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dupont3700 8th Dec 2003 15:10

QR [email protected] TV
I really wonder if anyone has ever thought of writing BBC or CNN to inform them how everything works at QR??? I don't think they would still show the commercial. It's about time that the bouncer and his snake get their @$$e$ kicked.


doha 9th Dec 2003 11:14

it is good
the add and the company is good
all the pax happy and they like to fly with us, any way
by the books of managing ..check them all if u want..
the ceo is very good rgarding the company situation, pepole are un happy because of the salary or the life style in doha which is good for family only is an other case
if u know a bit about managing , u will agree, stuff pr..s
is another and small case ,can be solve any time ,

dupont3700 9th Dec 2003 12:38

pax happy, ok but crew?
why do this many people the airline then? because they're tired as hell of that little monkey in his beemer and his snake.

Bang 16th Dec 2003 12:27

Dont talk bull$hit. how much do you get paid to write good about QR?
Come off it, face the facts !!!!!

ayomide 16th Dec 2003 20:49

Bang, if you are working with QR and don't like it, just leave. Nobody is asking you to stay.

Tongchai 17th Dec 2003 00:20

Why i can read only negative things about QR on this forum?
I was working with QR during 2 1/2y in the Cabin crew Dep and was very happy over there . (i left them for personal reasons) Each airline has a few bad apples in their basket....and unfortunatly only them are writing down their comments here .
I can tell you that the crew over there is treated like in each other airline in the world. Concerning the people who have doubts about the CEO s management skills......can they do it better??????????? Don t forget that QR is a premium international recognised airline...and that only after a few years of existence.
So..it s more then time that the positive minded people about QR are also posting their comments here.:)

Tongchai 17th Dec 2003 02:06

........and by the way...Mr Dupont......what do you know about QR????? you have been there only for a few weeks.... :rolleyes:

krotch 17th Dec 2003 04:08

I was called for an interview for the F/O A320 position about 4 days ago. They assigned me an interview date and then asked to send them a copy of my license. I did that about 2 days ago and then I get an email last night that " they regret to inform me that I will not be interview because I do not have an A320 type rating". I looked at the Minimum requirements for that position on their wed page and I meet and exceed the minimums.
personally I think that a little unprofessional. Hey just my opinion though.


homesick rae 17th Dec 2003 04:49

Krotch, sorry to hear about that. That is very unprofessional.

Tongchai, don't know when you were there, but obviously not the same time as I! Or maybe it was a different airline!

The company I work for at the moment, the CEO is a gentleman. He is tough, but treats all his staff very well...oh and I report directly to him so I have a fair insight into the day to day business.

Dupont left QR as I am led to believe, as have many, many crew...

AAB has done some nice things for the airline...but his treatment of his staff and man management skills leave a lot to be desired!

Glad you enjoyed it Tongchai...so did I as far as my colleagues and place is concerned, but I was and still am disgusted at the terrible way the crew are treated and the consistent infringements into their private lives.

An Ad on TV is meant to show the good side...and there is a good side...a team of hard working crew!

baboy 17th Dec 2003 07:25

Sorry to change the subject .
Just a quick question for any cabin crew at QR.
What is your average take home pay each month.
I am thinking of applying.......yes i know, some of you may think I am mad too, but it cant be anyworse than the airline I work for.( A BA Franchise).
Hope someone can help.
Happy Flying

Tongchai 17th Dec 2003 14:48

homesick rae, i was there till 6 months ago.
You know...it s not easy to manage over 50 different nationalities...and some of them really try to get the hell out of you. Everybody has to be treated in the same way . It s impossible to treat one nationality different to an other one and i can imagine that some of them are not happy with this. I only know that the crew is managed in a correct way and like in each other airline some crew has to be sanctioned because they deserve it ;)

ayomide 17th Dec 2003 20:55

baboy, the salary starts around 2 500 QRS. After a year of flying around 3 500 QRS. It also depends on your grade. Flying allowances vary depending on roster.

Bang 17th Dec 2003 21:49

Ayomide,Lets face it.

