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Londonlads 1st Jun 2008 12:15

Because you complain all the time. Always new threads with the same stuff. If you have been there for seven years and nothing yet has happened, what makes you think that something will happen any time soon?! Very naive of you!

Also, short of crew? Surely not in their cabin crew department! Their bonding contract seems to work perfectly!

salamalikum2 1st Jun 2008 12:50

"Nothing yet has happened......"I'm afraid you are wrong Londonlads..!Up to now Every two years Qatar Airways HAD to increase the salary(not because they love us: we should be very naive to believe this..!), but simply in an attempt to stop the haemorrhage, and try to prevent more(good) pilots to leave the boat,and try to make this place a little bit more attractive for new joiners...

It has been like that for the last 6..7 years here in Qatar airways and there is no reason to believe that it will change tomorrow if this company wants to stay alive, excpecially today with the poor economic condition expats have to cope with here:inflation+devaluation!!

JungleJett 1st Jun 2008 18:12

PITA, you keep repeating the same B.S over and over again....."we only get the F/Os who failed their interview at EK or EY". Not always true.
It will be closer to the truth to say we always get F/Os who didn't get a reply from EK or EY.
You know, in the past year or so lots of F/Os went to EY for a faster time to command. Why didn't you?....Or maybe you did and failed?
7 years F/O here....I wouldn't be proud of it. You must have a wonderful Capital L on your forehead now....

P.Clostermann 2nd Jun 2008 06:41


you clearly have NO idea what you are talking about.

7 years FO will be the rule in Qatar very soon, with the new rules of 5 years to upgrade probably getting approved as we speak!

Maybe you where lucky enough to come in as a DEC....so did I....but you should always realize that this was PURE luck and at the expense of many FO waiting and waiting to get his chance at a left seat.

And yes, some of these long term FOs are weaker than the others and they will probably never see their command. But is this a shame? No it is not.
Not everybody is suitable to assume a command....and in most big airlines this is a recognized fact which is not frowned upon at all!

And most probable you and me, assuming you are a DEC, would fail the whole assessment thing here in QR in any case.

So remember lucky boy, 7 years FO's do not have the capital L imprinted on their forehead! And if a person fails to see this he/she should have a deeper look in the mirror!

CEO Pitas posts are a bit of a lower level, but sometimes he is right![/FONT]

loc22550 2nd Jun 2008 08:25

Let's not forget as well in my humble opinion...that the final decision for the upgrade has to come from the little big man..regardless of your capacity of being able to be a captain or not.
It's not the first time that some really competent people have been stopped or delay in their upgrade process for any suspicious:mad: reason.

wonder 2nd Jun 2008 09:16

i thought CEOs should be focusing on the macro not the micro issues

P.Clostermann 2nd Jun 2008 11:01

[FONT='Verdana','sans-serif']well, what can we say?

Welcome to the wonderful world of Qatar Airways....where nothing is like it seems to be...where nothing is done the way it is supposed to be done...

and indeed...where macro issues are forgotten and micro issues become mammoths![/FONT]

THR MCT 2nd Jun 2008 17:21

The upgrade Saga
I Can't agree more on your statement P.Clostermann,
let us be little bit honest here.
I fly with talented Fo on the A330 some of them are realy good skilled people I had a couple of guys more experienced than I do with previous command time when I heard their story what kind of sh:mad:t they have to endure in the interview process I thank god that I came as a DEC could not answer none of the questions myself.
just think what kind of caliber are the guys in the A340
so makes me wondering what kind of BS is this process I'm sure I wouldn't pass.
Let us give a big :ok: to this guys especially when we know that the people who ask the questions most of the time they have no clue what so ever will be the answer and with so weak background and profile.

Fly high fly safe and always aim for a smooth landing.

Londonlads 2nd Jun 2008 18:05

I know a guy from Mexiko who has been with the airline for less than seven years and already been given an upgrade! I would think he has been there for four years.

Pita, if you have been there for seven years and still believe things will change, that is very naive of you! I agree with Junglejet. Were you rejected by either EK or EY? Reading from your previous posts, you seem to have been fed up with the airline for a very loooooooong time. Pack your bag! Or, you will probably be in the right seat for another seven years.

