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Emirates Illuminati/Do not Fly EK Websites

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Emirates Illuminati/Do not Fly EK Websites

Old 27th Jan 2015, 03:01
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Emirates Illuminati/Do not Fly EK Websites

Hello Guys,

Newbie here, Im a 767 FO in the Land of Smiles , and with high hopes of joining EK in the near future, been doing my HW and a little concerned about the posts on this two websites .... any light that could be shone in regards to them ?
Making me doubt about my application , and if EK is the right place to continue my air chauffeuring career.
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Old 27th Jan 2015, 13:47
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You would be only the second L.O.S pilot (that I am aware of) to join EK.

I can think of many (me included) that would join a L.O.S based airline.

Think really hard about this decision

Jing jing!
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Old 27th Jan 2015, 14:01
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Leaz, the money in EK is not bad but you can consider it as danger money, loss of home life as you know it, overworked with ULR to cope with ontop of that, seriously crap management and absolutely NO consideration for you as a person. Go ahead and bring your family here, flying from Damascus might be a better option soon.


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Old 27th Jan 2015, 17:22
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May I offer a suggestion. Firstly, apply. Then, if successful, come over for the 2-3 day selection process. Bring your partner and spend another day here if possible, ideally with someone you know who lives and works here. If you pass and are offered a job, you can then base your decision on what you've seen and heard from your own first hand experience rather than that of mainly negative posts from the same posters. Having a partner in agreement can not be over emphasised! This is a big decision for you AND them.

Life is not perfect here. You will work hard and rules and regulations will be stretched to facilitate commercial operations and keep senior managers in their well paid jobs. There are no unions and morale is currently low amongst front line operational staff (pilots, engineers, cabin crew, check in staff etc). It has been on and off for the last 7 years I'd say, particularly bad within the last 18 months or so. There will be lots and lots of little niggles that may either eat away at you or you will choose to ignore. If you can ignore the incompetence, bureaucracy, backstabbing, nepotism and general racial discrimination that is evident in this Company, you'll have a good time here. Go to work, enjoy the flying, go home and spend as much time as you can with family and friends. Do not become a slave to work.

The pay is good, extensive route network, good colleagues (mostly), improving training culture and, no doubt expect to be corrected on this, pretty good staff travel. Along with Provident fund, accommodation, medical benefits and other perks, as a pilot you're pretty well looked after. I know relative senior guys in BA who are on the B747-400 who constantly complain and work almost as hard for three quarters of the salary after tax. Their pension has been steadily eroded through both Company and government policy changes. Dubai is a love it or hate it place. Again, it's what you make of it and whether you're prepared to make it your 'home'. Those that do, with family and commitments here tend to settle better and last longer than those that commute or view it as a temporary move.

Ultimately, you have to decide if it's the place for you and your circumstances. It very much depends on what you have now, what you can have and what can be offered here that will make the move significantly more worthwhile.

Don't be put off by the posts here, but do think long and hard before accepting that final offer. Good luck in your choice.

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Old 27th Jan 2015, 18:18
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Since my website is mentioned here I felt like saying a few words.

My intention was not to discourage people from working with EK. When I am asked about EK I always give the same answer as harry the cod - go and see for yourself. There is one difference though:

There will be lots and lots of little niggles that may either eat away at you or you will choose to ignore. If you can ignore the incompetence, bureaucracy, backstabbing, nepotism and general racial discrimination that is evident in this Company, you'll have a good time here.
I don't see how you can ignore if someone discriminates you, back-stabs you, doesn't give you a chance to advance in your profession or lowers the quality of your life by mismanaging the company, which reflects as constant fatigue, lack of personal life and benefits deterioration.

Maybe pilots have good packages which allow them to be happier after all. I must say that I am not familiar with this, my blog is not about pilots and, therefore it's not the relevant place for you to search the info regarding pilot's life in EK.

Good luck!
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Old 27th Jan 2015, 18:48
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Oh no she's back. Don't forget to tell us about how you never got your end of service benefit. Yawn!!!
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Old 27th Jan 2015, 18:58
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Oh no she's back. Don't forget to tell us about how you never got your end of service benefit. Yawn!!!
I won't, no worries.

On the other hand, you don't forget to tell us why you are spamming this thread with irrelevant and dumb comments?

