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Never saw this coming....

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Never saw this coming....

Old 31st Jan 2016, 11:12
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Never saw this coming....

Dear Colleague,

Manpower Planning Management has advised us that due to some late operational changes, the leave publication awards for Round 2 have been delayed.

They apologise for the inconvenience and hope to be able to publish in the next week.

Wow, didn't see that one coming......
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Old 31st Jan 2016, 11:19
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Totally out of left field.

As Orville told Wilbur "All management are Muppets".
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Old 31st Jan 2016, 11:26
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late operational changes my pink @$$

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Old 31st Jan 2016, 11:36
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Late operational changes... "Holy f#*k we don't have enough pilots for this operation!"

Classic! 😆 Special dispensation to give only 1 week leave this year!!!
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Old 31st Jan 2016, 11:48
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Shame on you!!

Really a shame to wait until 15:52 to publish that email. Did manpower figure out the problem so late?
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Old 31st Jan 2016, 12:10
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The funny part is...

"They are sorry" (planning)

Not us... (Fleet)

The blaming game is showing even in emails... 😬
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Old 31st Jan 2016, 13:12
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Nothing has change and never will...better laughing about it. Personally I don't give a *%*/, a few more months and bye bye
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Old 31st Jan 2016, 13:21
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Hey Palm,

Would make a great new thread... "How many are outta here by summer!"..

Count me in.

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Old 1st Feb 2016, 07:05
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Actively pursuing the escape plan. Looking to be gone by Ramadan.
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Old 1st Feb 2016, 07:33
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Don't miss any of the perpetual 'prepare to be disappointed' e-mails from the bouncy castle. Nothing positive communicated to the minions again; it confirms my decision to move out was correct, which has given me a life back for which I have control over - I'd strongly recommend it. Life post EK really opens one eyes for the better.

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Old 1st Feb 2016, 14:27
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From the horses mouth. Resignations averaging one pilot per day. 60% LHS. Recruitment requirement 24 a month. Getting >9 RHS
Upgrade requirements about to be drastically slashed.
FO entry requirements 1500 hrs tt.
21 A380 deliveries this year
777 can't remember.
Massive instructor shortage.
It has never been this bad ever.
I think we will actually see something drastic soon. Drastically good or bad is anyone's guess.
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Old 1st Feb 2016, 14:40
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"Upgrade requirements about to be drastically slashed"

Anyone who's in the run up to upgrade is roughly 4+ years. So 4 years ago min requirement to join was 2.5k on Jet. So roughly speaking all candidates have been qualified (6k+ total) for a while, and that runs for quite a lot of EK FOs.

Why would they cut it when realistically speaking they have MORE than enough qualified guys?? Any further info?

Rumor is they are sending out letters purely to keep those unsure to stay a little longer.....

One thing is for sure, whatever seat, things 'gotta improve to attract the, quite frankly hopelessly, optimistic recruitment targets!!
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Old 1st Feb 2016, 15:47
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If all of this is true and accurate (and I believe it is), where does the responsibility lie? What individual is responsible, who created this mess, what is his obligation to the company and finally what will be done about it? Well of course we all know who that individual is.

At one time, best job I ever had....no exceptions. Today, 180 out. Sad, really sad. But what is really sad about it, IMHO, is it didn't have to be this way. Like a bad story. One day books will be written about it, like Pan Am.
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Old 1st Feb 2016, 16:00
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Same here, thought i'd retire from this job. However, after 13 years, now exit plan in motion. Just waiting for youngest to finish school....

step 1: buy new house back home........check!
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Old 1st Feb 2016, 16:10
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Backside of the power curve

He deliberately flew EK into the backside of the power curve in terms of pilot recruitment. He climbed to new record heights. The consequential loss of speed/crew factor was great since it created wonderful short term savings. I am sure his master was pleased.
The laws of physics tell us that there is only one way out - a controlled descent to pick up speed and ultimately be saved. That would mean to give you guys some slack immediately. People are leaving for lifestyle and health reasons. Of course this would have an immediate impact on cruising altitude or in this case revenue.
So my bet is on option two. He will keep on pulling back the stick to climb to ever new record heights. I assume that not all of you will get their "full" 30 days leave. Is that noise the stick shaker?
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Old 1st Feb 2016, 17:13
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Like the post above said, there's only so much 'he' can pull back. I've always been one to say stick around and watch this space, we're either going to see a forced improvement in some shape or form, or the growth at EK will witness an extreme stunt. Either way, it's not our train set and we lose nothing!
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Old 1st Feb 2016, 17:26
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Backside of the power curve

Did you mean the drag curve?
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Old 1st Feb 2016, 17:30
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. Either way, it's not our train set and we lose nothing![/QUOTE]

200LR, what you do lose is your quality of life while these clowns find out the hard way what they could have learned in any MBA course.
Anyone who has left recently will tell you that life outside the labour camp can be beautiful.
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Old 1st Feb 2016, 18:21
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I have never felt better, my health, my mind and my energy by getting out of the pit. My wife has noticed and so have my kids.
The best decision I ever made, LEAVING EMIRATES. Try it you will not be sorry.
As been said by many pilots who left earlier the only regret was I didn't do it sooner.
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Old 1st Feb 2016, 19:00
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in freedom - talk about stating the obvious! Do you think anyone that puts on our uniform hasn't seen the decline in our QOL?! When I say we have nothing to lose, look at it this way; this isn't your national airline nor should you have anything significantly invested in it. When the sh!t hits the fan, and we've left, it's their problem not any of ours, and finger pointing can begin..wait isn't that already happening?!?!?

I lose nothing when I leave this place, whether it's in 3 months or 3 years. I'll be smiling all the way home

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