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Vertigo_FDS 4th Feb 2009 17:49

Al Faisal Aviation
For those of you who haven't read it :

Gulfnews: Faisal Aviation set up Private jet charter company launched

Good news? Maybe not a bad idea to service Sharjah Airport with bizjets...

hawkesmikey 11th Feb 2009 10:37

has anyone got any contact details for ths company??:confused:

S.F.L.Y 11th Feb 2009 10:50

I wonder how they intend to conduct lasting commercial ops with aircrafts (G200s) which are banned from UAE AOCs as they are manufactured in Israel...
How long can they keep "N"? 2X6 months ?

Vertigo_FDS 12th Feb 2009 12:46

I understand it is a Gainjet AOC plane registered SX-something. The impact of the Israeli connection will most likely be determined by how big the local players are. As for basing/operating foreign reg in Sharjah - will most likely depend on what the Airport Authorites say and how the GCAA views the type of operation. Let's wait and see...

S.F.L.Y 12th Feb 2009 13:23

If they have an UAE AOC they can operate non A6 aircrafts up to 6 months renewable once, but after that...

Vertigo_FDS 13th Feb 2009 13:33

They do not have UAE AOC, thus basing and ops at OMSJ on discretion of DCA and GCAA...or until local operators make some noise

Knold 18th Feb 2009 13:33

As of SN#62 these aircraft are not Israeli. They were called Galaxy but as the name now suggests its a Gulfstream 200.

Gulfstreamaviator 19th Feb 2009 06:36

which other local operator will kick up the fuss
dont you know who his brother is.......................glf

GOTHANI 19th Sep 2011 04:24

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