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Hoggtart 16th Feb 2010 13:51

EY Rosters
Well its no wonder the company is 300 million the wrong way and his highness is not happy, with a fantastic management structure that can't even produce a roster on time and blames everything including the various phases of the moon! Pilots however are expected to run an 'on time performance'. The EY roster is probably one of the most unstable in the world and yet CC gets to hang on to his job, its amazing...........

Jetjock330 16th Feb 2010 14:23

iFailed miserably!

Chandler Bing 16th Feb 2010 15:22


Sir Osis of the river 16th Feb 2010 18:02

The same old whingers........

Get a life guys,(or girls). So now yu know the roster MIGHT be late, should give you some time to sleep inbetween your horrific flight schedules, instead of spending your, (apparently...?), limited time off on the net, waiting......

I am going to enjoy my three days off now, thanks:D

Etihadghostrider 22nd Feb 2010 20:23

So, whats the excuse this month? Oh there are only 28 days in Feb. WHO CARES. DO YOUR JOB AND GET THE ROSTER OUT ON TIME!!!!

Nightfire 23rd Feb 2010 08:25

I got my roster yesterday, and actually it's not bad at all. Serious. It came on time despite prior apologies, and I don't fly any more or less than usual.

If there are solid reasons to complain about, go ahead. But this one here is ridiculous. So what even if the roster really did come one day late, would that cause you any kind of serious inconvenience, so bad that it's worth starting a thread about it?

No sympathy from my behalf on this petty little wee-wee.

sandpit 23rd Feb 2010 09:56

Nightfire - what fleet are you? I am 330/340 and still no roster for me :confused:

Nightfire 23rd Feb 2010 14:33

On the Boing Boing. Roster was out yesterday.

Etihadghostrider 23rd Feb 2010 15:57

Big deal, there are 5 airplanes. Yours should of been out the MIDDLE of the month. Still waiting for other 95% of the fleet to get theirs.

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