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non0 19th Feb 2011 15:01

Hey Old Man any news?

OLD BMA MAN 22nd Feb 2011 18:58

Second interview yesterday! hopefully I'll find out in the next 10 days!

This is for the head of Ground Ops though, not for a flying position


LNAV VNAV - 18th Jun 2011 18:14

Amiri selection
I got a telephone from the agency telling me that I made a small mistake in my A320 Captain application but that other than that, all was ok with it.

I suppose I will be called for a selection sometime soon. I read the post in the beginning of the thread but can anyone tell me more specifically about the selection process:

a) is there technical testing on the A320 or is the technical test about general ATPL knowledge?
b)Is the sim test on the A320 and is it LOFT type or general handling / stick and rudder style? (I am asking because I saw in the agency's site that A320 rating is prefered but not a requirement)
c)Is there Pilapt style testing?
d)Is there a group exercise


42000ft 19th Jun 2011 13:08

Qatar Amiri flight, How is it like?
Hi there,

I have an interview coming soon with Qatar Amiri.
I realised Qatar Amiri now works under the Diwan and not Qatar Airways anymore.
Could anyone give me some info about what it is like to work for Qatar Amiri flight? Work environment for crew and in the office, new management etc.

PM me if you prefer.
Thanks :)

ALAN BENJO 10th Jul 2011 16:24

Flight attendant
Hello guys , im new here . Im a flight attendant , is there any news about the recruitment for amiri ?? Any new for the package salary for a cabin crew ??

Thank you for your time

styagi 11th Aug 2011 10:08

Hello Everybody!
Can some one give me a piece of information regarding opening in Amiri's support divions (Engg. Quality). There were vacancies in engg. quality. are these vacancies are still open or already closed.


binibini 22nd Aug 2011 22:17

Qatar Amiri Assessment
Hello everybody! I have an interview coming up soon with Qatar Amiri. Any general information about interview process will be very much appreciated. Many thanks!

Lady O 16th Sep 2011 18:29

assessment Qatar amiri flight
I have an interview coming up soon with Qatar Amiri as flight Attendant, Any general information about interview process will be very much appreciated and what kind of question they will ask... Pay n Conditions.
Many thanks!

Iver 17th Sep 2011 02:53

Did Old BMA Man get the job???? Don't keep us hanging!

Lady O 17th Sep 2011 12:05

assessment/interview Qatar amiri flight Attendants
I have an interview coming up soon with Qatar Amiri as flight Attendant, Any general information about interview process will be very much appreciated and what kind of question they will ask... Pay n Conditions.
Many thanks!

OLD BMA MAN 21st Sep 2011 09:08

Hi Iver,

yes I did, I have been here now for approx 2 months and I am enjoying it !


Amiri01 27th Sep 2011 17:10

Hi all pilots,

I just spoke with the CP last week and the operation still desperately needs A320/330/340 captains.

Mods, I don't now whether this post could be construed as advertising but I hope my advice can help some pilots secure a decent job. Just delete it if my post contravenes any guidelines.

If you have over 8000 hours total including at least 5000 hours in command with some on the Airbus, pm me and I'll see if I can get some hopefulls seen. If you don't have these numbers, please don't clog my inbox!

BTW, we have recently recruited from all over the globe including Brits from the majors, Aussies, Kiwis, French, Italians, Eastern European etc. and as far as I know, the "new recruits" are happy with their choice to come. I guess this is a positive reflection on the operation.



woodja51 28th Sep 2011 11:19

Amiri query

Got 15000 total hours, 10000 heavy jet, 5500 330/340 with about 3000 command, 3000 current command 777...but not current 330/340.1000 707 and ex military qfi and VIP fleet trainer ..(PMs popes the Queen etc ).

What is the package on offer... Currently Ek captain so has to beat that ...
PM me for a CV if you like,



Amiri01 29th Sep 2011 05:34

Rumour from our last EK captain to join is that the Amiri package is better (rumour only) and he is very happy to have made the move (fact).

If you can live with "sleepy" Doha and be comfortable with being on call 24/7 and fly to ad-hoc destinations anywhere in the world, then you could be happy here. I am not aware of any of our current expat pilots who aren't happy here and I don't think any have regretted the move.



wonnafly 5th Oct 2011 15:22

cabin crew recruitment
Hi guys
did someone of you have some news about the recruitment for ccm position :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:???
thank you :ok:

KANELA 9th Oct 2011 20:27

hello everyone
anyone of you have interview as cabin crew with amiri soon?

cloudbasher60 1st May 2012 01:15

QR mainline vs Amiri flight
I am now invited for selection for QR Airways main line. It took awhile after my application, about 3 months, but they came through with invitation. I have NO idea what I would fly but first, hope to get pass the process and get a job offer. A friend of mine there says he really likes it and encouraged me to apply so I did. Sure, they have brand new planes but what amazes me is how low the salary is to fly for a major carrier. I mean, even 11k a month is not very good for captain, and more so for wide body captain. Anyway, will give it a go and see what happens.

The today, I got a call from agent about Amiri flight asking if I was intereted for the A320 and I said yes. One guy hit it on the head when he said if you dont have another job, then give this a go and I need a job so soon I will know if I get invited to this as well. Not to sound like a whiner, but once again, the pay is poor for this kind of position. I know a guy who flies in ME on A320 who makes 15K US tax free per month, and rotates 1 month in and 1 month out, with all the trimmings. Now this is more like it but not many of these around. I think at least 15K is more like it, or even higher. I mean us x pats go away from our homes to do a job for them and they have tons of money, and yet we get paid low wages for this type of work. And then to be on stanby around the clock, forget going our for a night on the town for some serious beers. So, I see drawbacks to this operation in a few ways, but I need a job and if offered, likely take it.

Aussie 1st May 2012 10:09

Thanks for sharing your lifestory with us mate... :E

gdukkoq 1st May 2012 10:24

You just wasted our time, you will never pass the interview anyway...:mad:

Amiri01 1st May 2012 14:18

Cloudbuster, if you get invited for screening with Amiri, don't bother pm'ing me for information.

We have pilots from many areas including ex-big name national carrier pilots and all are happy with their lot (as far as I know) and enjoy the operation. The conditions/pay are nowhere near as bad as you think. The 30-40 hours we fly each month is very comfortable and offers a decent home life without the fatigue that airline operations can sometimes induce.

Good luck with your QR interview!

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