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SecurID 16th Mar 2005 05:57

The point is we had the no jumpseat policy before 9/11
And the policy was introduced because..... :*

dunerider 16th Mar 2005 08:11

That is the point idiot.It wasn't because of 9/11.Its been in place for years and wont be changed.In only special circumstances do we carry anyone in the jumpseat.

Vorsicht 16th Mar 2005 13:26


Nice to see you're back to being an apologist for the company. I was starting to worry that reality was starting to creep up on you.

I was not suggesting that anyone judge a company on their jumpseat policy. Although it may not be a bad idea. My point was that the interview process is as much a sales pitch to the candidate as it is an assessment. There are few clues available to those being interviewed as to what lies beneath the mudguard. All I am say is that in "MY OPINION", the jumpseat policy and the selection interview travel policy are the two best indicators available to anyone as to what they might expect once they have a $36000 bond hanging over their head.

Sheikh Your Bootie 16th Mar 2005 15:52

I think you'll find the bond a load of rubbish if you signed it in your home country.

As the company have and do change the contract without consultation, this null and voids the Bond. And i believe others in the past have proved this

As for jumpseat policy, yes its sucks, but its the same at MANY carriers.

BYMONEK in my opinion offers a different view, and for reasonable debate around, its what is needed.

SyB. :zzz:

millerscourt 16th Mar 2005 16:21

Anyone know what has happened to White Knight so as to give support to BYMONEK:confused:

White Knight 16th Mar 2005 19:09

Here I am MC.. Wouldn't want to disappoint an old fart like you:} :}
I think BYMONEK is doing a sterling job:cool:

By the way MC, what really is your interest in this forum? And the Far East?:confused:

BYMONEK 17th Mar 2005 00:35


Having a $36000 bond 'hanging over your head' is preferable to paying upfront for your training with the likes of Ryanair. $20,000 hard cash I believe and that's on top of paying for your application, Uniform,car parking,petrol to/from work,coffee,food..............and on and on.
The only time a bond becomes an issue is if you want to leave within 3 years and, depending on what promises were made before joining, it's questionable if they could enforce it anyway.However, if ekcandidate does his homework, why should this be a problem? With regards to jumpseat travel, I prefer to sit in Business class when flying as a pax.I spend enough time in that bloody flight deck anyway thank you!Really can't see what the big fuss is on this issue.
Not being an apologist for Company.....just stating the facts!


Vorsicht 17th Mar 2005 05:09

Exactly which management job are you after BYMONEK

The point is that with Ryanair, it seems that you know what you are getting (nothing but a good salary). EK, on the other hand, you have no idea what you are getting because the contract is vague, the details are in the staff handbook, which they dont give you a copy of until you join, and nothing in there is bound by the contract and will inevitably change for the worse.

With Ryanair, yes you have to pay, which sucks, but you are going in with eyes wide open, and to some extent the protection of the labour laws of a civilised country. The same cannot be said of EK. By the way $20000 hard cash is far better than 2 years loss of profit share and command delayed for a 18 months don't you think. But of course, because that didn't happen to you, then it doesn't count I suppose.

I am not suggesting Ryanair is a better option than EK, just providing some info as requested by ekcandidate so that he may make an informed decision.

BYMONEK 17th Mar 2005 08:49


I agree with you.The point you raise regarding Ryanair is a valid one.You know what you're getting into from the start and nothing can get any worse anyway! Regarding Emirates, if you,or someone else has lost 2 years profit share & 18 months seniority because of, I assume, a disciplinary issue, then I understand this will taint your view towards EK.
Perhaps YOU might not be the best person then,to offer the balanced opinions that ekcandidate desires.


davidletterman 17th Mar 2005 21:36

Ha ha ha ha....I love "company men", they are very entertaining...

Now, for the other side of the balanced view these maidens are asking for:

1. Training bond is actually 39 months. Is starts after final line check.

2. Bond not enforceable? Well, at 3 months notice for resignation, they can carve out your salary, end of service benefits and your provident fund contributions.

3. Jumpseat? Those that have worked in the past in civilized parts of the world know the value of such an asset.

wtf, over...

BYMONEK 18th Mar 2005 12:06


You are most definately living in the past mate! Would you claim the likes of British Airways,Lufthansa,Britannia etc etc to be from 'uncivilized' parts of the world.They, like most Companies in Europe operate a strict no jumpseat policy. In extreme circumstances and with authorisation, staff are allowed to travel.
With Regards to the bond, Aren't we missing the point somewhat? 36 months or 39 months, is this an issue for someone planning to do at least that amount of time right seat. And as for enforcing the bond, Emirates may well choose to remove some salary and fund but it wouldn't cover the bond amount and would you care if you were that desperate to leave anyway? If you had a valid reason for leaving your bond then the threat of legal action in some countries would see them back down.If you didn't have a valid reason then Emirates are well entitled to recover some of the cost of training.You mark me as a Company man and i'm glad that amuses you.I,However, pity people like you who look at the negatives of life.This Company may have its faults but is in a different league compared to many out there.3 year bonding.....so what! That didn't even enter my head as I signed along the dotted line.I'm joining for a period of time well beyond that 3 years and if there's anyone out there who isn't,then I suggest Emirates is not for them. That is why i've stated many times before on these forums that you need to do your homework and make the decision AFTER you've visited Dubai. I'm all for balanced opinions and differing views but if your're trying to offer constructive criticism of life in EK then stop writing irrelevant tosh and give him something to hang his hat on!

