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Qatar salary reductions and redundancies 😬

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Qatar salary reductions and redundancies 😬

Old 12th Aug 2021, 09:10
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Interesting, that’s changed from the other day
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Old 12th Aug 2021, 10:15
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If it helps, you have to sign in first, otherwise you will not be able submit application.
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Old 12th Aug 2021, 16:31
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I am really surprised that you didn’t even check your website before commenting. It is taking applications.

Rumour network or not, I am not in the habit of spreading fake news.

PS: they are going to need a lot of 350 and 787 pilots in the future, abundant in the region.

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Old 13th Aug 2021, 08:59
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They need now a lot of pilots on 777 & 787 apparently.
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Old 13th Aug 2021, 08:59
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I'm sorry but "F" for Emirates ...
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Old 14th Aug 2021, 11:11
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Monkey Brains

Then why don't they call redundant "drivers" according to their seniority and reinstate them on everybody else's payscale? Let's not forget that according to the BS they were given during the farewell meeting there was nothing wrong with them, not their fault, it was just the COVID situation. They must have wondered then why on earth the redundancy was not conducted based on seniority. As many have pointed out there must have been undisclosed reasons, let me recap some and add a few:
- They had a letter
- Performance reasons
- They pissed the wrong person by being an arse,
- They pissed the wrong department by trying to defend their rights, asking unwelcome questions or raising unspeakable issues.
- They did not answer the phone on OFF days or refused to fly on such days.

​​​​1, 2 & 3 are in my view the only legit but GG the Great Goat should have been more transparent about its fire&hire policy.
Good luck to all the hunger game players, specially those on the receiving end. I guess the motto is "they give me the dough and I knead it"

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Old 16th Aug 2021, 04:17
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QR will start twice daily services to Kabul with a crew layover! Wouldn't want the aircraft to spend too long there. Crew tho ...pffft - expendable
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Old 16th Aug 2021, 06:52
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Guys, anyone has any news about rejoiners recently?
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Old 16th Aug 2021, 08:47
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Yes. They’re the ones being scheduled for the Kabul layovers with great R n R opportunities 😉
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Old 16th Aug 2021, 15:12
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I don't think Kabul is going to be a layover. Also, the people who are in Kabul now in my opinion are friends with the Qr government so it will be fine when they see a QR airplane
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Old 16th Aug 2021, 15:14
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its all about the money. ant1 I agree with you but I also know rejoiners with 'a letter' who got back, not a final warning one. So as you said it is all about if you pissed the wrong person before
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Old 17th Aug 2021, 08:15
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Dear Friend, we are delighted to start the new campaign "WE WILL NEVER FORGET ".

The campaign consists of helping our dearest pilots bringing the light of real facts encountered during the journey of past years to date.

It's an inclusive and real timeline of events that have been affecting our lives, lowering our personal and professional lives.

If you see any lie in this context, please, don't contribute and delete it.

If you believe everything written below is real, consistent, and has diminished your dignity, financial wealth, lifestyle, family relationship, working environment, please we encourage you to add real facts based on dates e-mails crew notices, or reliable common sense facts to our list.

We also suggest you improve awareness of potential new joiners about challenges encountered or even recalling memories of redundant old friends how much pain and disgrace they had suffered from unprepared people in charge for years till their freedom.


Sincerely your friend,
## 2018 ##

Few days before the new fiscal year, the company changed OVERTIME payment, pilots who flew under overtime conditions didn't get the proper payment.

Introduction of Fake EASA Flight Time Regulation.
- Removal definition of "day off"
- Removal ULR flights, only AKL, so no Days OFF.

Pilot Personal Logbook must be in company desire, correct hours are not logged as per EASA Regulation

## 2019 ##

# June

Downgrade from Allianz to Alkoot including now co-payment 10% or 20% for some hospitals in Qatar/Abroad.

##2020 ##

First Semester

" Fly more, I'm in home office " meanwhile pilots are flying abroad exposing their families ( babies, health problem relatives) without any option or being asked if agree to fly in this condition.

"If you wish, we don't care, face mask are not allowed" until they change the concept.