Tintin 3rd Jun 2008 07:48

cant even write on techlogs

loc22550 4th Jun 2008 17:05

People like Vaschandi who still believe in a salary increase for this year should i think stop dreaming!
United Airline is gone withdrawn 100 aircraft from it's fleet and scrap 1000 jobs...and i guess it's just the beginning, a lot of company will close the door in the coming months due to the high cost of fuel....Wait and see!
Mr AAB must have a large& big smile in his face....he is probably the only one in Q.A!Crew suffering from infaltion and devaluation here sure have a different point of view!:ouch:

Smirnoff N21 4th Jun 2008 17:57

pay rise I doubt it!
Don't see a pay rise coming as it's usually happens every second year if at all.
Dollar de-peg isn't coming till the US elections are over if at all.
It'd been all over prune since Jan and certainly Pita would indulge in it. :ok:
Now with Indian CAA giving expats a boot fo till mid of this year and PIC till 2010 and US aviation scene entering a spiral-dive. It's not a rocket science to see a bulldozer rolling over dead bodies. Hopefully QR will have enough honor to stick to their promises to upgrade guys. I however doubt it. Good luck fellas
one thing is for sure your jobs are very secured hopefully at reasonable expense.

Don't take it personally take it on the rocks!!!:ok:

QTRminator 3rd Jul 2008 19:29

Heard a lot of strong rumours last month about an increase going to happen in july, anyone else who did?
Well july is here, I'm waiting....

CEO PITA 3rd Jul 2008 23:51

1. About me ( none of youre buisness ) but am from this area and am almost home so why should i leave ( you guyz leave am at home )
2. I been low on hours as i been flying as f/engeneer before.
3. i will get my command soon

Naw salary : no increamnet or so becouse there are pilots on market maybe salary decrease can be expected soon .
Some of management pilots just stated that with new pilots on market from USA and some EU airline which will close up soon due to oil price we should slow down upgrade process to minimum since there is DEC pilots on market ,in that way it will not look as beed as if they stop it and it should save an airline a lot of money by taking DEC .

Some latin pilots are already doing intervew in Etihad to get there before US guyz come in .
QR is best airline in Qatar .

JungleJett 4th Jul 2008 17:34

So PITA bread I guess if they slow down upgrades and take more DEC, you will have to wait another 7 years sitting in the right seat....but don't worry by then they will make a special 3 and a half stripe custome made for you only....

P.Clostermann 5th Jul 2008 09:10

You can laugh with the Pitta dude all you want but actually what he was saying is very VERY true!

They ARE considering slowing down the upgrade process because once more we have too many captains and DEC are readily available anyway!

Unfortunately, the same is happening at EY for the same reasons, so going there will not change a dime in case you are an FO looking for a command! They have a three year policy there as well now, upgrades are all on A320 and by the time you reach your 3 years at EY you will be in exactly the same position as you are in here!

Once more back to the old adagio...you do not come here for a promotion, expect to leave the sandpit in the same position you came with and you'll be fine!

What a fine region this is!

CEO PITA 7th Jul 2008 19:44

Instead of increasing salary Qr decided to increase number on NON rated F/Os and Capt new jojners so they have to stick to airline for few years .Its done to replace uyz which are leaving Qr to Ek,EY,A.A ......
see there always a way out for QR !

Black Stain 8th Jul 2008 00:26

all these "purely personal" feelings you have gathered against the country that is "hosting" you
You are one spitting nonsense SNAM.

You seem to view yourself as a commodity, sold to your employer to whom you must be forever grateful.

Consider for a second that others may not share your dark ages world view. Others may consider the service they provide of value to their employer. Some employees have enough self respect, to demand some respect back from their employer. And many seek an airline with which they may form part of a successful team of which they can all be proud.

If you are happy SNAM to be a worthless bonded servant rather than a trusted professional then you should be the one to sit back and shut up. Enjoy your miserable existence. Let those with some vision warn others away from that nasty little sweat shop known as The Goat.

Wipe the tip of your nose SNAM I think there is a dirty brown spot on it....

loc22550 8th Jul 2008 05:15



We call it.."quality of life.."..
100% true.

Qatari515 8th Jul 2008 07:08


Just love a good catfight!

Continue boys, continue please! Its a like a good psychologist session...VENT THOSE FRUSTRATIONS!

