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Veuve Cliquot Video-Doing The Rounds-EK

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Veuve Cliquot Video-Doing The Rounds-EK

Old 30th Nov 2014, 12:15
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In my opinion, anyone who views that video, or anyone who wants to view the video for whatever reason, is as bad as the moron who made it public in the first place.

However idiotic the girl was who put herself in a very awkward position (no pun intended), the way that many are responding to this video, wanting to view, share etc, is very degrading, dehumanising and is far worse than the act in question itself.
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Old 30th Nov 2014, 17:25
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Just following for scientific research !
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Old 30th Nov 2014, 18:44
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Nobody here has any stones to post the link.

Which actually makes me believe they are all full of shite anyway...I mean why discuss something on a thread when the readers have ABSOLUTELY NO BLOODY IDEA WHAT THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT!!

As far as I'm concerned this never happened... MODS...PLEASE DELETE THIS TOTALLY USELESS THREAD.

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Old 30th Nov 2014, 19:08
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Some hands misuse the fact that you have to eat (and/or they're slapping you while you eat).
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Old 30th Nov 2014, 19:15
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There are no LINK, this video is being circulated via messenger apps such as Whatsapp, BBM, etc. AFAIK there's no online source of it. The best chance of getting it is to ask your crews for it next time you at work
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Old 1st Dec 2014, 00:54
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Why are you so desperate to see it?

Anyone that watches it or shares it, is just as bad as the person that first shared it!

This thread is embarrassing!
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Old 1st Dec 2014, 01:03
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Talk about throwing your toys out of the pram.
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Old 1st Dec 2014, 03:23
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Pervs perhaps!!?! Definitely a certain level of desperation it seems.
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Old 1st Dec 2014, 04:06
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Age: 49
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Modesh, Fromagio

You're missing the point. This thread is apparently about some dude who filmed girl doing "stuff" in private. If she knew the camera was involved then she should have known that there was a very good chance that the video would be shared. Do you remember the video with the girl in the red hat that made the rounds 5 years ago...she knew she was being filmed.

Who cares what the content of the film is, what I want to see is, "did she know that the act was being recorded".
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Old 1st Dec 2014, 07:03
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What difference would it make if you knew the details or not? She is gone , maybe not her fault , but you can do nothing about it and for the guy doing the filming , well, let's just hope he gets what he deserves. ( not just fired)
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Old 1st Dec 2014, 09:28
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Of course that's all you want to see Outlaw, it's got nothing to do with hard core porn at all, silly me!!
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Old 1st Dec 2014, 09:40
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There are many children that are filmed doing "stuff" and they know they are being filmed. If and when that content becomes available to the public, does it make it right to view and further dehumanise the individual because they knew they were being filmed??? Of course it doesn't.

I honestly do not believe that this girl would have done this if she knew that the drongo intended to publicise the content.
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