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EK to Decommission 50%+ of Airbus A380, Axe 1/2 of Pilots & Cabin Crew

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

EK to Decommission 50%+ of Airbus A380, Axe 1/2 of Pilots & Cabin Crew

Old 19th Sep 2020, 09:32
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the way things are going might change to multiple. oh wait thats already there but "optional" since we let you choose your own schedule........
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Old 19th Sep 2020, 11:44
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sorry I forgot that ! De -iceing what a nightmare 😂
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Old 20th Sep 2020, 05:50
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Who gives a flying ? Timmy will be gone as it becomes the next guy's problem! He has left the building just as it crumbles behind him.

KEY STATEMENT: He doesn't give a because when the company fails...and it will, it's all on AAR, or the guy who lives below his feet!
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Old 20th Sep 2020, 06:01
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I heard a rumour that TCT is staying on for another 2 years.
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Old 20th Sep 2020, 06:40
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He stays, he goes, he stays, he goes..... Doesn’t matter who fills what seat at EK. The one thing that remains consistent is the and rotten culture which you can bet will remain! A toxic, back stabbing, unsafe and destructive place filled with endless ego and gross incompetence! Remember one thing - The system at EK isn’t broken at all; it was designed the way it is!!! Sad bunch!
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Old 27th Sep 2020, 12:08
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So, what are the final numbers of pilots and crew fired?
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Old 27th Sep 2020, 13:29
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Final? Who says itís over
Also they were made redundant not fired. Itís a subtle difference.
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Old 27th Sep 2020, 18:47
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Originally Posted by Count of Monte Bisto View Post
So, what are the final numbers of pilots and crew fired?
I would substitute for ďlatest.Ē
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Old 5th Oct 2020, 06:17
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Pretty good overview of the economic effects to Dubaiís local economy due to the recent EK layoffs:

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Old 5th Oct 2020, 08:26
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needs a subscription to read..
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Old 5th Oct 2020, 09:06
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You can read a version of it here. It doesn't seem to be word for word, as some grammar is somewhat questionable but you should be able to understand the points made.

APK Metro - Long Buoyed by High-Flying Emirates, Dubai Now Shares Its Woes
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Old 5th Oct 2020, 16:23
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It's going to be a long time for Dubai to recover . Mo is going to have to put in a load of money for years to come to prevent Dubai totally failing . Younger pilots that did not get fired might want to look for "greener pastures " in the event that EK shuts down .
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Old 5th Oct 2020, 20:18
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As much as we wish EK to pay for their attitude it’s not going to happen - if a company with 20bnAED does not spend a dime to secure jobs and still could raise a state injection shows only that mo is willing to pay any price to avoid the face loss over having chosen the wrong people to run his business having trusted the wrong person who spread fear as a management concept rather than enthusiasm and value for what the individual contributes.
one of the richest countries has made education and healthcare to a profit business, having no sozial security net, rather than pushing the vision to get all what he needs from those are there, earning the fruits from their motivation
money is buying a lot but it does not buy the heart and soul you need to push things forward and we can see by looking into Dxb in the bad occasions
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Old 6th Oct 2020, 07:19
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More letters going out at the moment apparently
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Old 6th Oct 2020, 07:42
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6 month 50% than unpaid leave and now this
2bnUSD injection from MO and nothing
STC stated in an interview he won’t touch cash reserves to overcome pandemic
u....f believable
I hope that everyone got this massage now and will turn their back on them once they need you
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Old 6th Oct 2020, 08:08
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Company is in survival mode. They have just been through another round in the office as well (unfortunately a lot of good people being made redundant but lots of ones not being touched for various reason I don't agree with.) Flights being run is not enough to keep company in the black and they must have run the numbers that they won't be flying as many A380's for next couple of years (if ever) as they thought just a month ago. I feel for our colleagues affected but I'm afraid for everyone still here and what the future will bring for the company.
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Old 6th Oct 2020, 08:21
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they are not in survival mode
9th floor believes they can predict the furture and are constantly proofen wrong
they never had a plan this is only hip shooting reactions
if they would have a proper plan the last 2 rounds would have brought things in descent shape to keep going - appently loss of face has the higher value - that’s why HH only writes and speaks up when a tiny shine of something good
we are now 8 month into that and he hasn’t spoken a word to the highest valued asset
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Old 6th Oct 2020, 09:33
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More today? I heard they are making record profits with this freight!
There are upgrade courses running again.

HR now BLAMING people for catching COVID. Unbelievable.
So it’s single pilot ops and no using the bunks otherwise we can be sent home without pay, or get a warning ...... Oh. I see. The basic COVID precautions don’t apply to pilots.

Last edited by Adam Barfy; 6th Oct 2020 at 10:56.
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Old 6th Oct 2020, 11:03
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FORGET EMIRATES, they are gone. There is no future in a company like this for anyone. They will probably be insolvent by the end of the year anyway. They did you a favour by paying you full salary for 3 months during the notice period.
what I would say, there are jobs around, be flexible, myself I got a PIC job flying corporate jet in my home country. My unemployment only lasted about 2 weeks. It’s all about you and what value you bring to a new organisation. Nobody really cares where you worked before.
also, be prepared to look at non flying jobs for the next couple of years— I did the same...
good luck
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Old 6th Oct 2020, 11:21
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You got lucky and probably got connections.
Your experience do not apply to the vast majority of us. We will not work for a long time, some of us will never fly again.
Sorry for the off topic.

I really feel for the new ones who were shown the door today.
I have no more friends in the desert now, we are all gone.
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