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FMC OVERHEAT 22nd Sep 2007 16:50

EY B777 routes
What's the roster like for EY B777 pilots ? I can only see Bankgok, Kuala lumpur and a couple of other destinations in Asia. Is there any European layover with EY B777 ?
Any EY pilot willing to comment on rosters, flights, layovers ect...?
I sent the application through the EY website and got a response for the B777 F/O position I applied for. But now that they are getting A320 I am affraid they will change their hiring policy and send all the new guys to the A320 ?
Before you ask, I am a B737 F/O with 2800 hours TT and 2500 on B737. ;)

Happy landings,


FMC OVERHEAT 24th Sep 2007 13:54

no one cares to comment ?

A300Man 24th Sep 2007 14:51

Sorry, don't know about the terms and conditions, but the Boeing 777 is SOMETIMES used on flights to London Heathrow and was permanently featured to LGW. However, those (Gatwick) services have since been suspended.

Also, next year, some of the KUL rotations will change to A332 and (back to) A343 operations, with the Boeing 777 taking in the new routes of Singapore, continuing onwards to Australia (I think MEL or SYD. Not sure).

The 773 also is used on MNL flights.

I am honestly not sure if the 773 is used on Europe flights, but would imagine the machines make (perhaps infrequent) forays into MAN, GVA.

Perhaps an EY pilot will be able to furnish you with a proper answer, once one of them actually stops flying long enough to switch on a pc.

Firbolgs 24th Sep 2007 16:41

773 Routes: BKK/MNL/CGK/KUL plus day trips to exotic places like JED/RUH/KWI.....complete waste of the a/c!:ugh:

No European destinations
Roster stable, not too tough compared to the Airbus fleet

SIN/BNE starts in October

Sorry no idea on hiring policy of Boeing v Airbus,

Severely Jetlagged 25th Sep 2007 03:19


With your experience you would not be considered for B777 f/o. You are required to be B777 rated and current for that position. If you were called then it was for a non-rated position on the Airbus fleet but at present there is a freeze on hiring non-rated pilots.

fastfly69 25th Sep 2007 09:10

EY Hiring?
Hi Guys...
I'm reading some posts about hiring in EY on B777... I've sent my application in june ( I'm current on B767 and 6000 tot hrs ) but, since now, no official answer.... I've heard about freezing in training and selection programs... what's going over there? Is there someone having news about?
thanks in advance:)

FMC OVERHEAT 25th Sep 2007 13:56

"Preference would be given to candidates with Boeing 777 experience"

Does that mean you have to be type rated ? I don't think so.
On the other hand I know some A320 F/O who got a job on A330 and after one year they will transition to A340.

FlyingOW 26th Sep 2007 16:09


In another 700 hours you can apply to EK, they will most likely put you on the T7, that is assuming you pass the screening of course. But you will have to complete the required 4000TT before joining. I too applied for FO T7 at EY (3300TT, 2000+ on 763ER) and nothing as of yet. But flying 80-90 a month so not long to go for EK.....Best of luck!



PS. Dont forget about the whole CCQ business on airbus which makes it really easy to transition between aircraft, not the case for Boeings, where full TR courses are required.

Severely Jetlagged 27th Sep 2007 07:39

FMC "Does that mean you have to be type rated ? I don't think so."

Sigh. I guess you know better FMC. :ugh: What on earth would anyone working in Etihad know after all.

saddlebrooks 27th Sep 2007 10:36

Relax Jetlagged
If a type rating was a requirement I am confident you would have made certain that the recruitment advert stated that, or did they by pass you again in the process?

Chin up and keep trying, they may actually notice you one day.

A minimum of 2500 hours total flying time and
A minimum of 1000 hours on multi crew jet aircraft in excess of 60000 kgs and
ICAO ATPL,valid licence and medical
Must be current
Maximum age limit is 56 years old and
English Language Fluency ( written and verbal )
Preference would be given to candidates with Boeing 777 experience
The hours mentioned above shall be on powered fix wing aircraft only

FMC OVERHEAT 27th Sep 2007 15:44

When I applied 4 months ago, there was only positions for B777 F/O and A330/340 F/O without that sentence saying
"Preference would be given to candidates with Boeing 777 or A330/340 experience"
but instead it was
"Preference would be given to candidates with Boeing or Airbus experience"
No that they have that A320 F/O postion it clearly states "Preference would be given to candidates with Boeing or Airbus experience"
I think they changed their hiring policy and they will put the new guys to A320.
My application is on hold anyways until I finish full ATPL. I'll wait till then and give them a call.
Anybody been in this situation before ?

fastfly69 27th Sep 2007 20:23

EY Application...
FMC,I've sent my on line application in may 2007 andI confirm the item was "experience on Boeing andAirbus".
Actually I have more than 6000 hrs and 1000 of B767.
Since there I had no news since end of august when I sent a mail to recruitement asking for news.
They answered me my documents were "on hold".... actually no call.
I think something is happening overt there...

FMC OVERHEAT 27th Sep 2007 21:02

I DID receive a call from them like 1 hour after I filed the online application (That was really quick !). The guy, who seemed to be polite and friendly, asked me several questions like what type of A/C I am currently flying, Airline I am working for, Type of license...
He told he will keep the application on hold and asked me to advise them when I get the full ATPL.
Since I cannot unfreeze my ATPL until I actually undertake training for left seat
I am stuck here this time. I'll have to see how things go and manage to get a full ATPL in the near future.
I wonder why you didn't hear from them though.
We are drifting a bit off of the original idea of this thread.
No EY pilots around here to comment for the roster, QOL, and conditions for EY in general and B777 in particular? :ugh:

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