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Worst Place to work (Middle East)

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Worst Place to work (Middle East)

Old 7th Feb 2021, 14:59
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Worst Place to work (Middle East)


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Old 8th Feb 2021, 02:33
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It didn't take a survey to figure that one out!
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Old 8th Feb 2021, 08:03
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Wizzair is coming to the rescue...
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Old 8th Feb 2021, 08:07
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Fake news. ME3 is plus plus number 1. More cabin crews layoffs taking place since last week, won’t be surprised with more layoffs aside from QR “official” announcement with the other 2.
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Old 9th Mar 2021, 09:14
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CC in QR are signing new revised contracts, I’m sure same will follow for FDC & Aircraft Engineers as well.
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Old 9th Mar 2021, 14:42
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No surprise really. You are nothing more than the “hired help” and this has long been the case. You are there for a purpose and if that purpose is interrupted then you can get out or go and die in the desert.....they really don’t care! Human beings have complex requirements and that is something that they really don’t do very well at all. The thing they do very well is machinery. Shiny, brand new and attractive! Your utility is simply to efficiently keep that machinery moving. When the machinery stops being shiny.....it also leaves or goes to die in the desert!
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Old 9th Mar 2021, 15:25
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They don’t do anything except buying expertise abroad - these countries are incapable of doing anything without help - they have only a big mouth about what they achieve. But fact is if they would receive a world ban of technology they would fall back into the Stone Age tomorrow.why - because 90% of the IT experts are either westerners or from India ( and they are cheap and highly capable) - for e.g. their Mars probe - they instruments on board are from 4 us universities, they propulsion is from NASA propulsion lab and the rocket was Japanese - so what is their exact achievement except spending the money on it
Would they have these bulidings without western architects - for sure not
the pandemic has proofed what these people are thinking about the builder of their expertise beside to threat them like sh....t - their culture is somewhere back in the 1960’s when you start with human rights, sozial security and other factors. Nearly everybody who life’s their for a while has realizes what kind of human habibi is
if there would not be a reputation and a media propaganda to loose, they would dig their workers underneath the pyramid
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Old 9th Mar 2021, 21:37
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No, not really!

The products are truly first class. Massive investment into airline and airport infrastructure. It’s everything money could buy with one glaring exception. There is no heart!

They make huge investments in acquiring what they like to call “talent” (with overtones of being a participant in the adult film industry,) and then nurture a culture of being imminently fired for any transgression as suits the mood on the day. It all becomes a bit soulless after a while and that is a real shame.
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Old 11th Mar 2021, 23:24
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The ME inflight airline products are indeed first class, as GDAJB writes. Although sometimes there exists the brooding resentment that passengers experience from the cabin staff, which the staff themselves try hard to disguise. But the cabin staff are mostly not ME nationals. They are expatriate workers. With loyalties to themselves and their families at home. Being treated badly by their employers does not rest well with them.

The abiding issue is one of historic ME slave culture, which is still alive and well in many parts of the region. (Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States particularly) The airline owners treat and pay their employed "slaves" well enough that the workers generally do their jobs well. This despite them being under the ever-present threat of sudden dismissal, following which they are obliged to immediately return to their home countries. So evidently the heart of many of the workers is never there. (Except for the "special" promoted ones, low grade expat managers/the modern "slave" bosses, who exercise the orders of the airline chiefs, yet sadly are duped; these folk are equally dispensable unless they are local).A standard old-fashioned slave hierarchy in effect.

The ME airlines will nevertheless continue to thrive, as long as they have underpaid people to work for them. And one must recognise the massive numbers of passengers who are regional labour. They travel with them from their home countries of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Phillipines, and Sudan. Along with many other African, ME and Far Eastern countries.

Together, both airline and expatriate workers comprise part of a modern form of the old slave trade. It is conveniently not recognised as such .

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Old 12th Mar 2021, 03:23
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What he said ! Couldn't agree more !
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Old 13th Mar 2021, 14:50
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The previous posters nail it. The ME approach to your employ is that you will be used /exploited until you are no longer useful. And really for pilots the deal on offer was actually not that stellar. Dubai in particular is devoid of heart or soul. Money is everything apparently but it really is not. The turning a blind eye to the modern version of slavery which builds the gleaming skyscrapers continues as long as agendas and politics dictate. The shiny machinery that attracts pilots only lasts for a while until the utopia turns to dystopia.
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Old 15th Mar 2021, 01:35
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How could this be when this article says EK pilots are amongst the happiest in the world!?


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Old 15th Mar 2021, 06:58
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I am sure if you ask 200 out of the former 2200 EK airbus pilots you will get such an answer - and sure their ego has grown to a level where they believe they immortal as a pilot
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Old 15th Mar 2021, 17:09
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If the latest gossip from the wahabist goat is true, soon plenty of ex EK/EY will know for sure where is the cesspool of the sandpit...
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Old 15th Mar 2021, 17:29
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Decipher ?
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Old 7th Apr 2021, 14:25
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Regardless........still hanging on. Things will improve. But I’m an optimist.
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