# March

" In order to maintain business Integrity...company will assign balance annual leave...to pilots from April.
We are confident that you will understand ...this decision.."

No days off after ULR flights, company is using LEAVE balance to give legal rest.

Company started removing days off, from the published roster extending duties out of the home base and home base without pilot agreement.

No payment during rest time while duty ( Bunk Time) although you are working. Doesn't matter if you are suffering exposition to gamma radiation, vibration, noise, dryness, and jetlag.

(Cargo) DH on Belly Cargo is not paid just because it's a Passenger aircraft carrying cargo.

Massive Reduction of the workforce without any indicated and clear criteria.

# August

Obligation to submit the consent forms for the "Solidary Program" of 04th June 2020 till 27th August 2020.

- ONLY EXPATS PILOTS reduction of 25%
- Frozen Salary increments for 5 years
- Pilot allowances reduction of 40%
- Hourly Flying Pay reduction 25%

# September

23rd September 2020

SINGLE ENGINE TAXI "..will result in pilots placed on LOG and called to the fleet office ... if the explanation is found to be without valid reasons, a serious action will be taken AGAINST OFFENDERS INCLUDING DISMISSAL FROM THE COMPANY."

Bid System doesn't work anymore for especially for Boeing Fleet

Pilots from the same nationality will not be rostered together unless company requirements creating more instability for the BID System and Roster.
( Flag Carrier companies are in extreme danger, as they have the same nationality )

# October

New Zealand Captain committed Suicide.

E-MAIL: " Happy World Mental Health Day " a few days after.
It's a clear demonstration of a lack of respect for the individual.

Serving Economy food on Cargo flights including China turn-around.

## 2021 ##

# January

Losing Loss of License, after 6 months sick company has the right to cease your job contract as per HR policy.

# February

Wellbeing Survey, for what?

If you spent money on your TSO proved headset most probably you cannot use it anymore... they are working on it ... LOL.

Total of Redundant Pilots + Resignation

# A 320 = 110 FO/SO / 113 CP
# A 330 = 162 CP / 121 FO
# A 350 = 77 CP / 40 FO
# A 380 = 56 CP / 57 FO
# B 787 = 41 CP/ 59 FO
# B 777 = 107 CP / 40 FO
# B 747 = 5 CP / FO 2

# March

Leave "Enhancements" now you are obligated to use 21 days leave in the next 6 months of the fiscal year.

Fired pilots, few days about to leave the country were invited to perform a physiological test to rejoining the company after the stress of losing the job and relocate the family.
Some of them failed and most probably do you know the reason! Would you be mentally prepared?

# April

777 pilots with balance Leave from the previous fiscal year (2020) were forced to do not take it, no chance to complain.

" In recognition of your commitment and dedication to support airline.... we will be credit your April salary..." but you don't have chance to see your family outside, keep working... we pay less you work more, great deal!”

NO answer from Company, guys are paying from their own pocket waiting in Qatar to rejoin the company.

If you weren't considered an offender, your RETI fuel was burned for the non-sense flight over Qatar (fully vaccinated people from Doha to Doha), check Instagram..

Pilots are exhausted working more than 100h month, LEAVE from May and June were canceled!!!


No payment during rest time while duty ( Bunk Time)
(Cargo) DH on Belly Cargo are not paid
Pilot allowances reduction of 40%
Hourly Flying Pay reduction 25%

STILL " some redundant pilots " are waiting in Qatar paying expenses from their own pocket to be maybe able to rejoin the company.

777 Pilots although forced to have fiscal year leave in next 6 months, leaves from MAY and JUN has been sacked “ We understand that this maybe disappointing news and that you may have already made personal arrangements”

Company is not publishing the roster as per approved QCAA – PART A.
Great summary,
A few additions :
- Forcing leaves the way they did (1 week every month) is illegal according to Qatar labor regulations. Splitting leaves in more than 2 period is not allowed.
- Paying the leaves is allowed only in case of separation.
- Leaves can be carried forward following a written request by the employee.
- Unused leaves due to operational constraints should be carried forward as per HR Policy.
So the way they force the leaves then refuse to carry forward and pay is a gross and patent violation of Qatar labor law and company HR Policy.
During the pandemic, and still now, the hotels we’re sent to are not adequate according to OM A (Should have at least 24/7 availability of meals), again a violation there.
I will also mention the fatigue survey that can still be found in Aerodoc, where they acknowledge that 93% of the pilots are scared to report fatigue.
Finally I will mention the china turnarounds which are above the maximum ULR FDP and requires special permission from QCAA. Put that next to the fact that many European airlines are still flying to China but are planning a layover in Korea/Japan/Turkmenistan/Kyrgyzstan… to make the flight legal.