Black Stain 8th Jul 2008 10:07

Am slow I know, but now figured out.... Sensitive New Age Muslim.

How cool!! Look at the big heart in SNAM!!!!

Do you pay your maid more than $300pm? And she only works 70 hours a week too I bet!

But are you the ultimate sensitive guy SNAM? Have you forsaken your legal right to punch your wife less hard than you would punch your brother??

(Whilst harsh, this post is relevant as these are very real issues for all who suffer in Qatar)

oryxbollocks 8th Jul 2008 14:56

And there I was thinking this thread was about the raise we are getting in August?


salamalikum2 8th Jul 2008 16:44

Raise in August..in wich movie...:ugh: it used to be july now August..soon it's gone be september....

Keep dreaming....

EL CAPITAN 8th Jul 2008 17:28

Raise of temperature maybe....:ok:

Smirnoff N21 8th Jul 2008 18:46

Fellas what's that all about with emotional involvement cat and dog fights really no point whatsoever. No matter what we do or omit to do sandpit is what it is and never gonna change. Business is brutal and everyone gotta look after him self taking as much as he can giving only what's required. All in all slavery or not blah blah blah as long as it suits the purpose use and abuse as well as get used and abused. It's not a long term corporate identity investment or anything alike. Just pure exploitation of resources. No vision for future as far as personnel concerns.
Conclusion: F/O to the sandpit NO THANKS Captain yes. At least they can't fool around too much unless the next guy is ready knocking at the door with lots of Vaseline.
Don't take it personally take it on the rocks!!!
P.S. btw 120 Eur for tank of gas really hearts but what hell!!!

CEO PITA 8th Jul 2008 20:22

Slave or free if you are jobless its the same ( you have no $ to live and eat ) but if you are slave in BMW thats ok int tha that case you can have youre own slave right ?
Europe or USa is cool human rights and so on and then G.W.Bush decide that tax you are paying should be invested in war in Iraq instead of some research in meds or so . So you become slave of G.Bush .
In M.E you are slave of some Mahmud in white dress . Well it come to same same slave for Bush or slave for Mahmud only car and watch is different ! You want to live in Paris and drive Swift or live in Abu Dhabi or Doha and drive BMW or Jeep its youre decision.
Soon all of us in Qatar will drive swift as well .

9.G 8th Jul 2008 21:30

That's why sandpit will further on remain what it is. Without even having a slightest idea of what the modern employment environment is all about but bluntly following the idea of "I can buy it all" middle eastern companies will be a step stone in any aviation career path. It's not all about money pita though it's very important but you're not on the zook and the goods are probably the most perishable one. Western world came a long way till they simply realised the benefit of motivated employees. QR isn't even born yet. Go on and start the devil's advocate discussion.

BUSTRASH 9th Jul 2008 00:35

Pita is correct.
All you have to do is follow some diffrent rules and not ask for orange juice in flight and you get to drive a BMW. I read every day the complaints abouts QR but there is worse. In my present company you have to pay in cash your bond upfront, no pay during 3-6months training and you already have to be type rated. In the US try flying for a regional airline 1400usd a month take home the first year and six sectors a day. At Taca 2000 month usd for A320 F/O average because they pay by the hour like I pay my maid in Asia. I dont see what the Europeans are complaining about they invented the low coast pay for type rating and 500 hours in type scheme. At some outfits you pay even for your interview, sim assesment and uniform. Besides all the wierd rules QR is one of the carriers in the world that you may have a chance to someday touch a A380. If the price for me to drive a BMW and fly a A380 is no orange juice and wear my hat during the walk arounds, let it be.

salamalikum2 9th Jul 2008 05:51

I think Q.R has only order 3..4 A380(probably just for the prestige, and for commercial reason),so before you (We) can even think about flying it...

"If the price for me to drive a BMW and fly a 380 is no orange juice and wear the hat during walk arounds let it be....":ouch:

Personnaly i don't link the "quality of my live" to the size of the car i'm driving, or the size of aircraft i'm flying..!(honestly i have more fun to fly small a/c...:))

BUSTRASH 9th Jul 2008 07:09

Actually my priorties are different. Airplanes,Girls,Money,and then Cars. If you add all 4 of them up it equals quality of life.

