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Anonymus6 11th Oct 2008 21:54

Question to all Emirates pilots!!!!
just a short question!!!

I just want to know if emirates airlines has ever employed any persian (iranian) pilots?? I have heard the united arab emirate civil aviation donīt give permision to persian (iranian) to fly in their country?


thank you


operator 7G 12th Oct 2008 02:51

Emirates Hiring?
When will Emirates start the interviewing process again?
I was told I am on a short list.

Bypass ratio 12th Oct 2008 03:08

I have flown with Iranian pilots at Emirates, however I think they had USA passports??

clevlandHD 12th Oct 2008 03:44

there are a few ex Iran Air here.

skyvan 12th Oct 2008 03:44

I was on selection with 2 Iranians. They did not get in, but EK would not interview anyone who they would not be allowed to employ. It costs money to select a pilot, Emirates would not waste it.

Kenny 12th Oct 2008 03:48

One of the guys in my interview group was an FO with Iran Air. Not sure whether it's a coincidence but he did have a US passport.

checcker10 13th Oct 2008 16:56

Yes unfortunately the EK group cannot hire any Iranian nationals at present because of political differences between the 2 countries.
I personally know a manager who was offered a job at EK but they would not transfer his visa even tho he lives in Dubai.It went to the highest level but to no avail.:ugh:
We do have plenty of Iranians in the company but that is the situation currently.
Perhaps it will change in a few years.
Good luck

KRUGERFLAP 13th Oct 2008 18:11

Cathy Pacific of the Middle East
EK is the Cathay Pacific of the Middle East. Racist as it gets:ugh:
New Joiners - Watch out for your accent,during training,LOL.:}
in case you aren' t a Native English speaker coming from UK,US,CA,AU or NZ.

ruserious 13th Oct 2008 18:54

KF, you talk bo**ocks, EK does not care about where anyone is from, we have over 100 nationalities of pilots to prove that. At the moment there is an oversupply of pilots, particularly from the US, so at the moment we are doing lots of hiring from there. The fact that they speak something like English, helps, as communication is always a problem in a multi cultural cockpit.

The only thing the company cares about is money, so it takes those pilots that cost the least to assimilate into the organisation. Kind of makes sense doesn't it.

middlepath 13th Oct 2008 21:33

Spot on, I agree Cathay used to be the most resist airline in the world. They think only red arrows can fly aeroplane, what they did not realise is mean time rest of the world are flying aeroplanes.As former Joint chief of staff of USA mentioned ``thank god my father immigrated to US otherwise I will be stuck as sergeant major rest of the career``.

kumul1 14th Oct 2008 08:55

KF if it's true, it would be a 2 way thing, where Iran Air do not hire Emiratis and Emirates do not hire Iranians. Hardly racist.

Schnowzer 14th Oct 2008 15:38

Middlepath, Sgt Major? He wouldn't have got past Private in Her Majesty's Armed Forces!

Ha ha

middlepath 14th Oct 2008 18:16


You mean he is under qualified or because he is black, he did superve job in desert storm.

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