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EK to Decommission 50%+ of Airbus A380, Axe 1/2 of Pilots & Cabin Crew

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

EK to Decommission 50%+ of Airbus A380, Axe 1/2 of Pilots & Cabin Crew

Old 28th Nov 2020, 01:30
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Well I have seen de facto trainers who where wrong by the book (FCoM and Lido) and still management gave a rates ass to help
And yes EK had some outstanding trainers who are dedicated and motivated to make every single one a better pilot and yes it was the management who put them into those tiny boxes where they canít move
EK wasnít the company who trained anybody - it has always been those dedicated people in the flight deck to make a better job and improve their skills and knowledge - EK never appreciated or honored that kind of dedication
EK was for sure good - but how much better could they be if they would manage differently - and funny enough as greed as they are the never aimed for more and where satisfied with only good
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Old 28th Nov 2020, 01:35
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Old 28th Nov 2020, 04:14
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Have you guys all forgotten about the ‘there is no fear in our Training Organization’ email we all got?
There were numerous line guys with good records suffering from fear/stress from hearing all the horror stories or having to perform in a box at 3am when your head didn’t know where it was from the brutal rosters...
That, with also the system where TREs were called in if they had a too high pass rate says it all I would think....
Or the story with the ‘non graded’ handling sims...need more?

During my 15 years, I saw traning getting better (when I started it was shockingly bad) to get indeed much better over time...However everyone could feel the rot setting in over the past 5 to 7 years.

There are some top trainers on board, many have left, but we all know that we didn’t want to do a less than optimal sim as that could open a can of worms....

It all starts at the top... Look at how much respect the crew get from the top....zero...well there you go...

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Old 28th Nov 2020, 08:48
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TRI/E role

I read all yor posts with interest and sadness as aviation used to be more passion and fun than trying to stay employed sort of thing.
​​I have to disagree only on one little bit of all that, which is the role and responsibilities of the instructors in relation to the pilots community morale.
As a TRE or TRI, you are the one calling the shots,that is why you run sims and stuff, company pressure will be always try to interfere, it's inevitable.
I do not think that if you,as a trainer should accept your PH Training to cross the line in what is not related to your job such as " I want you to mark the guys down a little more ", if that happens you should simply bail out and go fly the line.
Anyways,it is tough [email protected]#t however we look at it and it is not going to change for sure.
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Old 28th Nov 2020, 15:09
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Blame the training department again ,lol. Some people need to grow a pair .
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Old 28th Nov 2020, 15:35
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They don't need to grow a pair. They just happen to be aware of the functions of serious training departments in other parts of the world. And what an open and no blame culture actually means.
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Old 28th Nov 2020, 15:43
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Mate , I'm not buying it . For as long as I can remember guys blamed the training department for their individual incompetence.
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Old 28th Nov 2020, 21:37
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so for yourself It would be ok that your best buddy gets the good guy on the NAC course and yourself to maintain in the right seat because u got the incompetent idiot without any support - than your last argument is ok
its not a blaming - unfortunately it ek reality
EK training looks very fancy with to building , all that online courses with this fancy graphics and presentations - but it’s like everything in Dubai - outside nice and shine and inside

EK training mentalit is „ we through a bunch of online courses at you asking for the exams afterwards and that’s it - yet alone a 3 hour sim packed to the amount that at the end not even know what’s the topic of the year, but yes we briefed it for 2 hours
fact is that airlines with a real training mentality still stayed with a concept that the ATA chapters must be fulfilled every 3 years and not we make a catalog of 150plus possible failures of all chapters plus to cover every single flight phase - and if you made out of the deepest the only comment was I don’t understand the way of your thinking that’s why I have to fail you - than something is severely wrong in the trainers and departments attitude towards training.
and I am not saying this concept of basically giving random failures is actually the worst as long as you have descent guys who use this concept to teach you certain things - but If you run in a you quite easily end up in deep - first of it luck, secondly very unproduktiv in terms of training - and yes it leaves everybody to blame the department because we all know how much better it could have been. EK training does not exist

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Old 29th Nov 2020, 09:21
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I'd hate to see this thread degenerate into a EK training dept. bashing - I believe that topic is beyond the scope of the discussion. I am still to read arguments that support why EK pilots are not amongst the best in the industry.

