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Bebsi Nocoke 12th Dec 2007 13:49

Bond four Mr. Mikael Kent set for 2.2 Million
Bahrain pols cort decidet, bond for Mr. kent es mor then 2 milian dalars

sad his vary naice man! wiy thay mayke this?

templarknight 12th Dec 2007 13:54


Bebsi Nocoke 12th Dec 2007 14:08

Mr. micahel the band es naw 2miilian dallars

stai in ayland lang tiyme

Vayree saree

tbaylx 12th Dec 2007 15:31

I think i can translate this...

After GF arrested one of it's previous employees, held him in the country for several months, and threw him in jail, the courts have now finally got around to setting his bail at 2.2 million USD.

If that's so its one of the more silly things Bahrain has come up with in the last few years.

International 12th Dec 2007 18:46

facts not rumours
MK was arrested July 12th on charges of defrauding the government of Bahrain. He spent one night in jail and was released the next day on BD1,000 bail.

After 4 and a half months, and no evidence presented, the criminal case was finally dropped by the public prosecutor.

The next day, Gulf Air started a civil case claiming damages of BD200,000 and another travel ban was put in place. Again, no evidence has been presented to the court.

It would seem GF are trying to keep MK in Bahrain at all costs, but it is not clear to what end...

salahabuali 13th Dec 2007 09:56

The bloody tosser should be lucky he is not locked up.

He was arrogant and a classic arsehole.

Anyone feeling sorry for the boy is probably suffering from the Stockholm syndrome.

Let him rot on the Island!

deplanedeplane2 13th Dec 2007 14:10

They want to keep him in town as long as possible. This is so they can put even more pressure on him to give up the dirt on the real crook JH so they can arrest him and bring him back to Bah. When that happens they will lock up JH for a period of time just long enough for "Pettyhard" to fall apart. Then they will ship JH back accross the water to serve time over there. Call it a double F.U. payback for what he has done.:ugh::ugh:

Give MK a break. It must suck being stuck in Bah 24hrs 7 days a week with nothing to do but twiddle your thumbs.:(

salahabuali 13th Dec 2007 15:07

JH will not do a thing for MK

JH is the JH show and only the JH show.

Me myself and I, and of course blondie...to rim him.

Al Fakhem Snr. 13th Dec 2007 15:43

Well, he can always be found half pissed at Hemingways with his cronies 3 to 4 times a week.

Bebsi Nocoke 13th Dec 2007 15:53

he nos praim meeneestr ?

gud christina man haram!

salahabuali 13th Dec 2007 16:03

Now a crook, but also a Christian missionary WOW!
Why don't they get George Bush to intervene while they are at it?

The guy was a crook!

Worse is probably the added missionary involvement in the Christian church in Bahrain, typical oblivion of Mr. Kent and his henchmen to local culture and phobias...

Says it all in my opinion!

Al Fakhem Snr. 13th Dec 2007 16:25

Now slap my arse suzan if that ain't just some evangelical presence we actually missed while it was happenig, and there is me going to St. christopher every Sunday morning thnking I was doing my deeds to the holy spirit.

Was Michael also involved in the British club, white supremacist group?

It just wouldn't surprise me...!:8

salahabuali 13th Dec 2007 16:46

So Mr. kent found the solution to the religious problems of Islam, he will evnagelise everyone, so there will be no Sunnis or Shiites, but just evangelical Bahrainis, how picturesque and befitting of the lovely island!

How many bahrainis did he finally manage to convert or is converting there now?

deplanedeplane2 13th Dec 2007 17:11

If it makes you feel go for it ;)

MikeHunt 13th Dec 2007 17:27

So now that he is finally done for his mismanagement of inflight, maybe someone can shed light as to the extent of his wrong doing.

Pitty that Bahrainis did not have the guts to stop him, but followed through like sheep.

What a fecking arrogant bastard, if I was Gulf I would have raised the bar at 10 Million US, I am sure that between the three year stocks of pyjamas, the balsamic vinegar, the blankets that never existed, the kids' toys et all he must be hovering at around 20 million that he expropriated from GF.

But I am not one to say, just saw the arsehole several times at the british club and I was not impressed with his sois disant "know how" or by the crew of chefs who hung around hime like he was some guru, when the guy was an absolute moron.

So long Michael, it is time for you to eat some bacha and sheep sh*t for the rest of your life, talking about gourmet cuisine!!! Unless of course hoguie is prepared to bail you out with the comission he made from Sabre.

left_to_first_class 13th Dec 2007 20:11

It's going to be interesting to see what happens in the chess game. Keep MK in BAH until at some point he agrees to the demand of GF and spills the beans. With many at GF not very happy at the way JH and is merry men 'conducted' business then MK could be in BAH for a long long time.

Time to sing that famous evangelical song ' oh happy days ...... ':E

ironbutt57 14th Dec 2007 14:55

Whatever criticism you want to throw at the chef thingy, I ride our F class on leave tickets, and the occasional F class to Europe, and admittedly the chef/menu/food quality is rather impressive and above all others when it comes to Gulf carriers.:ok:.now if the toilets and IFE just worked:{

salahabuali 14th Dec 2007 17:45

The chef thingy is not the invention of Michael Kent, it was used in Ansett, BMI, now Gulf Air and soon Etihad although under a different title.

If anything it is the best way to create a parallel market and screw the brand architecture with a pillar that may just cause more damage than good.

This is not about criticising the chef thing, it's about embezzlement of funds which could have served for example to pay us salary increases long ago.

This man is guilty and whatever excuse he has is as lame as his knowledge of the business. Had he acted with some sense of responsibility he would not be where he is now, nor would Gulf Air be in the situation it is in now.
He who pretended he never had a penny to his budget was ordering willy nilly right left and center articles that were not required on board. And where the budget was allocated, the items never made it on-board. This is not to mention purchases made on behalf of GF without due tender process.

The chefs are doing a great job for GF though, but can we afford to keep them?

MikeHunt 14th Dec 2007 17:57

Michael Kent took resposibility for running the chefs but he was nowhere near being one.

His knowledge of food is like asking an Australian where is the north pole.

Let hime sit there and enjoy the weather. ( in bahrain or the north pole )

ironbutt57 14th Dec 2007 18:05

Haha...good one Mike...:ok:

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