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salamalikum2 22nd May 2008 05:38

And the joke goes on...: "qatar may consider stop the peg with the U$ within 6 months....." according an article in the news today....:ugh::ugh:
Funny i saw the same kind of article 6 months ago!

Have been told as well about an increase in june..everything is good to try to stop the haemorrhage...Wait and see...what to do...

flycold 22nd May 2008 06:38

stupid question
As per advertisement QR salary is much better than EK and EY.
I know that salary itself is not everything and other conditions(eg. management, other packages and working environment etc) are more important.
But, What is the exact salary in QR at this moment.
Is there any differences between advertisement and reality.
Happy Landings!:ok:

salamalikum2 22nd May 2008 07:34

QR salary better than EK or EY..........!!!???:ouch:
Don't forget to take everything into consideration( bonus,profit share, increase,pension plan,those thinks doesnt exist here in Q.A(only 3% increase on the basic/year:uhoh:....).
Last but not least:
Only when it comes to inflation,Qatar is number 1 in the gulf,..with 17% expected for 2008!!!!

flycold 22nd May 2008 19:12

Thanks salamalikum2,
could you tell me about living cost in Doha?
Is it much more expensive than NYC, London ... Tokyo?

salamalikum2 23rd May 2008 05:12

No Qatar is not (yet) as expensive as Tokyo or London...But if the inflation continues like that..
-Initial Cpt Salary...13...14000U$/month (ALL inclusive,house allowance as well)
-Initial F/O salary..10.000..U$/month(all inclusive)
You are paid in local Currency :qatari riyal, the only(major) problem here ..: Qatari riyal is peg to U$...!:ugh:

-Other Major issue here if your are considering a move here: Doha, make sure your family will "survive" here, indeed Some of our colleagues left or are going to leave because their families can't take this place anymore...

CEO PITA 23rd May 2008 05:50

Apartment 3500 $
Car 1000 $
water /elec 150 $
food 1 person 400 $
Thats what you will spend every month +anything you need to send home or so !
Capt if you fly 75 h = is 13600 $ aprox - 40 % Euro/ $ difference is 8200 euro .
So 13600 $ - apartment 3500 -car 1000 -550 water/elec and food is 8550$ - 40 % to get euros is 5200 Euros . Thats what you are left with after all. Do you think its worth to leave youre home for 5200 Eu ?
And have hard time with ( no request ofr flights or off ) ,warning letters , land cruisers on road , ........... ! And litle small man at 9 f ?

vaschandi 23rd May 2008 10:22

Not bad!!!
Capt 5000/month...60000/year...600000/10years...+3%payraise/year+end of joining benefit+ interest 3,5%...you agree?...1 Mio!

Qatari515 23rd May 2008 10:29

Very smart.....

Woohoo.....somebody can count!


CEO PITA 23rd May 2008 11:28

3 %
Its bad man you get 3 % payrise but Inflation in Qatar is 14 % so ou lose 11 % a year . And + youre end of servise is usles becouse its in US $ and seams to me US $ will be worth 20 % of EU soon ! So all to all you lose in 10 y 110 % on inflation . account - /-

salamalikum2 23rd May 2008 12:51

Vaschandi for you info..:
My actual salary(all inclusive) in....8500.. Euros(after conversion:today's exchange rate).
My Actual salary with the exchange rate like it was when i joined the company would have been: ..15000.. euros!!..And it not over...
No need to have a master degree in Mathematic to calculate the huge lost!

Flyjets 23rd May 2008 13:17

Dont worry mate,
by 6 months (Nov.08) the Dollar/Euro exchange rate will be at a turnabout. An this is widely expexted.
After the USA Presidential elections the trend will change, and since now I am hoping they will not unpeg the Gulf area currencies with the Dollar otherwise if they do it then you will loose again ...

vaschandi 23rd May 2008 17:41

Green back will fight back soon!
This is also my opinion!
Economie in Euroland is slowing down and ECB will lower the interest rates
in the second half of this year!
Exchange rates are fluctuating between 1,53 and 1,58 since april and we will see them at max 1,35 in november (4,93 Qr=1 Euro--today 5,78)
Sure, inflation in Qatar is alarming and we do need a payraise!
We will get it this year! AAB still loves to keep us in suspense but finally
he will pay!
Call me a dreamer, but go and see for yourself!

