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EK EPC/APC change to T's & C''s

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EK EPC/APC change to T's & C''s

Old 12th Feb 2015, 11:07
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This is very disappointing from the APC indeed.

Brash, aggressive and quite frankly an extremely arrogant email.

I know that there are many volunteers who work hard for the club, but their efforts are hard to appreciate when I read emails like this. It is nothing short of the usual Dubai drivel of "don't like it, there's the door"!

...and I every time I read the "access to a privelaged life" moto.

The APC seriously need to go back to basics, what's with all the financial stuff? Provide more beach club access. Places have not increased that much in line with membership.

Funnily, I had forgotten how much I was paying into this club, now that they have highlighted it, I'm leaning towards offloading this 'privelaged' expense...

Sorry APC... you've gone too far this time
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Old 12th Feb 2015, 12:13
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Everyone should write to them and tell them what they think about the 250Dhs threat. They have really crossed the line.

When they see on Sunday that 9000 members have written in over the weekend, that should send a message to them that they are there to serve us, and there are other alternatives out there.
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Old 12th Feb 2015, 13:20
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I hope you good ol boys in the APC management are listening.... not a happy camp out here, but then again you probably wont.
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Old 12th Feb 2015, 13:21
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My response sent today. Suggest those who are as disappointed as I am with their arrogance do the same.

I have been a member of EPC for many years (see my membership# to understand how long I have supported this organization).

I am disgusted with your condescending email attempting to charge a 250 dh penalty to force members into renewing their membership in a timeframe of your choosing. This is the sort of crap I expect from Emirates but I expect better from you and will not put up with this bullshit response.

As a result I will not be renewing my EPC membership on principle after having supported you since this club's inception in 2000.

Your arrogance has destroyed this club which was set up as a club FOR EMIRATES PILOTS; not your own self-interests.

You need to seriously remember who you are working for; US and not YOURSELVES. You have obviously forgotten this.

Good luck with your future commercial endeavors in your own self-interest.

Last edited by Dune; 12th Feb 2015 at 17:07.
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Old 12th Feb 2015, 13:35
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I have always been a big supporter of EPC and like many on here have been a member for a long time....coming up 13 years in my case. The benefits are still good but I am disgusted by the email and the threat of a fine...it really does sound like an EK manager.
EPC is getting too big the membership is too wide and the benefits have not grown with the increase in numbers. Take a long hard look what you are doing guys read that email you sent out and just think about how you would react.
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Old 12th Feb 2015, 15:51
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Anybody out there with a good alternative to AETNA? My sole reason I am still with that (business)"club".
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Old 12th Feb 2015, 16:51
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Just heard from a friend of a friend of the nephew's neighbour of a committee member that the whole committee have been offered positions in HR when they manage to dismantle APC without blaming EK so all pilots finally take a platinum card.

When the club is gone EKHR can increase the fees and the company has completed the George Orwell experiment with total control over your life and makes money over it...
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Old 12th Feb 2015, 17:05
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Anybody out there with a good alternative to AETNA? My sole reason I am still with that (business)"club".
I've signed up with Baymac to get their medical coverage. I've got my membership but have yet to get the medical coverage. Plan on signing up to the medical cover in the next few weeks.
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Old 12th Feb 2015, 17:58
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I second Baymac.

Wonder if we can convince Pork to start a new club.
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Old 13th Feb 2015, 07:22
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The EPC/APC has changed out of all recognition in the 8 years+ I've been a member.
I agree that it has strayed from its original ethos of working for the EK pilot community and become a financial entity for its own betterment.

The recent change EPC-APC, happened certainly without, me as a member, being asked, as far as I'm aware.

The increase in subs is questionable as is the dated policy of kids falling off the age ladder at 16, when many are now doing A levels or their equivalent in DXB.

On reflection the whole furore of threatening fines is another example of the depersonalisation of DXB and will back fire big time IMHO.

For the number of times we use the various facilities and deals it is now a VERY expensive club.
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Old 13th Feb 2015, 07:38
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Same thing happened to me but using my new platinum card. Had just left he picking up my platinum card to go buy a new mattress I needed. Didn't even think about having it until the salesman asked if I was Emirates (was I that obvious? :-) Pulled out my shiny new platinum card and got a 2,300 Dirham discount. Figure I'm good for 5 years or so of monthly fees with it!

Old 13th Feb 2015, 14:06
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Deadline 23rd Feb for a 28 days month!

So how can APC threatens to force a 250/ Aed charge when the membership expires end of the month.
I am with you all, the committee has lost the plot.
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Old 13th Feb 2015, 15:18
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I was planning to renew, but now for the first time am putting some thought if it is worth it.

I know we are used to threatening emails within EK but from EPC .......

Not happy
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Old 14th Feb 2015, 03:49
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Why is there a late fee 5 days before the end of the month? I thought the monthly membership fee was due at the end of the month and even then I don't remember anything about a late fee in any agreement (oh wait, what agreement!?). Shocking what they have been doing and are doing to something that used to be so great.

And I second everyone who says that for all that money you don't get in anywhere anyway as all the slots are used up. Useless!

As for the name change I'm sure EK had something to do with it but I also believe its because many had highlighted the fact that perhaps the EMIRATES PILOTS club should look after their own first and not let everyone with a pilots license, ATC license, dispatch license, management contract, etc in to the club. Nothing wrong with any of the aforementioned but with such a limited number of memberships everywhere it sort of kills the whole idea doesn't it!? Especially then when - as mentioned above - we're unable to get in to any beach clubs or pool areas as the club memberships aren't kept in proportion to the membership base. But hey, with a change in name that comment goes out the window doesn't it!!! Now all of us are unable to access anything

In all my years here I have never actually heard of anyone wanting to discontinue membership...till now. Now I hear it from all over! Sad!
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Old 14th Feb 2015, 06:20
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message me the mattress vendors name thanks
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Old 14th Feb 2015, 07:31
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Me too please, message me the mattress vendors name thanks
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Old 14th Feb 2015, 07:38
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Sorry for the slight drift, but I too am interested in Baymac - it certainly looks good on spec. Could anyone with some experience - either now or in the future - please post their experiences, perhaps in a separate thread? Or if sensitive info, a pm would be appreciated.

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Old 14th Feb 2015, 12:13
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This will be just one more credit type card I don't have to carry along with driver's license, UAE ID, Liquor License, car registration, Plantinum card, Medical Benefits card. Just like Emirates...I'm out.
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Old 14th Feb 2015, 12:42
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nolimitholdem, I have had Baymac for a year and Half and It is great. I have a 2 year old girl. I have used for her in Spain and in the USA without any issues. If I could stop EK health insurance right now I would.
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Old 14th Feb 2015, 14:32
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Wouldn't it be cool to see someone start a club for EK pilots just like the original EPC?. When producing the card with pride instead of embarrassment.
Times change, same motto "If you don't like it, leave."
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