I am resistant to any kind of bullying including yours. Keep spamming and bullying and you will be left with no balls to play with at the end of our game.

You can say that EK has taught me how to play that game.
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Old 27th Jan 2015, 19:49
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hahah! vfenext gets owned by Dragana, once again.

If you can ignore the incompetence, bureaucracy, backstabbing, nepotism and general racial discrimination that is evident in this Company, you'll have a good time here.
Yeah, just a few little "niggles".

And that's just the short list.

It is s sick system, that survives on the backs of its overworked understaffed employees. It is not sustainable in its current form. There is a growing sense of this, even in management, as they attempt to tighten the grip in knee-jerk reaction. But with the cabin crew at least, they've already hit the point of diminishing returns. Like getting behind the power curve, it will be very difficult to recover, and possibly, non-recoverable.
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Old 28th Jan 2015, 01:16
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@TheTurtle : The situation in LOS isn't as good as it seems .... lots of trouble with different companies , including JetAsia owned by the Saba Mafia.. but thats a story for another thread...

@Jack Schidt : Damascus sounds interesting LOL

@Harry The Cod : Thanks for the advice.

@Nikita81 : Your website might talk about CC but it reflects a problem of all the company, might be the same in the FlightOps dept.

@vfenext : Please go troll somewhere else , Im asking for good info, and your post brings nothing of value to my question.

@NoLimitHold'em : vfenext totally owned by Nikita81.

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Old 28th Jan 2015, 06:06
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If you have a reasonably safe job that pays the bills and you are not miserable doing what you do now, it's easy......stay away!
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Old 28th Jan 2015, 06:15
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I guess some of us are better than others at ignoring those little 'niggles' then.....eh?

As for the cabin crew issues, I guess that's one big 'niggle' the Company can no longer afford to ignore. Having the DSVP invite all to an open forum to discuss any issue they may have is certainly a first. Dates in February to be advised......watch this space!

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Old 28th Jan 2015, 06:35
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It is not actually. The Head of Engineering conducted an all engineers meeting over 20 years ago. Some non-engineers were posted at suitable point with pencil and paper to note down names of those who spoke up.

Nothing changed until Adel was appointed.
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Old 28th Jan 2015, 09:12
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Harry it is much easier for you to ignore all the little things because you came from such a crap airline.
Capt L when you get your information be sure to take into account where the poster is basing his experiences on. Harry is basing his on the crap UK holiday market. We are all now flying an international wide body operation.
The other wide body airlines in the sand pay more than Emirates and work less hours. In addition to those big items the other airlines have upgrade times considerably less than Emirates to the tune of 5-6 years less upgrade time. Look into those other airlines first before Emirates.
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Old 28th Jan 2015, 10:12
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We are all now flying an international wide body operation.
Wrong. We are flying for a ME (international widebody operation) airline. All of the ME airlines have significant downsides. Life is no better at QR or EY, just different. The manure comes from the back end of a different horse. As Harry says, it's how you deal with the niggles/massive irritants that will define your time here. This is not, nor never will be, a legacy type airline. There are opportunities and costs associated with that, and of course I want it to be better here, however my hopes for that are tempered by the reality.

Come and see for yourself and chat long to mates in the region. It's different strokes for different folks. Personally I'm ok with it, my bucket of poop is still pretty empty.
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Old 28th Jan 2015, 12:54
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CaptLeazinho (although more in response to my eternal nemesis, the Crusader from Alconguin!

I'm basing my comments on what I have now, not what I used to experience in my previous life so please ignore AC and his stuck record. This Company has never, to date, laid off pilots due to economic downturns, unlike some of our cousins from across the pond. Unions? Yep, just ask how effective they were at protecting hundreds of pilots pensions when Northwest filed for Chapter 13 although they did manage to find several hundred million for a re branding though!

Talking of which, a 12 year Delta skipper on the B777 will make around $270 per hour. I've done the maths and unless you're basing yourself in a tax exempt state such as Florida, their take home will be just lower after taxes than what I achieve here. Yes, they'll be working less but being able to achieve that figure will have taken considerably longer that the 11 years it's taken me. Then there's the issue of commuting. Don't tell me that that in itself is not tiring and an unnecessary irritant. As I've said, it either works for your circumstances or it doesn't. Command time here is variable but is in the region of 4-6 years depending on fleet so unless 'The unmentionables' offer a command 1 year BEFORE you apply, I'm confused with AC's quoted command times

What I will say though is that our neighbours down the road may still be a better option right now if you're considering the Gulf region.

