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EK attrition rate

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

EK attrition rate

Old 7th Jul 2015, 08:32
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EK attrition rate

I am well aware of why but when I checked the seniority list I noticed I have moved some 14 places within the last 5 weeks. I am within the top 500 and it doesn't normally move that much, taking account of the fact that this is most likely a group that are here for the long term.
One can only imagine what is happening further down the list. This recent movement will not have been influenced yet by the pay rise or the new rostering system
Interesting times ahead
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Old 7th Jul 2015, 09:03
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There is no recruitment and retention problem. The management says so and they never lie.

Move along, nothing to see.
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Old 7th Jul 2015, 09:32
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10 slots in 60 days. Top 10th of the list.
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Old 7th Jul 2015, 11:10
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Moved up +/- 300 spots in 12 years.
In the first 6 months of this year 141 pilots joined. Even if nobody had left, it would be well below the required nr in 6 months.
Nobody has left....or is leaving....right?
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Old 7th Jul 2015, 11:50
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short flights long nights
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Within half an hours driving radius from my house, I can visit 4 senior ex Ek Captains that have arrived home in the last 2 months. 5, if I count myself.
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Old 7th Jul 2015, 12:34
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Me too but I live in DSO ;-)
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Old 7th Jul 2015, 12:40
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I'm approx 600 above halfway and 20 have left ahead of me since 1st June ... 2015.

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Old 7th Jul 2015, 13:00
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short flights long nights
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I will pay that, Payscale.
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Old 7th Jul 2015, 18:09
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I moved up 13 numbers in 1 month and I just reached the top third of the seniority list...
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Old 7th Jul 2015, 21:26
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As was stated in wash up last week, it is the pilots' fault we are falling behind in recruitment. That is, if we all stop complaining on PPRuNe we would have no problem recruiting pilots.......I kid you not.
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Old 7th Jul 2015, 21:30
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I had the same line spouted by an office person this week.
The same person also stated that the company does not receive feedback from the pilots when surveys are run, as a result the company doesn't know what we want because we don't talk to them.

The LCC European cancer is eating its way through EK...
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Old 8th Jul 2015, 04:26
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I have gone up about 400 numbers in 4,5 years.. now its too early for me to do math Dont think its a crazy attrition rate as we all hope....

On the positive side upgrades on the fatbus are on fire with more than 3 courses per month... Even passed the 777 on how fast u get your upgrade!

Its just pure luck which fleet you are on...
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Old 8th Jul 2015, 06:05
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yep, my acronym for management is SOFF
It's always Some Other Fer's Fault
Accountability, responsibility, you are having a laugh
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Old 8th Jul 2015, 07:31
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If they think that potential new joiners are basing their entire career decision on internet forums then they're even more stupid than we thought.

The real damage will be done when people call up their friends/friends of friends to get a proper balanced view of how things are here.
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Old 8th Jul 2015, 07:34
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Rather fascinating that several in the company are spouting PPRuNe as the reason for the pilot shortage at EK. I too heard the same thing from an office staff individual.

My guess is this: They (mgt/office staff) must have been told/given word to "blame PPRuNe" as this is the 3rd or th time I've heard this. So it seems this is the latest actions by EK.

As always… it's always someone else's fault.

Are they really this blind that they can't figure out what the actual issues are for flight crew??? Good grief….

Old 8th Jul 2015, 07:52
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a 45 year old 380 captain left emirates to fly biz jets, he said he rather has a 75% pay cut than staying any longer, that shows how bad it is in emirates now
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Old 8th Jul 2015, 08:11
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short flights long nights
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If they spent less time at Costa and mote time working, they might actually work out that happy pilots are the best recruiting tool. Then they might sit down and actually work out why the pilots are unhappy.
But then, you would have to take some responsibility and have some accountability.......it's never going to happen.
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Old 8th Jul 2015, 08:17
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Thumbs down

I dont understand why anyone is surprised at their attitude! This is the way they run the company, always passing the buck and always blaming someone else for their mistakes! As long as we have this management team in place, it is never going to change.
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Old 8th Jul 2015, 08:25
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Think their problems are about to compounded with this article from Bayut.
Nothing new but shows us that a further reduction in our already limited spending power.
Any thoughts on EK raising the Salary to compensate

VAT laws to be introduced in Q3, 2015Friday, July 03, 2015VAT laws to be introduced in Q3, 2015 The United Arab Emirates is seeking to augment state revenues and in order to do so, it is trying to complete the drafting of laws introducing corporate tax along with value-added tax in the third quarter of this year.

Ministry of Finance Under-Secretary Younis Haji Al Khouri said, “The draft of the corporate tax law and the value-added tax law has been discussed with the local and federal governments.”

He added that drafting was expected to be finished within the third quarter of the current year. However, it has been reported that the authorities are still evaluating the social and economic impact of the laws.

Al Khouri declined to comment on the precise date from when the new regulations were expected to take effect. He also refused to comment on the proposed tax rates.

The introduction of corporate tax and VAT in the UAE could prove to be a major shift in policy, and politically sensitive.

In the past that VAT was unlikely to be introduced before other countries adopted it, as the competitiveness of the UAE was in danger of being hurt and there could have been a surge in smuggling across borders.

Per a ministry report, the UAE cabinet has already approved versions of the two draft bills.
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Old 8th Jul 2015, 09:48
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Until the attitude from those that matter actually changes, nothing else will change.
"Everyone wants to work at EK" is the oft trotted line that seems to resonate from those at high levels, so it must be true.
As an observation, a culture that is resistant to self criticism and honesty will find it exceptionally difficult to admit mistakes and errors of judgement. And that is the primary reason why nothing will change.

BTW, 23C here today, just got back from taking the kids fishing, beer and BBQ..hope the summer/Ramadan isn't too painful my ex EK chums
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