Amazing job ! You are the man ! May I please suggest to add the fact that some of our colleagues were desperately begging for unpaid leave only to see their newborn and just got that reply from Flight Crew Screwing Service or Fleet Office : "not allowed, due to operational requirements"


For pilots made redundant: Not paying back the -25% solidarity payment cut for all the months between starting the solidarity program and terminating the pilot after all, falsely forcing someone to sacrifice both salary and his/her jobs. (Then why did this person participate in a solidarity program?)

add to the list, pilots not able to see their families are not getting destination requested due to the fact they are from the same nationality
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Old 17th Aug 2021, 20:08
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Amen not to forget Goff’s ( golden days are gone) and outstation days off calculated as your day off.. very senior Fo’s with their two stripes dying for upgrade ( even sfo pay scale) will leave for Wizz etc and QA changing rules blue & blue can suddenly fly together the day when Europe & Asia opens will be funny as even SA guys converting their Licence for EASA future is here
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Old 18th Aug 2021, 01:45
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And according to the latest ACN regarding the logbook time; there is a new rule coming from the Moon: whenever 3 or 4 crew operation, the B crew (or IRP) must now log the block time divided by 2 and minus 90min! Of course, only this “logged” time will be reflected on the paycheck as well.

So, on a 12hrs flight; crew B will be paid for 6h - 1h30 = 4h30!!! Another great and smart idea to make you legal in any circumstances. So all time spent in the jumpseat is gone, even if you are also responsible and will be blamed for whatever can happen.

I saw 2 rosters of my slave-colleagues with more than 180hrs block in 30 days. 350 fleet. But no problem capt, it’s legal
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Old 18th Aug 2021, 08:11
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That's what I call a five star airline. Will advise everyone I know not to use them.
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Old 18th Aug 2021, 22:51
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Dumbass nailed it. The illustrious management still regards the jump seat pilots as " integral " to the crew. The mad Greek would often say that those pilots should be MORE responsible than the operating crew! He really was a goat!

How QR are going down the rabbit hole of self destruction is sad but not surprising. Non aviators running flight ops wile the actual flight ops mgt guys are tootless pussycats whose only mission is punitive punishment to scared exhausted crew.
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Old 20th Aug 2021, 16:58
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Any ideas about the latest email from baker?
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Old 21st Aug 2021, 11:59
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Originally Posted by Dumbass863 View Post
….. Of course, only this “logged” time will be reflected on the paycheck as well.
wrong, based on what ?
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Old 22nd Aug 2021, 03:16
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Go to TOPS then click on the “$” tab. Look what happened after the 1st of August…

doh-xxx block 14h:
6h15 @78.75Qar + 7h45 @39.37Qar = 482.18 + 305.11 = 787.29Qar

Do you call it wrong? I call it robbery. Being paid the same amount of money while you’re technically responsible and blameworthy from the jumpseat than from the bunk is just not right.

Now let’s wait to see if this will come back after the 1st of September (cf. email) but I hardly doubt so. I asked 10 different people; I had 10 different interpretations because as usual; it is everything except clear. For memory, it used to be 104qar x block time. In that exemple; 1456qar so almost 50% drop. Just sayin’.
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Old 22nd Aug 2021, 20:55
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Qatar was always famous for really dumb knee jerk reactions… 2 guys from same country get into a fight, let’s prohibit all same nationalities from flying together! My favorite asinine change to procedures was when someone missed a radio call….procedures were changed that said headsets had to be used until top of climb but the intercom must be shut off above fl200. So now 2 pilots talking on noise canceling headsets, monitoring 3 freq, and can’t really communicate well amongst each other. This is better how?
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