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Well? Any news from the AAR Meeting?

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Well? Any news from the AAR Meeting?

Old 24th Mar 2016, 18:31
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Well when exactly is it available when it is showing all red? 7+ here and last 3 I placed a bid for the whole 42 and got 30. I tried two months before ad-hoc at least 5 times and it worked once...
The only way to have it fully allocated is to accept to have it all forced which kinda loses the whole idea of leave...

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Old 25th Mar 2016, 08:37
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If there is no leave issue, why did our new DSVP had to write a letter to all, stating it will try to fix the peoblem? The world doesn't revolve all around you!
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Old 25th Mar 2016, 09:55
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Last 2 years 30 days only. Jack is the only person I've ever heard make that statement. Probably knows someone in the leave dept...
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Old 26th Mar 2016, 08:05
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Jack, it sounds as though you have your leave allocated and any spare days left over are bid for in small amounts on an adhoc basis. Sounds good if that is what works for you. That technique, if if that is indeed something like what you do, does not work for me. I want two leave allocations, three weeks each, allocated at the initial and secondary phases of the bid. In all my years at EK this has never happened. Also when I do take a vacation during each of those periods, I want my contractual travel benefits, zero exceptions.
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Old 26th Mar 2016, 08:29
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Ok, without question, I agree that for us it's not great success to get promised what we should have been getting all the time anyway. But just cut HD some slack at the moment, he seems like a genuinely good guy (hope he doesn't get affected too much down the road), and is new in his role. I do believe that Fleet sees this as a victory over Resource & Planning. Let's see what happens and what's in the "package"...
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Old 26th Mar 2016, 09:15
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I was wondering about the package they were talking about in the "fleet update". Surely HD's letter can't be it. Fingers crossed for some long needed good news.
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Old 26th Mar 2016, 09:34
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EK is a company that never fails to disappoint. Their version of an enhanced package, won't be our version. Then they'll get indignant when we don't all start singing their praises.

Don't hold your breath with HD, anyone who gets to that level within a company is flawed goods IMHO.

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Old 26th Mar 2016, 11:31
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Falling for the same old carrot. Seen it all before, talk, promises, allow some time, he's a good guy, wait and see. Suckers all of us, us includes me. From now on, lets see the results, wait six months, then judge. I want results, not talk.
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Old 26th Mar 2016, 19:00
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Difference with HD as opposed to TCAS is that he didn't apply for the position. He was 'invited' for interview and congratulated the very next day for being successful. Non acceptance was not an option. JA & MM did not apply.

I'm prepared to give the guy a chance and, although will he'll be protecting his own future, he's a straight talking, no bullshit Irishman. He certainly can't be any worse than the despicable little weasel he replaced!

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Old 26th Mar 2016, 20:35
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harry, great stuff!
You get a najm for the last sentence!
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Old 26th Mar 2016, 20:50
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And a free wine cabinet to boot....
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Old 27th Mar 2016, 04:51
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Harry having met HD and known the weasel I would agree with your take on things 100%.
Nice bit of info tho
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Old 27th Mar 2016, 05:42
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I would agree.

I have not met HD but I think his time in the safety department has no doubt given him the tools on how to effectively get the best from people.

It will take a solid 6 months for someone to fit into the role and I get the feeling that he will be good for moral. I will of course be happy to be called out if I am wrong.

Cautious optimism...I remember AS in the briefing room at the temporary flight ops building asking what pilots wanted and look how he turned out. I think HD (if given the latitude) can pull the ship out of its nose dive.
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Old 27th Mar 2016, 07:11
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Well I'm not sure how much time HD has to prove his metal but he better be quick on changing the pre-flight to 90mins.

Because there is now a criminal investigation being conducted by by the Russians citing chronic fatigue as a possible cause of the FZ crash. See NYTimes today.

If there is an accident at EK and fatigue is a cause - which the vast majority of us agree is a serious issue - then people like HD will go to jail if it happens in the US.

You cannot have a kiosk on check-in that says click on the box that says YOU WILL COMPLY with the OMA - FDP starts 60 prior - while at the top of the screen it says your briefing starts in two minutes - which is 90 prior.

A prosecuting lawyer in a criminal case or plaintiffs attorney in a civil case will have very little trouble in convincing a jury that that is a culture of abuse of the regulations.

He's got very big balls if he allows that to continue.
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Old 27th Mar 2016, 09:19
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We, as operating crew realize that the 60/90 minute reporting scam is one of the money saving exercises that EK use.

The cabin crew have a 90 minute report time, but if they check in 1 minute late, 100 minutes before departure, there are offloaded and given an absent/warning!

The other duty scam is the report time down route, how many times are you on the aircraft 90 mins before STD?

Well guess what? Our standard report time is 60 minutes, and the cabin crew's is only 45 minutes! Roughly the same time as they start loading the pax, having already had a 10-15 minute brief, boarded the aircraft, checked the cleaning and catering, and then done the security checks for 10-15 minutes!

In fact, one 7day period in this April, I am rostered, officially 53 hours, and unofficially 55.5 ( claiming 30 mins extra per report)

The flights do not include an ULR, but 3 turns, one European layover, and one day ground school, which reminds me, I have to go online now to do the e-learning!

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Old 27th Mar 2016, 09:26
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This sounds like a horrendous airline to work for.

What is it with pilots these days? They have no self-respect and would fly for any carrier, even on ZERO HOUR CONTRACTS!

Whatever happened to the pilots who had a passion for flying and not just robots who press the red button after t/o and 500ft before landing?
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Old 27th Mar 2016, 09:41
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Thanks, you just busted a very professional discussion!
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Old 27th Mar 2016, 09:51
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Well my most sincerest apologies Talparc but what has become of this profession in the ME especially?

EK A388 went around 3 times at MAN yesterday due to a RaaS issue with landing distances. In the end they diverted to LHR (approximately 170.319nm) which had an extra 300m landing distance! Incredible lack of common sense but I guess their top mgmt forced them to comply!

And 3 go-arounds... whatever happened to 2 go-arounds at the same airport before diverting? Have we not learned from MANX2? What about that Pakistani pilot who took 9 attempts to land a few months ago?
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Old 27th Mar 2016, 10:24
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Nice try to stir up the nest but we are bigger boys than you think!

I have lost count of the number of times I have personally flown manually below 10,000 aal this year alone both on arrival and departure. There is a time and a place for manual flying as with any type of operation. When it's suitable then I will make the most of it.

Most of my colleagues will have no idea about the Manx 2 crash in 2011, unless you are from the UK. I fail to see how a diversion in a A380 has any correlation to an accident in a turboprop, that was due to a loss of control while performing a go around that was executed below minima.

Anyway - back to the topic in hand....
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Old 27th Mar 2016, 10:38
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How any of this discussion relates to manual flight I don't know, but if a US operator want's to make a point over pilot behaviour and manual skills, I'll just point out that the "land of the hand" suffers the most landings on wrong runways and wrong airports, and suffers the most excursions on contaminated pistes because the guys are too cowboy minded to do the calculations. Now, back on topic...
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