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Etihadghostrider 20th Apr 2008 10:04

Etihad Seniority Number for sale
Shortly on E-Bay a colleague will be offering his Etihad seniority number for sale.

After nearly five years of asking if soon he could be bidding flights. requesting more than 4 days off, other than the mandatory rest between two ULR's. Seing his confirmed bussiness ALT changed to an economy, seeing the brand new villa's going to new joiners and being stuck in an old building and not being allowed to move. Having watched SR from HR appropriate a colleagues apartment and take it as his own and getting the company to cover the AED 170 000 rent. He has come to a drastic decision.

That is by being a founding employee he see's no hope in his future with this company and get's no reward for his time served. His seniority number is entirely useless and he plans on abondoning this farce as soon as possible. In fact he plans to emulate his management team. He will grab all he can get in the short term and then jump onto the next best show.

If there is someone out there who believes that they have a future at Etihad and would like to jump a few steps forward on the non existant seniority list, starting bids for the seniority number will start at AED 10000
Friday evening at 1800 GMT on E-bay.

A UAE lawyer says it is possible to do this and states the example of the current local practice of selling low vehicle number plates for exorbitant sums.

RH said in a recent meeting, we are still relatively young and these things take time.

In fact they don't. What they take is an open checkbook and a managers willingness to spend his budget on his employees quality of life at the expense of his annual bonus.

Our colleague does not want to waste any more time at EY.

"Abandon all hope ye who enter here"

nsfw 20th Apr 2008 12:01

I will be watching this spot.


Insh Allah 20th Apr 2008 16:46

EXCELLENT... I'll bid, 10001 to get the ball rolling.. Just wondering if his seniority is better than mine...

Just brilliant lads.. :D

Driver of Buses 21st Apr 2008 01:47

Hmmm, another E-bay first.

Maybe a limited market but then again quite a clever and unique solution.

As a word of advise. You may have to employ the services of a spin doctor or media marketing consultant so as to word the e-bay description in a way to make it sound attractive and desirable. In its current form you may have to pay people take it.. :)

CT7 21st Apr 2008 03:21

This I gotta watch..... :E

What they take is an open checkbook and a managers willingness to spend his budget on his employees quality of life at the expense of his annual bonus.
That one sentance sums it all up nicely. :ugh:

Too funny…. I would say that the chequebook is not the only issue – the desire to uphold a clear system & standards is also part of the equation… that’s where the bitterness really starts to erode goodwill… :=

xavierb 21st Apr 2008 05:55

Job hunting
Hi guys,
I might have a chance to join Etihad very soon ( don't tell me I shouldn't, I just lost my job...), so, just one question if you could advise me:

Rostering (lack of...as I understand): Is there any difference if I join the bus or the 777 fleet ? What about the 320 ?

Thank you (and no, I'm not going to bid for your seniority number, I'm broke, sorry...)

ex-O sis.....

CT7 21st Apr 2008 07:04

Er, who thinks you have any choice in where they put you... but if you're Airbus rated start thinking about the 320...

abudhabitaxidriver 21st Apr 2008 08:14

Excellent thread... very funny...but so true !!!
Xavierb please stay away from this outfit absolute waste of time...
Good luck

Kabullet 21st Apr 2008 10:26

Also ex Oasis, is it really that bad at Etihad? Salary urgently needed so can take SOME pain....:sad:

whatzmyname 21st Apr 2008 11:57

Dhs10 000 for an Etihad staff number is too much.:}

alghazal 21st Apr 2008 16:01

If you have a chance, avoid EY, go Air Arabia, EK , SQ, CX or chinese carriers...Indians, well not sure, but definitely not EY

So far Air Arabia has a good offer on A320

xavierb 21st Apr 2008 17:27

I guys,

I understand you're not all that happy at EY..... BUT, I'm jobless, and I "might" get an offer for that job.( not for BA, AF, UPS,etc..). I "might" as well .... have the choice btwn 320, 330, or 777.
So, wich one is the best (I mean not as painful as..) for quality of life (roster stability, off days) ?
Thanks a lot,
And keep it up !


Jetjock330 21st Apr 2008 17:34

Xavierb, Check your private messages.

BCF Breath 22nd Apr 2008 04:52

So, when does this all go live...?

Kabullet 22nd Apr 2008 08:51


whats the gen? Is this a no go?


kissmecaptain 22nd Apr 2008 09:30

Great thread....

Waste of time bidding for a new seniority number as the new guys that turned up on Sunday where told that there's no accom for them...

The new guys that joined are gutted.. Been told a pack of lies to get them here....

These guys have sold houses, resigned from jobs and packed there families up to come here.

This is how they treat people...

Driver of Buses 22nd Apr 2008 10:00

Slightly off thread topic but curious.

Where were the new guys and families placed then if no accommodation available on their arrival?

Hotel room for a family is a bit cramped unless its the Presidential suite...

Sireh 22nd Apr 2008 10:14

Off the topic too, but many years ago a MAPA ( Malaysian Airlines Pilot Association ) President forced the Secretary to award him a senioriy number of a retiree so that he could be within the top ten!!! The fact was that he joined MAPA quite late ( so that he can run for presidency...he was a true sleeper management honcho ).

Maybe he should bid for EY seniority #1 to look good too!

xavierb 22nd Apr 2008 17:06

Thanks Jet' !

Still no one to answer my question ???
Is the 777 better than the bus for rostering, off days, .... The fact that more bussess are on order would mean that that fleet will always be under staffed ?
Anyone ??

Mr Angry from Purley 22nd Apr 2008 17:32

Job Role:
The role will plan the most economical and efficient Flight Deck Crew Roster for the specific roster period within the GCAA Regulatory and Company’s guidelines. The role will be responsible for meeting the Airline’s objective to legally cover all the flying routes with qualified flying crew, training assignment, leave allocation, for all Flight Deck crew.

The individual must be capable of working without close supervision, a self motivated, and detailed oriented person. The candidate must possess problem solving skills and be dedicated to meet deadlines that are set as company targets and guidelines. Required to rebuild rosters and pairings to meet base manning levels, must do so on own decision of which flights and rotations will be affected;
Decision making on what training courses, to add or delete, if the flying program cannot be covered due to shortages of crew availability verses amount of ground activities and other planned absences;
Also responsible to cancel crew members Leave if the manning levels are not in line with the operational requirements. This type of decision is a potential major cost as the crew member may be entitled to Leave Buy-Out options / policies. The crew planner has to contact the applicable department of any such actions above, and also directly to the crew member if their Leave has to be cancelled, replaced, and/or paid out.

Q1. What an advert, someone should be hauled over the coals for such a job spec.
Q2 Maybe sums up the original posters post!:\

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