In any case, I think there were some interesting contributions regarding how and when the recovery will happen and reckon it would be great to bring back the discussion to the original topic.
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Old 29th Nov 2020, 11:30
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One thing is for certain; EK is as keen and desperate as all of us redundant/unpaid leave pilots for the recovery to begin. When it does begin, EK imho, will try to lead the recovery rather than follow it and that is likely to mean that the bulk of any new job vacancies (for some time at least) will be in the Middle East. Probably on very average terms and conditions but those are the terms and conditions that the slowly recovering job market will allow. Legacy carriers in USA/EU will take pilots back off furlough and I think the freighter world will continue to be busy delivering vaccines around the world etc. But, notwithstanding all of the above, there are still going to be a lot of unemployed pilots for quite some time yet.
Old 29th Nov 2020, 14:46
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Originally Posted by aussiefarmer View Post
I am still to read arguments that support why EK pilots are not amongst the best in the industry.
If you read carefully none of us are saying that! EK pilots ARE among the best in the industry.... nothing has been said otherwise.

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Old 29th Nov 2020, 19:57
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yet alone a 3 hour sim packed
Is the EK sim session only 3 hours long?
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Old 29th Nov 2020, 21:17
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2 hour brief 3 hour Sim 45 min de brief , has been that way for a few years .
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Old 29th Nov 2020, 22:13
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Don't forget CX fired 550 Cathay Dragon Pilots and 2000 cabin crew with no prior notice, and then closed the airline.

The expat pilots dont even get an interline ticket home . A loverly touch .
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Old 30th Nov 2020, 05:37
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Originally Posted by VThokie2 View Post
In the United States if a major airline had the failure rates EK possessed the FAA would come and investigate the training department and/or recruiting department. At my current carrier I actually look forward to recurrent training because I get to brush up on my skills, see what’s being highlighted lately, ask some questions (without the resultant change at EK from a 4 to a 3 in the “knowledge” PAM) and when they ask “ya wanna do something extra” the answer is YES! That is a REAL training department, the same cannot be honestly said going into an EK recurrent!
We are truly blessed in the U.S. when it comes to training. And we've got the safety numbers to show for it compared to the numbers for the smaller amount of flying done by the rest of the world.

Sure, there will always be one or two idiots teaching in the schoolhouse but U.S. training is pretty much a low-threat scenario with a union card and the adjustment of standards to embrace non-traditional demographics. We're just a bunch of country boys and girls trying to earn a living. That pompous Sky-God stuff went out of fashion over the past three decades and was replaced by CRM and Kumbaya consensus building leadership. I can't remember hearing an American pilot (even a Deltoid ) brag about how well he or she flies the plane. Some do brag about how they got six weeks off for 120 hours of pay with conflict schedule bidding and a couple of weeks of vacation however.

I remember a QF crew bragging years ago that only half of their command course candidates made the upgrade on the first try. I was impressed (but not favorably).

Not that long ago a couple of now former EK pilots deigned to lecture me here on karma. I wish them nothing but the best in their future endeavors.

Rumor from a friend at United is that EK may be looking for 787 pilots for planes from some defunct airline. He's close to retirement but still gets frequent unsolicited emails from crewing agencies for expat jobs based on his listed type ratings.
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Old 30th Nov 2020, 06:48
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2 hour brief 3 hour Sim 45 min de brief , has been that way for a few years .
I wish our sim was that short.. We get 1:30 brief, 5 hour sim session and then a 30min debrief....
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Old 1st Dec 2020, 01:54
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THIS is how one grenades a off-topic rant.

