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bobsback 19th Apr 2008 14:42

EK Profit Share....
Now this is unusual. We always get an invite to the grub & chit chat affair quite early however no-one & I mean no-one seems to have an idea of the date or the place...why?:bored:

Anyone got anything to offer? (apart from 12 weeks that is?):p

Maverick 19th Apr 2008 14:51

I think it will be a good idea getting used to change...and not expecting the same carrots every year...

Management always wants to save where ever it can...

Do we really think that they would treat pilots the way they do unless they knew for sure that they could do or NOT do things and get away with them...

I think its time that we looked at real issues like having permission to have our unions for handling serious and mature issues ( not petty or immature ones)


Set the industry norms ourselves right from the start by speaking to all flying schools and telling cadets NOT to pay for type-ratings to get a job which gives the message out Loud... WE WILL PAY TO FLY.....!!!

There are a lot of issues in the Aviation world which will not be solved by mere complaining and showing disapproval of....They need to be approached with a Unified Voice with the Pilot Community coming together as ONE.

bobsback 19th Apr 2008 15:37

Does that mean you don't know the date?

puff m'call 19th Apr 2008 15:49

You mean you actually want to got to the stupid thing, do you enjoy sitting there listening to someone talking crap, blowing smoke up your a$$ and then telling you what little profit share they can afford to give you because of the rising cost of oil. :ugh:

I'll save you the trip..... You've been great this year thanks, doing all that overtime, flying illegal ULR flights with inadequate rest. The next twelve months are going to be just the same or worse, but hey whatever! :ok:

If you do go don't forget to clap and cheer with all the other Muppet's when Sheiky boy say we've had another record year!!!

You should stay at home on your hard earned day off or go the beach and relax, whatever the result it won't change by you being there.

Keep discovering.

Mister Warning 19th Apr 2008 15:56

Well said, Puff. You are spot on.
Always used to amuse me when I cared enough to go (ie was an FO!) how many dish-dashes were enjoying the free buffet then how few were to be seen in the subsequent meeting!

14wheeler 19th Apr 2008 18:16

Let's call it what it realy is, a "bonus," and stop calling it a "profit share". At the end of the day they've decided what tip they going to give us regardless of the the profit and the silly little formula.

ShockWave 20th Apr 2008 12:26

It is probably the same reason we were not offered any free access to the air show last time it was on. ie. The person responsible for standing up for us and putting in an effort on our behalf has since retired.

cuberoute 20th Apr 2008 14:13

When are we supposed to hear the decision . I was told today is the day !!!!:confused:

max AB 20th Apr 2008 17:16

I don't know why guys are sweating this but for what its worth, the profit last year was not publicly announced until Apr 26th. So still a few days left to get invited to the ball.

Fart Master 20th Apr 2008 22:08

I think the jars of EK vaseline are being put into our FC boxes in the next couple of days...........Ben Dover here it comes:E

My guess is 7% + 3% and 4-5 weeks, even though it should be about 40-50 weeks if the rules were followed:*

vbrules 21st Apr 2008 04:24

Here it is
Invitation extended to pilots for meeting on wednesday 30th April

Sheikh-It-Easy 21st Apr 2008 06:09

Come on Guys. We made a HUGE profit this year so the company will be equally benevolent. Instead of the customary jar of vaseline - we get a extra generous tube of KY Jelly.

bobsback 21st Apr 2008 06:16

It's out...invite to Capts & FOs...it used to say managers!
30th April Airport Expo 1400hrs finger buffet 1300-1345hrs. I'm going for the food:D MIght as well get something out of it

ShockWave 21st Apr 2008 07:01

Mutley... Leroy made the effort each year to get us passes, when he left no one in the office even tried on our behalf. If a few guys have done the wrong thing in the past, it was never mentioned to me as a reason for not allowing us trade access. They were probably all to busy climbing over each other to get a ride on the 380 to be bothered with the masses.

Fart Master 21st Apr 2008 07:14

IMHO none of the pilots should go, even if it is just a small show of our contempt, I think it would send a message to AAR etc and his cronies:hmm:

Fart Master 21st Apr 2008 16:16

Fair point:*

bobsback 21st Apr 2008 16:55

Profit share grub!
I reckon I can eat 12 weeks worth of profit share...WOW! Bring it on! I will get my twopence out of this company yet!?:)

thefoxandfirkin 22nd Apr 2008 11:44

Well if you do eat it, it will make up for those pathetic crew meals which wouldn't keep a small mouse happy. I'll have to bulk up too :p

Sheikh-It-Easy 22nd Apr 2008 13:06

According to a local newspaper - profits jump 40% to 5 Billion dhs (USD 1.36 Billion). I guess we will find out soon enough on the 30th.

ekpilot 27th Apr 2008 07:57

nope! we get 25% of 360M

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