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EK Overseas Bases

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

EK Overseas Bases

Old 19th Aug 2016, 07:39
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I guess EK are desperate to get pilots as I met a guy who left EK said its hard work not enough dirhams
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Old 19th Aug 2016, 07:45
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New crew would be drafted onto the relavant base . It would be EKUK or something .
Would be separate company and TnCs. Historically , such bases used to attract crews from outside the airline, would not be open for direct transfer from current staff. Staff woulld normall interview, accept lower TnCs then be expected to resign their current post for the based contract.
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Old 19th Aug 2016, 09:23
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Why would you resign? The whole point here is to either work part time or be based at home, there's no need to resign, you get assigned for a specific period based on the new T&C's, for which you agree to and sign.

You want to control you life and live at home and they need to control your roster without a union butting in. If you sign up to a union you're, which is not allowed in terms of the federal law, you're out - treat it like a long layover for which you pay tax, the rest of the business happens and is controlled from HQ!!
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Old 19th Aug 2016, 09:38
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The Crew

Why would you accept less money just because you live at home?

Look around to see what widebody Captain pay is around the world. It is not going down.

Stating right from the start you would accept less pay just to be home, is not a great negotiating strategy. $450 USD/flight hour, or sterling, EURO equivalent would be a good starting point.
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Old 19th Aug 2016, 13:06
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Two options, to stay with the company you either accept less or leave, it's entirely up to the individual.

It's their choice, they can either pay market rates or not, but you have the option and experience to accept or reject!
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Old 19th Aug 2016, 16:52
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Basings have been talked about many times . Not going to happen.
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Old 19th Aug 2016, 17:52
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This has been mentioned before. What about part time work where 2 guys do 1 roster. 1 month at a time each.
They could live in company accomodation on a share basis. If needed they could share education allowance.

The negatives for the company.

2 pilots would need to be kept current with sims and line checks etc. 2 Guys would need to have medicals done. There would be double costs for insurance and staff travel.
Anything else???

Benefits to the company would be these guys could do 600 hours each in the six months of flying. That is effectively 1200 hours for a 1 year roster, an increase of 30% over a normal 1 year roster.

There would need to be some flexibility with the roster. Such as 1 guy could operate into their "base city" then the other could operate back when its time to change over.
Unfortunately I know just how inflexible the rostering can be here. They would have to change their attitude there for sure.

I really think there would be a number of guys who would take up this option if it was available.

Is there anything I am missing to make this a bad thing other than the normal cannot attitude here?

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Old 20th Aug 2016, 10:56
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Just thinking about this "reverse rostering" idea in relation to the UK HMRC Statutory Residence Tests in determining your Resident/Non Resident status for income tax. If you achieved 6 nights in UK twice a month, with your wife and children living full time in UK, this would give you 132 nights in UK per annum if you assume 11 months operating (could be more if vacation was taken in UK as well), which is well over what HMRC would allow with the two "ties" to UK (Available Accomodation and Family) if you wanted to maintain your non-resident status. Has anyone looked at this in detail, or obtained a professional opinion?


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Old 20th Aug 2016, 13:59
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If you're worrying about tax then the scheme/idea will not be for you, you should be at a stage when you've had enough and got enough, other wise stay working as an expat!

As someone mentioned, these schemes have been looked at before, but they have never been looked at in a market like we have today - it's totally different!
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Old 20th Aug 2016, 18:23
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It's funny watching you guys waste your time on this thread.

Never going to happen.
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Old 20th Aug 2016, 18:33
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It will never happen. EK will never allow unions and the UAE threatens people who take and share pics of accidents. Does not matter if Muller joins as AAR is the problem. Sadly, EK is not a nice place anymore.

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Old 20th Aug 2016, 21:19
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Am already based overseas,layovers in DXB...
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Old 21st Aug 2016, 05:31
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I solved the problem by joining a UK short-haul airline as DEC.

I pay tax, do about 500 hours per year at present and have my base of choice. Work hard in the peak summer months, and hardly work at all in the winter. My salary is a couple of grand less than a 10 year EK skipper but I'm flying almost half the hours and no night flights at present.

Worked for me, so there are SOME options out there.

Negatives are that there is no staff travel, and I have to bring my own sandwiches to work. Was willing to sacrifice that though just to be at home.
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Old 21st Aug 2016, 05:34
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Bringing your own sandwich is better than 380 crew food .. Unless you happen to walk upstairs at the right time.
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