B-737 24th May 2008 01:01

3500 $ housing for a single person??? Isn't that too much? Could you get something at 2000 $ for a single person?

CEO PITA 24th May 2008 03:43

2000 $
Yea you can but in industrial area or in some part of city which no one want to live . if you want anything 2 bedroom clean normal area its 3500$

B-737 24th May 2008 04:49

In this case it's better to take company's accomodation. How much the housing allowing is for FO's?

JungleJett 24th May 2008 05:56

10000 QR/Month.
You are better off taking company accomodation. There have been a great improvement on company housing in the past year.
Ain Khalid is 100 times better than Musheireb....where I was staying when I first joined. We used to call it Baghdad!!

B-737 24th May 2008 06:24

But if you take the company's accomodation , how much they take from your FO salary?
You keep your 10 000 $ salary and get free accomodation?

Xaxa 24th May 2008 06:31

Salary structure should be exlained on the QR web page. You won't get your accomodation allowance. So no $10000. :\

B-737 24th May 2008 06:33

Ok so you get 36 100 QAR - 10 000 = 26 100 QAR

Xaxa 24th May 2008 06:42

Well, it depends on your fleet, seniority, roster, luck... I guess around that starting on 320, a bit more on 330 and 777 with more flying and meal allowances for longer layovers. So yes...

CEO PITA 24th May 2008 07:29

26100 = 4500 Eu he he he he

3 y to reach A330
6y for left seat

CEO PITA 24th May 2008 07:40

Dont forget for guyz jojning A320 Fleet transfere is about 3 -3,5 y to A330
and A320 roster is like HELL on earth and its done by some unreliable eccentric person !
A320 fly at night and not to forget how to land aircraft he make them fly at same day night time and its goes for 20 days .
Yea a crazy roster guy can not cope with roster so aviation expert CP A320 decided to stop flight request and off days requests and send A320 odd memo how he feel guilty but he has to do it . YOOOO MAN
means : naw you will fly only India , Africa and if you know someone ooo Stocholm,VIE ..

flycold 24th May 2008 08:07

DEF for A330? and Consecutive off?
Is there any chance for direct entry F/O for A330?
If so, what is the requirement?
Is there any consecutive off policy to visit home?

B-737 24th May 2008 08:34

How many hours approx per month do you do on 320? And on 330 and 777?
Is the 320 roster so bad? How many consecutive days off , layover...

RnR 24th May 2008 08:45

Yes they do recruit DEFO for A330 an B777.
just probably depends on your experience levels.

i do believe 330, 777 F/O's fly at least 75-80 hrs a month.
an the salary is way more than 26100 riyals,
from the one's i've spoken to at least.

off to,


Valdemort 24th May 2008 10:05

At least gasoline : 15 cents ( Euro ) :E :E :E

salamalikum2 24th May 2008 10:27

Let's not forget that Q.A. only provides apartment For F/O ,no Villa....

To clarify for you guys:
F/O salary structure(figures are in QAR/month)(3.65 qatari riyal(QAR)=1U$)
New joining F/O:
-housing:10.000 (not provided if you take company accomodation)
-Education :100% up to 50.000/family/annum
-flying allowance: 90/schedules block hour
-Days off compensation in doha(if they call you for duty): basic*1.5/30
-days off compensation outside doha : basic*0.5/30.
Annual increase 3%(only!) on the basic salary.\
-No Bonus-No profit share-No pension.
-End of service benefit: 3 weeks of you monthly basic/annum up to 5 years service, after 5 years it becomes 4 weeks of your basic..
Hope it helps..
Dont forget..inflation in doha :17% for 2008 expected+devaluation of the qatari riyal.

