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gearupflapsupshutup 18th Apr 2008 11:22

any corporate pilots in EK?
Hi guys,

any people with Corporate (netjets europe) experience got into Emirates as an FO? or do they prever the Airlines only? Tried to look it up on their website it only mentioned the Multi Crew jet experience!


Frozen Turtle 18th Apr 2008 13:43

Until recently EK would hire only guys with some airline jet time (2000h min).

However the rumour on the street is that pilots with "only" corporate jet experience will be/ are accepted for interview.....

By the way a couple EK guys joined Netjets Europe, why bother and come here anyway? :}

Hope that helps


gearupflapsupshutup 18th Apr 2008 13:49

Thats a quick reply from a turtle :P ! Cool, thanks
I have some 1500hours airline jet time, like to work for netjets as well but don't like to close the door for the maybe future need for very heavy metal, hehe was just wandering you see (choices choices choices)

kingpost 18th Apr 2008 19:02

Don't be silly, stay where you are. You're probably earning what a heavy metal capt earns!!!

High'n Fast 19th Apr 2008 08:49

I went through the interview process last May at EK. I only had Corporate time on Hawker, Gulfstream and Global. Currently a BBJ2 Captain. I think as long as you have Multi-Crew Jet time you should get an Interview. Getting hired is another story. I went through the entire three days but was unsuccessful.

High'n Fast.

gearupflapsupshutup 19th Apr 2008 21:54

marvelous guys thanks

In that case I might just Foxtrot Oscar to Netjets if the Angels allow me...

Cee ya on TCAS guys:ok:

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