A320 Man 9th Jul 2008 09:25

will buy our A.L. tickets?
According to the latest memo ragarding the A.L.T, the chances are slim to travel on a confirmed seat !!
To understand what is H class: it is the cheapest price available when the flight is just open for sale, if you are early enough you may catch it before it is sold out, then the Y class (more expensive) then the N class (much more) and they are all in Economy class (coach).
What will happen to you and your family when you try to book your annual leave and the H class is sold out? Or it is in the memo: buy a full fare commercial ticket ! or try your luck with ID 90 !!!

OH REALLY?? That is great. It will be in effect from September 1st. 2008, so if you are planning an annual leave after that date, good luck.

At the end of the memo a little reminder for us not even to try all year around to get tickets on some mentioned destinations,

I am lucky that I used my annual leave ticket already, as for the next year I will not be here to suffer for my annual leave.

Two Dogs.... 9th Jul 2008 10:39

No Tickets eh!!! Do you guys realize why you are being raped again by that poisonous white ragged rat? Because he can!! Because he knows that he will have several hundred desperate unemployed americans grovelling at his door next year.

There is a word for this.... exploitation.

And exploitation is just another manifestation of endemic racism. Some more....

1. Pay them less, they are not worthy.
2. Work them to MAX LIMIT, they exist for us only to work.
2. Treat them like crap, they are less than us.
3. Tell them all lies, their opinions dont matter.
4. Protect our women under black, harass their white slags.
5. Make escape as difficult as possible.

And isn't it funny how any expat that overtly rejects the Qatari world view is a racist??? There have only ever been 12 reasons to join Goat Airways.... :*

sayap-patah 9th Jul 2008 10:48

i do confirm what CEO PITA inform us:ok:, Thank you CEO PITA. Hope you guys still have a lot of hope in QR ( also dream..maybe), as an outsider (now ) i do hope you could get some sleep during KIX-DOH FLT.

salamalikum2 9th Jul 2008 11:00

Sayap Patah:
Regarding the rest on KIX-DOh, we just have to make sure to occupy the right place, if you rest in the first class seat (even if empty!) instead of he business seat you might find some deduction on your salary, either at the end of the month or when you resign on your end of service "benefit"...!!!!
100% true!
Welcome to Q.R.........:ouch:

CEO PITA 9th Jul 2008 12:10

Qr Kix-doh
It was all ok till CC didnt know why we rest and where should we rest and when some smart PO or CSD got to know its only busness seat for us ooo lets report Capt to CEO . Cool lets do the same for CS and CSD every mistake she do we can writte with date and time and confirmation of F/O and if all ok keep it if she report us we can do the same.
Eastern European Capt got deductioin from salary 17 k QR for resting in first class during KIX-DOH aussie cpat as well reported by CSD and German capt as well all got deducted 17-20 k .
Poor country have to take money from Captians to run airline .
I saw someone drive new Ferari i guess i know wher eis money from .

Lulu qatar 9th Jul 2008 13:17

Man since am in Doha i learn few new terms for me :

where am from i never heared about this crap i guess (its made in 5 star )

IcarusRising 9th Jul 2008 13:25

Lulu, you must have arrived from another planet !

Lulu qatar 9th Jul 2008 13:36

Maybe just another continent then yours !

Icarus did you ever flown for any major EU airline ?
I been for 22y for youre info and didnt saw people getting reported for funny reasons ,terminated,called to office for resting in FC,getting warning letters for drinking forbiten drinks .
Word "reporting" is invented during UK-India codshere and got transfered to Qatar with J.A cabin crew .Thats what i was told from my TRE ( qatari)

CEO PITA 9th Jul 2008 13:41

Lulu you will get use to it after few y.

Dont listen to Icarus he is one of management ( high ) educated pilots who finish training in Oxford UK same betch with Icarus him self .
Icarus knows SOP up and down but sometimes turns in wrong side ( wuupps wuupps )

salamalikum2 9th Jul 2008 14:44

Regarding the deduction of the money for wrong sitting..:ugh:i become convince that this must me a well organised complot from the mafia running the financial dept and some concerned C.C....:mad:Where do you think this money is going....:mad:?? Do you guys really believe that this is coming from MR AAB himself....?:confused:

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