SecurID 18th Mar 2005 13:55


I have jump seated with BA, AF and LH, all within the last 18 months and all at the ultimate discretion of the Captain of the flight. I work for EK and have no such control over who uses the seat and I hate turning staff pax away. It is an outdated view that we should not allow access to the jump seat for staff passengers.

I am not aware that anyone has actually had to pay anything back if they have left. But the current management may have a different view from the previous and more compassionate incumbants.

With respect to the rest of your rantings, have you actually joined yet and if so why make all the fuss of promoting a carrier that you are not really up to speed with yet. Oh, and before you start, we all did it at one time, we all waved the Emirates flag. But now? Just ask around when you get here, and try and find someone who has been here at least two years and has allowed the sand to settle a bit.

I do sympathise with you as it really does look great for the first eighteen months or so, but then you suddenly realise that it is a lot of mirrors and smoke. I await your posts after the appropriate time period has passed.

BYMONEK 18th Mar 2005 17:25



I have jump seated with BA, AF and LH, all within the last 18 months and all at the ultimate discretion of the Captain of the flight.

Mmm.....are you sure?

Anyway,hate to accuse you of lying just to make a point, but regarding my time here........2 years and counting with no sign of regret yet. If you really feel this jumpseat issue is a nonsense,have you approached A.S yet.Send him an e-mail and mention your travels with the other carriers or better still,start a rumour that we can jumpseat and then get him to answer it on the new crew portal section ' rumour buster'.

Rant over



SecurID 19th Mar 2005 02:26

BYMONEK, Yes I am very sure. AF even allowed my son up with me. Start calling your colleagues liars and you will become even more unpopular than you are now.

Regarding bringing the issue up with AS, if he had any power to change anything I'd have spoken to him a long time ago about this and many other matters. The fact is that neither he nor his predecessor and his replacement will be able to change things.

davidletterman 19th Mar 2005 03:48


ha ha ha, like I said, very, very entertaining, keep it up!

Mate?, pity? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, man, when was the last time you got laid?

BYMONEK 19th Mar 2005 04:19


A lot more recently than you obviously !


I said i'd ' hate' to call you a liar,I never said you were one!

donpizmeov 19th Mar 2005 08:06

I have just flown with a fella that returned from Euroland on the jump seat with another carrier from those parts. So I think an apology is owed to few from you.
I think the fellas were pretty kind to you a while back when you were claiming to buy J class ID 90s for your kids whilst an FO. Perhaps if you have no idea what you are talking about you should be quite...you never know, you might even learn something, as you have now re jump seats.

Back to main issue at hand. The jump seat policy is just minor stuff. There is a lot more important things that must be addresed first

I see that CX and SQ are saying that they are about to announce record profits..this despite the fuel price. But I guess management would rather we keep looking at those areas where avaition is in a slump (north America with our one flight there a day) rather than look at those we compete against.

Should we hold a ballot as to the statement we will get at the end of April? My vote is for three weeks, 3%, and a message of how we are all lucky to have a job!


EGGW 19th Mar 2005 08:42

I think BYMONEK was referring specifically to UK flights, where jumpseating is verboten, its law. Sad but true.

When will some of you realise that someone else is winding u up, sheesh.

I've heard 7 weeks and 10% :hmm: :hmm:

Dream on i suppose LOL


BYMONEK 19th Mar 2005 12:02


Please don't patronize me.The fact was that my kids did travel J class whether they were entitled to it or not.Should I be Grateful for the 'guys' not berating me on a public forum for getting something I didn't deserve?

If I thought an opology was owed, i'd not hesitate in giving it.
I'm not such a pompous arse as to assume everything I say is always right and that everyone who disagrees is talking crap. I will,however stand my corner and argue my case if I think my point is valid. SecureID claimed,that,along with his son,he travelled on the flight deck of an Air France Aircraft.( that wouldn't actually surprise me anyway as the Frenech are notorious for their flagrant disregard of rules). Well,that may be so but MOST Companies in Europe enforce a jumpseat ban.That will most definately include the likes of Britannia, British Airways, Monarch and,as EGGW states, ALL Airlines which operate into and out of UK & US airspace.( poss Australia as well)

According to DavidLetterman's post, are we to assume then that the UK and US are not civilized? If so, I suggest it is people like that who ought to know what they're talking about before commenting.

You are right though about one thing.This is well away from the original thread.Your ballot on 3 weeks and 3% is,as usual on this forum,pessimistic sounding. Why don't you tell us what you really think we all deserve this year?

Believe Brother 19th Mar 2005 12:39


Glad you continue to use the rose tinted specs. Whatever helps. You suggested earlier that vorsicht was not the correct person to provide a balanced view on EK as it would seem he is suffering 2 years loss of profit share and a formal warning. I think he is precisely one who can provide a balanced view. What major, well respected carrier places its pilots on formal warnings for alleged acts of 'insubordination', details of which range from minor to ridiculous. EK wannabes take note. I'd never even heard of such things as formal warnings for captains and FO's in previous companies until arriving here, and I find a significant number of my colleagues have received them. This is not a maturely run company.

Don, 3%. You optimist!

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