Well done, Sir
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Old 1st Dec 2020, 02:03
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I think it's the oztranauts that always like to tell everyone else how good they are. Read some of the threads in the Fragrant Harbour forum and you'll find the CX drivers claim to be the best there is, likewise in the Oz forum the QF pilots will tell you the same.
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Old 1st Dec 2020, 21:40
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Border Openings
IATA says 4.5 billion passengers flew in 2019 from a population of 7.8 billion people. Does that mean over half the World flew last year? Of course not. (If you flew LHR to SIN to MEL return on EK, that would count as 6 flights in these stats.)

Whilst impossible to know for sure, calculated guesses work out just 7% of the Worlds population have flown. This leads to an estimation of ~550m individual people that fly a year. https://www.airspacemag.com/daily-pl...ane-180957719/

3 of the 11 vaccines in stage 3 trials have already declared success. Between just those initial 3 there are already 3.3bn doses that will be rolled out in 2021. And that's only accelerating through transfer of knoweldge. An example of which is Oxford recently licensing the technology to Thailand to set up and manufacture their own vaccine, with delivery happening within 6 months. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/t...nufacturing--2

Not to mention the other 8 vaccines in advanced stages that will also add to this number of potential doses.

So with just the initially planned 3.3 billion doses, that is already enough for 1.65 billion people. And while manufacturers have signed up to COVAX, an initiative to distribute vaccines to poor countries, the vast majority of this initial run will go to Western economies and their combined 1bn population.

Therefore I think it's realistic to expect borders to be open in 2022, and importantly the relatively few people that could afford to travel on planes in 2019, will be vaccinated and fit to fly.

Passenger Demand
Again focussing on those who are rich enough to travel, Governments are gearing up huge stimulus packages. Debt is being written off, money printed, tax delayed, loans extended and jobs protected. The travel and hospitality industry will be offering huge discounts, and incentives to recapture lost business. Everything from Airlines to Car rentals. https://simpleflying.com/ryanair-ceo...r-2020-demand/

And with a shift to tech companies and digital services, many pension funds and investments have bounced back.

Airlines reporting massive underlying demand for travel as restrictions have come and gone. https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-...stmas-12142709

Speaking of which, do you think Emirates and Dubai will cautiously sit and watch Qatar ramp up and take all the traffic through Doha? Or Singapore/Cathay/Turkish?

I'm pretty sure flight capacity will be there. Just not profits. And capacity will take pilots.
Now Emirates has signed up to be a distributer of the vaccine over the next couple years. These flight will take away from potential passenger flights. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/11/15/emir...hallenge-.html

2021 is a write off for international travel. Initially I expected a return to flying in 2023, but 2022 is now looking like we'll see a strong recovery in demand. Business travel will take a hit for sure and be slow to recover. But I also anticipate more economy travellers wanting to fly business for that social distance and peace of mind. Crucially, I fully expect the airlines will be flying and competing in 2022, fuelled by subsidies, discounts, hotel partners and travel agent deals.

We should also recognise that unlike most carriers, a significant percentage of EK business class travel is from wealthy expats, and locals. Both groups will continue to fly.

Airlines, as always, will underestimate just how long it takes to get people back on line, and greedily try to squeeze remaining workforce as much as possible. With the 777 busy flying cargo and vaccine distribution - the only way to ramp up passenger ops in 2022 will be through recruitment or callbacks. This process will have to start within a year to have any chance of success. With the UPL guys, they only have enough to operate ~40 a380s from the 125. As an expat airline, it takes longer than usual to recruit people.

Now a question to ask yourself is: What kind of management outlook is there at Emirates? Optimistic and opportunistic - or careful and cautious?

As I said previously, if EK were smart, next year they would get a headstart on things by getting pilots back onto an UPL status to replace those called to line - process visas, medical, induction, uniform etc. Get the trainers current again and a short rejoiner course approved by GCAA.

All this to say, chin up fellas. It's coming, and the World will need your skills and experience again.
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Old 2nd Dec 2020, 06:32
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A nice, positive post and not unrealistic. Fingers crossed.

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