 12:45

Dot .....

Ye sorry you're wrong

Right yes for Domestic entry level

but not for someone who has to wear a uniform

and behave in accordance with their grooming code :ugh:

Make Tea Coffee ok

hang around an airport

dealing with our punters :uhoh: ....... oops guests ;)


BigGeordie 23rd Apr 2011 12:58

The proof will be whether they get anybody to apply or not. Like all companies, especially here, they will only pay what they have to.

CanadaRocks 23rd Apr 2011 13:05

They get paid the same as an EY FO per hour.

Red_Z3 23rd Apr 2011 23:12

Sad part is, that they will find someone silly enough to do it as they will continue to find silly enough people to fly on their days off without gaining anything for themselves in return.

There's always one!:ouch:

wingman330340 24th Apr 2011 06:21

Labour Camp
Why don't they think more proactively , go to a labour camp and get help from there .
It will only gonna cost them 25 dhs a full day.

Camelboy 24th Apr 2011 06:41

Rule number one ! No helping out the company. :=

That means: no working on days off
no going into discretion
no low drag approaches

If there is any confusion - always refer back to rule number one ........

He who laughs last - laughs best !

A31921 26th Apr 2011 17:01

its good to be here

Togalk 28th Apr 2011 23:38

Ok, so making money off of your employees for otherwise empty seats is "an important revenue stream"?????

I thought staff travel was a perk EVERY airline gives their employees, not another way to screw them.

Don't some airlines DONATE the profit they make from staff travel to charity????

auh_to_auh 29th Apr 2011 08:58


I'm sure you have your reasons but in general from my experience most cc treat us well when on staff travel, I do however agree with you when it comes to ground staff. From my experience it's the ones in AUH that are the problem most out stations bend over backward to help.


Nightfire 29th Apr 2011 11:06

My experience too. I was always treated very well indeed by all our cabin crew, as well as from the check-in guys. I really have no reason to complain about it.

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