B-737 24th May 2008 12:51

So how much can earn a 777 or 330 FO?

Homo Ludens 25th May 2008 17:38

Up to 42-43 000 QAR, housing including.
That's almost 7500 EUR.

qatari001 25th May 2008 20:55

B777 FOs get the best salary I think, as they get paid for the full block time in long haul flights like washington but they log only 75% (correct me if I m wrong) and actually have 50% rest every leg.

On A330, in some busy months you can make good money as well, up to 45 000/46 000 QR , specially if you get some paid days off.(almost 1000QR/per day for an FO). But off course you can always say NO to work on a day off.

On the other hand, A320 and A300 guys get as much duty as 330/777, if not more! but get paid less, due to long ground times on 320 for short sectors like dxb/bah/kwi...etc, and many deadheading flights on A300, which of course are no paid!

Happy Landings

747fanatic 26th May 2008 08:25

Whats the Take home for a T7 Captain. Base + Flying Allowance?

P.Clostermann 26th May 2008 19:25

What the hell...
Did any of you guys follow the "money is opiate for the people" thread at EK?????

We are talking abou 40000-55000QR salaries. Correct?

The boys at EK just got their May payslips....

39000 - 64000 USD!!!!!

Thats 4.3 times more than us!

OK, they received a profit share in this salary. Fair enough!

But it makes me wonder what the F#+# I am doing here!

AAB...wake up! You are so FAR behind EK its impossible to catch up!


CEO PITA 27th May 2008 06:52

YOOO MAN $$$$$ i like it ! Resignation from QR . bye bye mr Milton and R.H !

salamalikum2 28th May 2008 10:30

They(EK) known how to motivate a little bit the crew:D.... i wish Q.A could copy Ek ..as well.. for that!!

khaneeth 30th May 2008 20:02

koss ommak, if you dont know don't shit.....ha..ha..ha

khaneeth 30th May 2008 20:08

Breaking News
Can someone please explain to me that if QR changes the pay date structure, What happened to the 5 days that we lost due to this pay change? We didnt really lose it ...it just went into the stock market to guarantee our future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

salamalikum2 31st May 2008 02:34

Kool down Khaneeth!

we didn't lost anything..!(we loose enough already with infaltion,and devaluation of the local currency!)
To adapt to the new "system" for May salary they calculated the allowance from 16 april till 10 of May.
So now From june they will calculated the allowance from 11 of may till 10 of june and so and so..it's written black and white on your message box on Aims.
So We don't loose any day of allowance.
But i guess most of the people were expected another kind of change in the salary....:ugh:

CEO PITA 31st May 2008 10:18

QR changes
Its like chain : you change people and salary will change as well .
As long as we can bring CT from small airline (smaller then Amiri ) from UK becouse the passport match to UK,India,Pakistan,Sri Lanka all this great places and we have small man with big nose and we have R.H in post NO salary increase .
Before with Qatari management we use to get increament every year but naw NO NO we can hire Dash 8 captian and ATR captian on 330 so why should we pay more . Its easy bring more new pilost they all are happy first 6 monaths and then smell start to come from a foot "you look down and realize it " i step in to SH....T !

Londonlads 31st May 2008 12:22

Ceo Pita. Miserable as you seem to be at QR, why not be polite enough to resign and give someone else your job?

CEO PITA 1st Jun 2008 02:29

O really why should i resing ? Soon QR will face souch shortage of staff (cockpit crew and cabin crew ) that litle small man will have to open his pocket and put his hand deep inside and pay us more to get more people in QR becouse as for naw we only get F/o s which already failed in EK or EY and cabin crew we get only to give them experiance and after 2-3 y they are gone to EK,EY,Korean Air ......!
Am in QR 7 y naw and every time there is shortage of crew there is no shortage of money after a while.
So i dont want to leave but i want more $$$$$$$ ! Thats why we are all here in ME .

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