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Old 28th Jan 2015, 13:41
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Emirates have taken away our ability to check loads on upcoming flights. This has greatly reduced our ability to be able to plan standby staff travel in advance. If staff travel is a big deal for you, then you should take this into consideration.
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Old 28th Jan 2015, 13:56
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CaptLeazinho - you and everyone else must really treat EK as a last resort these days. It is not the shiny castle at the end of the yellow brick road.

I am reliably informed that things will get worse before they get better. Everyones workload will increase because there has been a change of emphasis. Apparently now they are thinking it is more cost efficient to work 2 pilots to the maximum and into overtime than to employ at third pilot to reduce workload!!! Looking at February rosters this is indeed true, months ago we had flights taken away from us if we were going into overtime to save the extra payments. In February where the overtime threshold is 83 hours in 28 days a lot of people have been rostered well over 83 hours. I have seen one roster with 85+ hours in 21 days and not even minimum days off!

While you may think the extra money is a bonus, the amount of hours rostered and the restricted days off are not sustainable from a personal or family life point of view.

By all means come and have a look, but it is not a happy place to work in at the moment. We get job done in a professional manner, however very few of us would go out of our way to help the company at the moment. The lack of motivation and morale was clear to see in the recent company survey, the results of which have never been published as the were so negative.

I would recommend staying wherever you are, if you must move as a last report look at the guys up the road maybe but not EK! I'm sorry that this is so negative, I would like to recommend EK but that is not going to happen any time soon.
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Old 28th Jan 2015, 17:50
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Well I will leave it to Harry and the management lurkers that purview this site to spin a turd.
When pilots say this site has become negative with regards to Emirates I tell the SCs to point out anything that is not completely true. Yes there is a lot of negativity with regards to Emirates because guess what, the company creates the negativity.
I'm not the one who took away something on a already crappy Staff Travel website. I'm not the one who changes my contract. Believe me if I did it wouldn't look the way it does today. I didn't decide to have the company just to fly me to an Emirates destination on my Annual Leave Ticket and I'll pay and find my way the rest of the way home. I'm not the one who called the company and said "hey, fly me 92 hours a month and don't pay me for sick time or vacation time."
When you compare Emirates to a real airline Harry conviently forgets that the majors get paid 75-78 hours a month of which a substantial portion is credit time. A concept that is completely foreign to Harry. 75 vs 92 is a big difference especially with what we as Emirates pilots deal with everyday.
I am projecting that the upgrades at Emirates will be 8-10 years because I am doing simple math. We have 3750 pilots now. It will take until Emirates has 7500 pilots (minus attrition) until a new joiner will get a chance to upgrade. Again correct me if I am wrong but don't correct me if I am negative. Even by 2020 Emirates is only suppose to have 280 airplanes but of course that could change but not until ATC and DXB gets a serious infrastructure upgrade.
The airlines up the road are much better options than Emirates.
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Old 28th Jan 2015, 19:22
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Pardon me for butting in your usual spat with Harry but when have we ever not been paid for sick or vacation? I rarely am sick but when I have been signed off, on one occasion for almost 3 months, I got my full basic salary. I didn't even get a shitty letter from the CP either. As for leave, almost every year I get to use my full 42 days, some years more if I haven't used my allocation from the previous year and each year I still get the same salary. The only thing I don't get paid is my flight pay but heh, pal, guess what.....I'm not flying. As for the command issue, throughout my time here it's always been around the 3-4 years, with the A380 guys being longer around 6 max. If as many pilots leave as is constantly hinted at, that rate will remain unchanged.

So AC, before you get you knickers in a twist again, why don't you just calm down and try for once to post something factual, rather than heavily biased with raw emotion. Better still, get off PPRuNe and spend the time applying for all those US majors you so desperately aspire to work for. Some of your posts are embarrassing.

P.S How was the training college on Monday?
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Old 29th Jan 2015, 05:00
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Just for the record.....some of us have been 7 and a half years without a shot because of the 330/380 career structure. ....and counting
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