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Ajax 1st Mar 2010 09:32

Onur Air A330 drivers - Jeddah base - anybody know T&C?
Like it says ^^

Flight Int'l website is advertising A330 positions with Onur Air based in Jeddah, anybody got the low down on salary / perks / accommodation / rosters / how is the company to work for? I'm interested in applying as F/O but any gen would be good, any chance of command upgrade with these guys?

No need to warn me about the whole living-in-Saudi thing because I've been there done that already, just the job in general would be good :ok:

GF4RCE 2nd Mar 2010 18:03

Dont know the conditons on the spacific type but there but there was a artical in a local aviation news website that published an extract of the agreement ..



the link to the artical is here

judge for your self

mutt 3rd Mar 2010 04:48

Is it true that flight attendants are expected to provide extra services to the flight crew? Or is that just a nasty rumor?


chuckunu 4th Mar 2010 01:15

From what I have been told by others that PM'd me.
Only the old THY pilots require this from the little young Indian and Morracan girls.
And only while away from thier homes and wifes.
it seems to be a common topic from this lot.

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