1) why are we all doing a job?
2)and why are we all writting to this forum?

two different reasons,isnt it?...your questioned answered!

ayomide 18th Dec 2003 00:26

No, my questions are not answered. You complain about QR and you don't seem to like it. I would leave tomorrow if I were you.

We are all working because we need the money, but no job is worth that effort if you are not happy with anything involved in your job except duties involved.

And to maintain the good standard and safety of QR, they don't need dismotivated people who work with them. No offence against you, just in a general perspective.

homesick rae 18th Dec 2003 01:18

Tongchai, "managed properly"

1. Means being imprisoned in your apartment.
2. Means not being allowed to enjoy an evening out without the company knowing what you were doing and where you were etc.
3. Means not being allowed to follow grievance procedures as stated in the contract.
4. Means coming home late from leave and being disciplined (rightly so) and a colleague who was later is simply told off.
5. Means being late from leave, and the company knowing about it in advance and agreeing to it, and then when that parent takes a turn for the worse you are banned from leaving Doha.
6. Means that when a CS/CSD corrects a crew member the CS/CSD gets in the S**T.
7. Means that when you are run over by a car whilst leaving OPs to get to your own car on the other side of the street because you can't park in ops, and the company have been warned about the dangers, nothing is done to facilitate the crew.
8. Means that good assessments go completely unnoticed and bad assessments are ignored therefore even the worst performers are promoted.
9. Means that 4 years experience warrants the position of Performance Supervisor!!!???
10. Means that if you are in bed resting as you have a flight late the next day and you are called at 0200 expected, when not on Standby, to operate another flight and you refuse, you get in S**T.
11. Means that if you turn up for your A320 refresher only to be told that THEY have cocked up and they will reschedule it on the BKK trip where you are meeting your father, AND they know about it!!

I could go on and on, but won't. None of the above would happen if the crew were MANAGED properly.

Oh, don't get me wrong...great hardworking crew mostly and a fun time, but I never felt myself nor my colleagues were managed properly.

And to say that this is practice worldwide!?? I have to laugh.

The company I work for now, the CEO treats everyone fairly. He is tough, but as long as the work is done he is cool. He does not terrorise the staff and he supports them and his managers at all costs. He does not stick his nose into anyone's private life and let's his managers manage! I report directly to him and have had nothing but encouragement and good feeling from him. This is evident when you see a happy team at work.

Bagshaw Crusher 18th Dec 2003 04:34


Let's face it. A truely great airline is one that few would leave and the best in the industry aspire to.

This is not nor ever will be Qatar Airways.

Qatar Airways is the product of a little country with too much money providing jobs for incompetent locals- in the main.


What are you doing there? Get out. The industry is picking up and there are very professional companies recruiting.

IF Qatar Airways ever has a serious incident it will be a case study the world over. Staff abuse and the mad monkey of a CEO would feature prominently!

baboy 18th Dec 2003 06:25

Hey there ayomide.
Thanxs for your reply. You said salary was 2500 QRS/ well that works out at 350 GBP...plus allowances. What Kind of average allowances do you get per month ?. The pay sounds very low to what I get now. Do you have to pay rent and bills for your shared accommodation? Do you get many layovers a month ?
How long is the longest layover that QR do.
Sorry for all the questions, just want to have the info before I apply. Thanxs for you help.

ayomide 18th Dec 2003 10:01

Flying pay is 6 QRS per hour. At the most 160 QRS per layover. The flying pay starts when you leave the country and ends when you return. No meal allowance on layover.

In average 4 000 QRS including allowances. It various depending on your grade and number of layovers.

Accommodation is free. All bills included except phone.

The longest layover must be CMN and KUL. If based in KUL, you operate on the JKT-route for about a week. Cabin crew have layovers in BKG, CDG, CMN, DAC, FRA, LHR, KTM, MAN, MIL, MLE, MNL, MUC... I might have forgotten one or two.

DAC must be the worst layover there is, but every city is an experience.

Wador 19th Dec 2003 11:15

Could someboby tell me how much does a captain take home?
It was my understanding that you have to find your own accomodation and the expenses were yours as well???
Confused with the last post??

ayomide 19th Dec 2003 21:20

Wador, my last post was about the salary and accommodation for cabin crew.

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