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Enecosse 5th Jul 2010 20:55

There is no difference.

Shaman 6th Jul 2010 07:26

recruiting agency turned me down
At least you got a response! At the end of next week, it will have been three months since I sent off my application with the standard acknowledgement and with no response to my subsequent enquiries.

Should I take heart from this (rhetorical question)?

Amiri01 7th Jul 2010 19:04

The salaries are identical, regardless of what aircraft type you fly. There is no distinction between an A340 Captain or a Global Express Captain. A Captain is a Captain.

This is one of the reasons that there is very little movement between fleets. There is no financial incentive to move from a "smaller" to a "larger" aircraft.

You basically just try to get on the type that you like flying, whether it is the aircraft itself or the type of flying that that aircraft type does, ie short haul, long haul, m.85 at 45000' or M.78 at 33000', big crew, small crew, load the bags yourself or have someone do it for you etc.

Someone with Airbus time (and possibly no bizjet time) is very fortunate to get the opportunity on the Global because a number of well qualified bizjet pilots have applied and have been unsuccessful. You should enjoy it if you take the job, assuming you dont mind not having a roster and being on 24/7 call etc.

I don't know the status of the recruiting situation as of late but I don't think its finished yet. I'll find out what I can.


OLD BMA MAN 10th Jul 2010 11:11

Head of Ground Operations
Hi Amiri01

I have still not heard anything from the agency about this position either.
Anything you could find out would be good

Thanks OBM

Amiri01 10th Jul 2010 14:23


The Ops Control Centre is still undergoing a reorganisation so there has been no movement on the Ops Manager position. I understand that it will progress when there is a clear definition of the role.

I have heard that the timeframe is supposed to be within a month for the completion of the re-org but ...

The situation is understandably frustrating for those who have applied, but hang in there...



OLD BMA MAN 10th Jul 2010 20:23

Hi Amiri01

Thanks very much, I was begining to think I had missed the boat!


condorbaaz 12th Jul 2010 11:42

thanks amiri

coco-nuts 13th Jul 2010 22:08

Crikey, 3 days notice to get to Frankfurt from Oz.....madness.
Have tried for a reschedule, was told that i would be given a heads up for any August interviews...hmmm..... 2 months since putting my application in.

Wador 4th Nov 2010 16:12

Hi there, I wonder if you would be able to help with some info.
Once you have been through the interview it seems that you have to wait until a security check is done and then ???
If you happend to know how the process works it would most appreciate it.

baron581 11th Nov 2010 17:01

Hi, how did the interview process go?? Are they looking for Captains

OLD BMA MAN 15th Nov 2010 16:03

Hi Amiri01

I don't suppose the ops reorganisation has happened?
Are they still looking for staff? etc etc etc



Amiri01 15th Nov 2010 18:18

Hi again OBM. I believe the ops review is done and that short-listed candidates for the Grd Ops Manager position will be contacted after the Eid break so possibly as soon as next week.

B581, we are only recruiting Captains as far as I know. With the retention of the A310, that policy may have changed but if so, I am not aware of it.

To those that have pm'd, I will get back to you shortly.



baron581 16th Nov 2010 05:13

Thanks I sent you a PM when U have time.

OLD BMA MAN 27th Nov 2010 08:46

Head of Ground Ops
Hi Amiri01

Guess what, I got an e-mail telling me I had made it to the short list!

Thanks for all your help


Mister Warning 27th Nov 2010 14:21

Good luck old man. Hope to see you soon.

OLD BMA MAN 29th Nov 2010 19:04

If the thanks are for me,then thank you, lets see if I get there first!


Amiri01 30th Nov 2010 04:49

Congratulations OBM. All the best for the interview process. If you are successful, I hope it meets your expectations!

pahwa1989 30th Nov 2010 04:59

how to apply in it? ny1!!

OLD BMA MAN 30th Nov 2010 07:33

Oh Dear, that sounds ominous!
Well, nothing ventured nothing gained

OLD BMA MAN 2nd Feb 2011 09:13

Interview had, lets see how lucky I am!

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