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dynamite dean 2nd Aug 2010 19:31

Saudi employment issues rrrr
Hello everybody has anybody managed to take a saudi employer to the cleaners for non payment of salary etc..I know their Employment history hasnt been er well the best and probably par for the course unfortunately with small operators any tips much appreciated I have nothing to loose by asking and I am not the first; only I found out today that our aircraft left UK shores back to Jeddah minus me and the other contracted F/O (we have 3 month notice periods etc) with a new set of crew and my boss not getting his phone.rrr They are local crew to cut cost but being dropped without being paid etc is a tad annoying.!:cool:

6000PIC 2nd Aug 2010 19:56

If you are legally owed " said amount of " from this previous employer , then it is only proper that his aircfraft be impounded next time it lands in the UK. Unfortunately the Saudis have too much influence and power , and are thus able to control what is right and what is wrong in today`s world. Be glad you got out when you did.

dynamite dean 3rd Aug 2010 10:57

Thankyou for your thoughts 6000PIC, I wish I could impound the plane for non payment of crews who knows....:E

jumbocpt 4th Aug 2010 20:10

Should you work in the mideast again and you have thoughts of this occuring again, here is a tip. My friend that flew a Gulfstream for a prince hadnt been paid in a few months; so during a stop in AGP, the Captain simply pulled the IRS from the rack and took it to the hotel. Do leave a message on the yoke that you did this as a precaution if a crew will try to take your plane you will get a call.
The value of the IRS should pay your back pay. No to mention that if you do still have a job, a few minutes and the radio rack is back to normal

I wont bore you with what I had to do.

Good Luck

GlueBall 5th Aug 2010 08:32

hadn't been paid in a few months
...without straining your intellectual capacity, why would YOU or any reasonable, at least semi-literate, person be inclined to work/fly beyond 1 month without compensation. . . ? Without up front return ticket . . . ? :{

dynamite dean 5th Aug 2010 11:04

Interesting; well im like dog that bites and doesnt let go - easily - I'll probably be another statistic ultmately, I have the owners mobile numbers and have at least started the process of acting like a debt recovery agent ..you know those annoying phonecalls you get at 2am so we'll start with that first . I think I may get something perhaps...... a black eye or two!:ouch::E

mutt 5th Aug 2010 12:58

Glueball, you would be surprised how often that happens in this part of the world, people get great jobs with slow paying employers, it's extremely difficult to walk away as you will never see your money!

DD, investigate the possiility of a court lien. A French company succeeded in siezing a Saudia B777 last year. Contary to 6000PIC myopic view, political pressure was unable to release it!


dynamite dean 5th Aug 2010 14:29

thanks mutt, im busy brainstorming in the meantime obvoisuly whilst looking for a more suitable job! - I think I may go down and lay in a dark room for a while first!:)

alldaysushi 24th Aug 2010 19:27

Anyone ever reimbursed?
greetings....Has anyone actually had a check for reimbursement, for travel costs to interview, ever provided by Saudia?,...Ever?


vtwo 25th Aug 2010 00:33

Nope I have not.
I have been promised over and over that it is on the way.

5 months and waiting.

justwhenyouthought.. 25th Aug 2010 02:20

not only in saudi...
In the UAE, I personally know of several crew members who have not been paid for several months. It's all very well to make statements about not going unless you have a return ticket, and walking away if you don't get paid at the end of the month, but the reality is somewhat different, IMHO. My current employer has paid nobody at all in the office for at least 2 months and some have not been paid for 3 + months. He does honestly believe he is completely above the law. The local regs state that all salaries MUST be deposited with the Ministry of Labour by the 24th of the month, for onward payment to employees by the last working day of the month. This is the salary protection scheme. Our company have NEVER complied since they were forced to join the scheme more than a year ago. There is a confidential complaint system, but if you use it you are then open to being discovered as the whistle blower and being fired.

The UAE is replete with laws and regulations which are supposed to help workers rights. However well intentioned these are, the fact is that they are simply not policed and enforced. If they were, maybe things would be much improved. For example, the police won't stop speeding cars with low and 'important/expensive' number plates in case the driver has wasta/influence which will lead to the dismissal or deportation of the police officer concerned.

If you work for the big guys, the Emirates/Etihad/Air Arabia s of this world you are probably in a better position, but working for the smaller airlines/vip ops., you are, by and large, at the mercy of whoever decides to do what...

The solution is simple, yes, walk away, but what about the outstanding salaries/benefits ? At least if you stay, somehow, you may get your money.....

I am standing by for the comments from the 'got the t-shirt brigade....'


NZ X man 25th Aug 2010 03:02


Could you possibly be working for PJ there in Abu Dhabi?


justwhenyouthought.. 25th Aug 2010 06:48

close !
not too far away....

B200Drvr 25th Aug 2010 11:25

The next time you have a trip get the airplane impounded. If you are an EU citizen, and you land in a EU country, file a case against them. Just make sure you have all the proof of non payment, and do things according to the book, otherwise you might find yourself without a job and airplane. They are not above international law, and most employers take advantage of the fact that you will not do anything this drastic.

MBDriver 26th Aug 2010 11:10

Dynamite Dean
Why dont you post his number and then everyone who is board can phone and give him some choice words.

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