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EK - Fleet Forum, January 17th

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

EK - Fleet Forum, January 17th

Old 18th Jan 2016, 08:37
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EK - Fleet Forum, January 17th

So after months of moaning and groaning on PPRuNe about a million different issues, not a single response after the first fleet forum for the year. I was not in town on that day and so could not attend.

Anyone care to mention topics of the meeting?
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Old 18th Jan 2016, 09:19
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I'm scratching my head trying to work out why anyone would go? If you'd been in town, would you have used your time off to go?

I was conned into wasting my time filling out an employee survey last year (or maybe two years ago?) and they haven't had the decency to tell me what the results were, much less do anything about them. Absolutely zero chance I'll waste one second of my free time going to a forum.
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Old 18th Jan 2016, 16:29
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Well, you're wasting your time coming onto this site b*tching about it. It's all the same.

I'm out of DXB at the moment as well. If you don't have the balls to go in on a day off and make your voice heard(and I hardly have enough days off as well) then go ahead and keep moaning on this site... It'll change eventually. Don't worry.

I'm interested to see what was covered and how many people were there.
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Old 18th Jan 2016, 17:33
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Chipotle has a valid point. I think you should make the effort to turn up and if your questions are answered with the usual evasive non-answers, and you are met with nothing more than excuses, then i think you should silently walk out in unison. That is one way of getting your message to be understood.

Simply not turning up shows the company apathy which is exactly what they want. Good luck.
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Old 18th Jan 2016, 18:27
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So what happened? I was flying too.
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Old 18th Jan 2016, 19:49
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What the #### is a "fleet forum"? Never heard of it.

I haven't wasted my free time on one of their meetings since the time we were officially labeled "Lazy Pilots."

And by the way, Bird, we did walk out on that meeting during the second half and you-know-who got very upset and that was the last of those meetings.
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Old 18th Jan 2016, 23:12
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Most haven't been to the meeting because they know the answers
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Old 18th Jan 2016, 23:38
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There were 34 pilots in attendance (my count). Fleet had the usual power point show about how many new airplanes, how much new profit, how recruitment was finally kicking in... ???
At Q&A... Uh, excuse me, but what about pilot retention and resignations??
EK has decided their plan going forward is that by lowering flight hours and allowing TP guys, they will somehow fill the seniority list with lots of new pilots. That will then ease the pressure on our rosters (at some indeterminate point), and we will all be happy again because we don't have to fly more than 88 hrs/mo.
A few suggestions were offered regarding the roster system and swaps. EK says the system is new, will wait several months to collect "data", and review at that time.
Re. Resignations.... can't discuss that... More than we would like.
They are "hopeful" new trainees will fill void and make all good again, but never once addressed retention or #'s leaving.
My take.... There is a light at the end of the tunnel... And they have no clue that it's a freight train....
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Old 19th Jan 2016, 17:31
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I dont need to waste a rare day off to get an earful of lies, spin and propaganda. I have quietly slipped away before the last two washups and been a lot happier for both skipping their evasive briefs and for the extra half hour spent with people I like.
It doesn't matter what they say - it's the actions we see that count.
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Old 19th Jan 2016, 17:36
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Sounds a wonderful occasion, I am sad to have missed it.
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Old 20th Jan 2016, 00:22
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If I don't get paid for it I don't do it.
Wait a minute I don't get paid for sims, distant learning or leave. I'll shut up now.
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Old 20th Jan 2016, 02:34
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Actually you do. It's all included in your basic. Get over it...
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Old 20th Jan 2016, 03:28
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Not really. The basic wasn't adjusted to include it when the credit for these duties was dropped. So yes they are stealing from you.
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Old 20th Jan 2016, 05:12
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What DON said. Spoke with my union rep and he promised those plus the credit for those were top on his list.
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Old 20th Jan 2016, 06:32
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Its included in my what? Since when? Im over it!
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Old 20th Jan 2016, 11:07
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We get paid for all those items now? Thanks Birdie for pointing that out but why then is my paycheck so small and where do we go to get over it?
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Old 20th Jan 2016, 14:27
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True, the credit is long gone. Great shame indeed. That doesn't mean we don't get paid for it. See it the way you want...
The lack of credit makes us work more. Different issue...

Last edited by birdieonfirst; 20th Jan 2016 at 15:01.
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Old 21st Jan 2016, 18:07
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Lame answer. End result is still the same.

Less money for same work = more work for same money.

Call it whatever the hell you want. I tired of this type of pedantry ages ago.
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Old 7th Feb 2016, 15:24
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So they've released some Q and A from the forum.
I was expecting to read quite a few on real issues. Which of our esteemed colleagues sent in questions about the bloody laundry queue being too long? Seriously? This is the biggest issue people can think of right now?
I've no doubt they are simply ignoring the hard questions, but idiots sending in stuff like this really doesn't help our case. Same as ASR's like "Flap 30 selected at 1400ft" and "Momentarily exceeded 5000fpm in descent" - and we wonder why they treat us like idiots..
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Old 7th Feb 2016, 19:19
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Not that I am planning to attend.....maybe I read the date wrong but isn't the next one scheduled for Valentines day?

Nice planning.
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