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AFD 13th Dec 2008 22:22

Qatar airways A330 roster
good evening everybody
i'm looking for few information about A330 roster in Qatar Airways,do you have some info about that?
How many hours does a normal roster flyies in a month?
are there any long overlay or night stop?

what about commuting opportunity for pilots?
is this allowed by the company?

thank you so much


RnR 14th Dec 2008 05:09


Is it for Capt or F/O.

Not much chance of commuting though, but may depend from where.

Off to,

RnR :)

loc22550 14th Dec 2008 08:18

whatever is your position, there is NO commuting in QR.
If your home base is not too far, you can just go home during your days off if you have 2 or 3 in a row( you can request up to 4 days off in a row...) a lot of guys are doing that..just to get out of Doha..:eek:!

AFD 14th Dec 2008 10:16

ok guys when i say commuting i mean just going back 1 or 2 times per month,just 2-3 days
i live in europe

Capt Krunch 15th Dec 2008 04:03

as metioned above .. NO commuting is not something easily done here at QA. but as mentioend above, you can get home once in a while on days off if you live relatively close, space available of course.. but beware of this. a short time ago I had a gentleman on my aircraft heading for Doha after 2 days off back in his country. unfortunately we took a unexpected delay and he ended up missing his next scheduled flight and was terminated never to be seen from again.

it is not so easy to commute here.

as far as A330 schedules.. busy. you can expect 60 to 90 hrs per month. 8 days OFF per month ( non consecutive). some days OFF out-stationed ( i.e. on layovers) many long to medium layovers, vast route structure.

if you come to this place, ( think twice) expect that your expected to live, eat, sleep for this airline.. your days OFF are not respected.. work, work and more work, thats why your here.. so "Just Do It" as the Nike slogan says... but when it comes to this airline they left out the.. "And Shut Up".. part of that.

Poisoned by Compromise

AFD 15th Dec 2008 08:25

capt krunch do you work for qa?

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