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Emirates recalling redundant

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Emirates recalling redundant

Old 5th Oct 2021, 11:49
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Anyone having issues with not receiving recovery e-mails from EK careers website?
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Old 5th Oct 2021, 15:22
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i got it but looks like it was automatically sent to me.

We thank you for registering your interest.

However due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have postponed all our pilot recruitment activities.

We will review your registration details and if they match our requirements, we will notify you of the next steps when operations resume.

Thank you for your interest in a career with Emirates.
Kind regards,
Flight Operations Recruitment Team
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Old 7th Oct 2021, 01:04
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you can put food on the table by not working for EK. Other jobs are available. Maybe not flying jobs at the moment, but there are other opportunities this world has to offer than work for that lot
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Old 7th Oct 2021, 07:42
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unfortunately it’s not that easy
people in certain age have severe trouble to find other than aviation jobs and even in aviation it is a problem as the amount of applications per Job is mind blowing. You are lucky if they see your application and process it.
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Old 7th Oct 2021, 13:49
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Commuting Pilot

It really isn’t that easy. I spent the last 18 months working on my qualifications and applying for jobs, I got precisely zero interest in return. Most didn’t even bother to reply. If the choice is stacking shelves in Tesco vs sitting in the LHS of a 380, it’s a no brainier. I was happy to swallow my pride and sign on the dotted line as it’s still a pretty barren wilderness out there…
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Old 7th Oct 2021, 23:25
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"Most didn't even bother to reapply" ? 50.1 % of @1400 ? I think you might be mistaken or over estimated your guess. Each to his own . I still only know of less than 100 than have secured flying jobs and even some of those would go back to EK simply based on economics regardless of the reduced contract .
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Old 8th Oct 2021, 04:35
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While I think quite a few of those who were fired on the 380 might get their jobs back, be it back at seniority 0, I think for all of those from round 1 there is little to no hope…
So anyone from round 1, especially guys like Fired600 : You were fired in the first round for a reason, a reason we all know namely health, an injury or sickness or you were very close to retirement. They will never ever call you back…Don’t waste your time…If you work here long enough and you also keep an eye on foreign press regularly you should know how this place works…you are worth less than a number to them…

I did move on a while back and will never let these xxxx in the BS castle run my life again no matter what the pay would be…
There are a lot of jobs opening up…watch what happens the next 12 months….
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Old 8th Oct 2021, 11:14
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Another 12 months means , for some,@3years no work . A tad long . Being asked back may be the easiest and cheapest way to gain currency. Ignore the BS that comes with Dubai /EK and position oneself for better opportunities. "Back in the game" ,you might say.
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Old 9th Oct 2021, 07:44
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I agree with you......it's just seems some here get quite upset when you are not out to live their agenda. I am here because it suits me and it is too bad if it doesn't suit other people.
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Old 10th Oct 2021, 05:46
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Anyone else is in the same situation as me who attended the emirates assessment just before the pandemic but have not heard back from them?
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Old 10th Oct 2021, 20:46
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You might have big chances of having a call when training capacity allows for it, as you have no "file" whatsoever in the company. But that still stays my guess...
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Old 10th Oct 2021, 22:33
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Sorry to say, but don’t hope for a quick call. It pretty much looks like they are going throu the list of redundant (less training to do) before they are ready to go for newbies. Even thou you got a positive interview, which easily can be turned into a „you have to do it again“, there is still about 200 guys who where under probation when they got the news, and they where under training or just finished with it. I am sure they are on a list for later as well.
As the transparent communication says, the have no exact plan on the demand coming and therefore even the redundant ones pretty on hold and waiting, supplied with weekly/monthly updates. They know people are waiting for answers but, you know how it goes.
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Old 14th Oct 2021, 18:08
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Mate just been recalled for a December start. He’s ex 380
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Old 14th Oct 2021, 19:12
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IMO, they will stop call backs around about March next year and start hiring anew. The excuse will be that 2 years have lapsed since we last flew and that they will have to give full conversions anyway and that there is no advantage to hiring those they made redundant.

the fired600 have very little chance of being recalled. As somebody said earlier, there’s a reason we were the first to go.

Happy to be proven wrong but not holding my breath.
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Old 14th Oct 2021, 19:57
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that’s might be the excuse but it’s incorrect, upto 5 years you only need a revaluation of your type Rating in theUAE, so it would only need a Short course until than. But it’s EK perfide way of looking into things to be again very pro employee. To all newbies who want so desperately join EK - you have no clue what you are getting into.
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Old 15th Oct 2021, 14:03
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Just wanted some input. Im a FO for a major legacy carrier in the US. Good qol for the most part, pay and days off. Long time ago before i started fly ing my dream was to fly for emirates. Would you guys consider emirates if in my postition?
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Old 15th Oct 2021, 14:27
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I could give you a real answer, but after seeing your previous messages in PPRuNe I just realised you're messing around . I'd rather get the popcorn and watch the show...
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Old 15th Oct 2021, 16:10
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Team flyer, considering what a lot of guys are going through I would call your post disrespectful. Grow up .
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Old 15th Oct 2021, 17:25
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No I'm serious. My previous posts? its been a while since i last posted on here. I get the vibe that most say no, but emirates was the one that got me into aviation in the first place (first airline I've been on). Thankful i have had a good career thus far
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Old 15th Oct 2021, 17:57
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