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Leave allocation 2015/6

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Leave allocation 2015/6

Old 4th Feb 2015, 17:13
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No peak leave last year. This year 42 days allocated as requested, including 12 days peak
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Old 5th Feb 2015, 03:39
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If anyone has more than two blocks of leave assigned, I am referring to that stupid 5 day blocks etc, it is illegal for an employer to do so in the UAE. Please refer to UAE labour law part 9. Write an email querying it. Probably won't help but if we don't try nothing will happen. Also the OMA states that under exceptional circumstances we will not be granted our full leave entitlement . If you have had less than 42 days more than once in 5 years once again, email asking what the term exceptional means. Also, 30 days is a UAE min, but there are 12 public holidays which we just have off or be paid for ( the very reason that we have 42 days) and also the oddness of our office colleges getting 42 and then 12 public holidays.

For those wanting to come, understand we do not get 42 days leave we get 30 with the hope of a few more. And we have little if no control when we can take them. Query this if you have an interview .
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Old 5th Feb 2015, 05:13
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Extremely disappointing.

As predicted I only got the minimum 30 days and have to carry over upwards of 30 days to 2016/2017.

Tired, I am...
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Old 5th Feb 2015, 07:20
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Is it an Airline or a Salt Mine?

They screw us for the 10 months that they have some form of control, but now it seems they're screwing us for the rest. This is not the first time this has happened to me.

I wonder how many HQ or second floor staff in the training college didn't get their leave, OR HAVE ANY ALLOCATED...yep, thought so...

As usual our T's & C's are eroded by people who are not affected by whatever stupid rule changes are made. It's pathetic.
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Old 5th Feb 2015, 08:20
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About two years ago I wrote describing a complete screwing I received in my top bid month

I camped out at JA's office waiting to speak to him to vent my frustrations

Many of you flogged me for it.

Tell me boys, isn't it time? If one pilot a day, just one, showed up to discuss these valid concerns, maybe, just maybe, we could see a little change

It's easy for fleet to dismiss our whinging here on the boards. But as a previous manager myself (in a former life), I can tell you that the daily distraction of us can have a positive effect.

I can cite numerous examples of emails from our managers who ask, "we want to hear from you!"

Time to show them. It's easy to dismiss a email. Harder still to dismiss a waiting area full of valid concerns

Just my 2 fils
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Old 5th Feb 2015, 12:30
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short flights long nights
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In around six weeks Laker, I will answer your question.
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Old 5th Feb 2015, 12:41
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Are you leaving SOPS?

You haven't mentioned it much....
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Old 5th Feb 2015, 13:53
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He wants to stay really!
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Old 5th Feb 2015, 14:02
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30 days allocated 11 month gap between leave blocks. Not a single days leave peak or non peak that was requested was given. It will make some degree of difference if those effected write to their managers.

For those who are thinking of joining... DON T.

Remember that if you come here and don't like it or find their methods unacceptable leaving is not that simple. It will mean uprooting children from school, wife changes job / resignation , another move probably relocating, plus any debt implications with the UAE ( they may not allow you to leave the country)
There are a lot of extremely unhappy people here who wish they never came, but leaving is not always an option.
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Old 5th Feb 2015, 14:38
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I left 3 1/2 years ago for the same reasons people are talking about here. I wasn't getting awarded any requested leave. I was then assigned leave in 4 day blocks while 4 days off would "mysteriously" disappear from my roster. At my exit interview with HR, I gave this as the main reason for my leaving, telling them that in my opinion they were "stealing" my leave. The HR minion looked me right in the eye and said, "We know this is a problem. There's nothing we can do about it."

Regarding the so called Labor Law, when pressed, Emirates will tell you that as a government entity, they are under no obligation to comply with UAE Labor Law.
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Old 5th Feb 2015, 14:42
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Regarding the so called Labor Law, when pressed, Emirates will tell you that as a government entity, they are under no obligation to comply with UAE Labor Law.
I have this in written. In two separate e-mails. Signed by Amanda Maxwell and Michelle Carswell, HR managers in HQ.
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Old 6th Feb 2015, 04:41
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Stealing is the correct term here.

Stealing is exactly what is happening. The reason most of you who were not on the 380 got very few days awarded, is EK will do exactly what Gillegan eluded to. You will be forced into the rest of your leave in 4 and 7 day blocks. However, you will still be flying 80-90 hours for that month. In essence EK will have given you leave without losing any productivity. If EK were able to do this for half of your vacation days, they would increase pilot productivity by 6%. This means they will have to hire 250 fewer pilots this year. As Trips is now worthless and it will be very difficult to get days off before or after your short vacation, the leave simply becomes days off not vacation. Stealing crew vacation has been going on for years at EK it has just never been this wide spread. In the US as a new hire you gets two weeks but can usually staple 3-4 days onto either side. So basically a two week vacation becomes a month worth of vacation when taken a week at a time. So 2 weeks becomes much more useful as vacation than your 42 days. I am convinced you will get a profit share check this year, but remember they are just redistributing what they taken.
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Old 6th Feb 2015, 05:15
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"Stealing is the correct term here."

Finally people are waking up....and yes its been going on for years, and yes all of the points you made are absolutely correct
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Old 6th Feb 2015, 08:12
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Regarding UAE labour law. Actually says in the OMA regarding leave....under UAE labour law. Just like when online, someone says something does not make it true, must be backed up by documents .
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Old 6th Feb 2015, 08:22
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I recall one evening at a large dinner gathering at a well known pub on SZR some 4-5 years ago… I was sitting right across from you and you said to the table, "Guys, the wheels are falling off this place".

That was 3 and a half years ago!!! How RIGHT you were!!!

I certainly thought it couldn't get much worse at that point but wow, was I wrong… Ten fold!


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