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Qatar salary reductions and redundancies 😬

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Qatar salary reductions and redundancies 😬

Old 15th Oct 2020, 11:51
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Pilots locked outside Doha

Same Habibi has confirmed those blocked outside Qatar and just called to come back to Doha will be made redundant... Guys, get ready...
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Old 15th Oct 2020, 12:06
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Actually that’s 0.014%
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Old 15th Oct 2020, 12:46
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Presumably this is the same “Habibi” as you put it or you are part of the same group of “scaremongerers” who have said something similar about everyone who has returned so far.
Ive flown with several people who have recently returned and they have all told me that once they got back and completed their quarantine then life was very normal work wise... rostered for the required recurrent training sessions then straight back flying the line.

It makes total sense to me that in the past week or so there seems to be another group of pilots being processed to come back as the Airline is announcing more increases to its schedule. They need more pilots and the pilots who have been in Doha this whole time can’t fly 110+ hours per month forever.

If you’re on your way back to Doha please ignore
those people on here whose sole objective is to scare and worry their so called colleagues. Some of them get a sick and twisted kick out of it for some reason!
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Old 15th Oct 2020, 12:53
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This sounds brutal, so the guys are coming back to be given the boot. I definitely read somewhere recently that QR were going to expand flying.
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Old 15th Oct 2020, 13:32
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Originally Posted by expat.pilot View Post
Do not communicate on WhatsApp or you will be fired..
This sums up the whole crew regulations chapter.
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Old 15th Oct 2020, 19:47
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Time will tell... Hold your breath!
But your words sound like a manager speech, that is pretty interesting. It sounds like everyone's happy and not fatigue, especially on the 350 and 777...
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Old 16th Oct 2020, 14:02
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Fatigue survey

Fatigue survey....
Habibi told me it was requested by QRC (Qatar Airways Clinic) AMEs as there were too many cases of pilots exhausted showing up at the clinic following flights and during their class 1 renewals.
Remember what Fleet said and shut your mouth.
All the rosters are legal. Any fatigue report will be thoroughly looked at. This will be your fault, not the company fault.

Solidarity program
Habibi said thank you for your solidarity towards the Qatari staff who are not under the solidarity program. Your forced agreement makes them happy, they have recovered their salary with their yearly step increase.
The Baker is very grateful you understand you have to lose your money, work hard, this is the happyness solidarity program.
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Old 17th Oct 2020, 05:03
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You forgot to add one more thing...
" and if you don't like it, you can Foxtot Oscar back to where you cam from"

The airline has us by the balls ( figuratively speaking for the lady pilots out there) right now. BUT things will change and as a community - we wont forgot.
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Old 17th Oct 2020, 11:09
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Nah. The “community” will forget in 30 seconds. A job offer with a new type rating causes instant amnesia. Most will do anything to fly a shiny new type. And in 5 years a whole new generation will appear who won’t even know what Covid19 was.
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Old 17th Oct 2020, 11:24
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So True....There is no community amongst pilots. It's everyone for themselves. Some pilot, somewhere, will always accept whatever terms are offered.
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Old 17th Oct 2020, 12:42
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So True!!! “Community” amongst pilots is non existent. There are more than enough who’d steal from their grandma’s just to get a shiny jet type rating and the occasional brunch Instagram snap..... and who won’t hesitate to crawl over anyone or any T’s & C’s on the way. The people who run airlines know this and have exploited it in the past and will exploit it again 🤣
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Old 17th Oct 2020, 13:54
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Themeatfleet you are so right, this has been a major part of the reason for our downfall as a profession.
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Old 17th Oct 2020, 18:31
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Very depressing. No honour amongst thieves (us pilots that is). Not to mention the blood sucking airlines who will stop at nothing to screw over the profession.
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Old 19th Oct 2020, 11:38
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Captain, you are now the engineer

As it was not possible to give more rest to flight deck crew, our super Habibi management found it would be good to give them more to do.
"Pre-flight check by flight crew in Doha" ACN, or how to save few more pennies towards the Solidarity program...
Obviously, you ain't tired enough, so the FDP won't change, but please you can go earlier to the aircraft, let's be on time!
Let's make passengers fly safe,
Let's make pilots fly more...
QatarAirways, let's crash together!
I am surprise this ACN is not raising the now so traditional "you will be fired" lovely message.
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Old 19th Oct 2020, 15:32
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Thanks Mate,
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Old 20th Oct 2020, 15:58
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More redundancies

Habibi said more redundancies,
Guess what, Habibi was right...
A320 pilots fired, it is just a start.
Guys coming back to Doha, be aware.
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Old 21st Oct 2020, 09:00
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Not entirely accurate. I know 5 guys that came back and are flying the line.
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Old 21st Oct 2020, 09:04
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As I said, hold your breath. It is not because they are flying now, that they won't be made redundant.
You know how it works here! Nothing makes sense.
But, Habibi said...
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Old 21st Oct 2020, 10:14
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All T7 I suppose?
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Old 21st Oct 2020, 10:29
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Holding my breath? Why, are you? Have you seen what’s going on in our industry around the world?

Unfortunately and most regrettably redundancies are inevitable. And my close friends and colleagues who have been made redundant have my deepest sympathies. Wishing you all the best.

But coming on here and being a bearer of bad news doesn’t help anyone. You almost seem to revel in it as a poster previously mentioned.
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