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EK Resignation Tips

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

EK Resignation Tips

Old 14th Mar 2019, 03:46
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Oh man. Gonna check with HR
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Old 15th Mar 2019, 05:08
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I think they can get rid of you in 30 days !
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Old 21st Mar 2019, 18:51
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Originally Posted by directimped View Post
No need, look at your employee handbook. 90 days notice for FD grades.

If you leave EK mid year, will they recover the cost of your ALT?

No idea. But now we got an SRC I am staying. Jokes. Will definitely want to use it though.
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Old 27th Mar 2019, 21:45
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Only problem with SRCs post service is its for travel FROM and to Dubai which makes them pretty useless unless you’ve booked sub load cat A prior to your LDS into DXB. You can book unlimited cat A sub load tickets prior to midnight of LDS for travel anytime in your 12 months post service.

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Old 29th Mar 2019, 06:06
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I got completely the opposite information!
Once you've left you can use SRC originating from outside Dubai. My friend did Europe-Dubai-Far East.
And CAT A are only valid for LDS plus 28 days.

I hope we're both half-correct.
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Old 29th Mar 2019, 15:01
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YP your info regrading SRC post service is incrrect!
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Old 30th Mar 2019, 14:23
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SRC Confirmed is great from US. We used our 3 firm tickets USA-DXB-OZ return. Business all the way. Missed out on using our last two SRC standbys due to our own fault in missing the deadline to book.
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Old 30th Mar 2019, 20:39
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So far in retirement flown firm business SRC tickets from North America to points east to the value of $55,000. Total cost to me $110.
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Old 2nd Jan 2020, 06:22
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HI All

Leaving in just over 2 months. A quick question or 2 regarding Credit Cards and personal Loans. I am with Emirates NBD and have a Credit card and a personal Loan. On HR Direct, under "Guarantees" Tab, I simply have 1 item entitled "Salary Transfer"

My questions:
1. Do I need to pay off both Personal Loan and CC, or just the Personal Loan?
2. If I do have to pay one or both off, does this get paid from your End of Service benefit/provident fund layout (been here 10 years, so it will be provident fund).Or, do I have to clear these in advance?
3. What methods of payment are available for final settlement from EK to the employee, and which is more advisable to take?

Thanks in advance.
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Old 8th Jan 2020, 13:43
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You don’t need to pay off all your loans in order to get everything owed to from your employer, or to be able to leave the UAE after your employment visa is cancelled. And you can keep your bank accounts open after you leave (probably ok until your UAE ID expires).

However if your account balance doesn’t clear your debt your card will be frozen until your debt is cleared. You can continue to make payments from home country and come and go from the UAE freely, provided you keep up your payments.

On your LDS your final salary transfer minus retention (around 4K AED) gets transferred into “guaranteed” account (I believe this payment also notified your bank with loan you’re leaving). Same day you can collect EOSB Cheques from EOS. B fund funds for me got transferred 2 months later into same account along with rentention funds (I selected wrong option on EOS portal, I assume/believe you can get all provident fund on your last day as a Cheque to be cashed wherever however you wish).

The notion you cannot leave UAE with debt is a myth to keep you there.
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Old 15th Jan 2020, 23:33
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Just a heads up re possible Etisalat issues on departure. We left the pit a couple years ago and it was certainly an effort but all went very well until Etisalat decided we did not close our account properly and we now owe AED2100 for charges accrued since our departure. We closed the account personally, which they acknowledge, however they said they tried to call me to verbally verify my request for closure. Did they think I was joking? The number they used was the property of EK so I, of course, gave that sim card back and therefore could not be contacted. They contacted me via email after about a year of being back home. All polite at first but that deteriorated into threatening emails. In spite of all the common sense I could throw at them I realize I could make no progress on changing their position. I advised them I would pay on return to Dubai during a visit. They wanted money sent immediately but I can't bring myself to trusting the system. Hopefully we aren't sent to jail when we arrive in Dubai. That would make no sense but we are talking about Dubai. So I can only caution that you must get receipts for everything and don't throw them away too quickly as I did. Also stand by for the supposed verbal verification call from Etisalat.....silly. I thought the UAE experience was over but I guess they weren't quite done with me. Wouldn't care at all except I have earned retirement tickets and would like to use them which involves returning to DXB usually.

Happy flying to my old EK colleagues and friends

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Old 16th Jan 2020, 01:40
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I keep getting e-mails from Etisalat for a similar amount as well. I closed my account in person, but they kept it active for a few months. When they called me to confirm the cancellation, I was advised that I had to pay a cancellation fee. I had already exceeded the minimum contract period, so I refused to pay any fee. They’ve been threatening with legal action for the last 3 years. I didn’t get arrested when I went back to Dubai, but I have to admit that I was a bit worried when it took longer than usual to check my passport.
Not sure what will happen if they ever take legal action, but so far they didn’t. I think that they are just threatening with legal action, hoping that you’ll pay eventually.
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Old 20th Jan 2020, 21:43
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retirees tickets

Gents, Am I the only one who can not acces the eksts , retiree website? I can log in but I get a blank page with a security token and not able to go to trips.

On any computer, on any browser, chrome, safari etc.

Anybody with a solution?

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Old 22nd Jan 2020, 09:31
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EK Staff Travel

Morning Tatin 1

Just checked the retiree staff travel site, and managed to log-in without trouble - using Firefox.

If you know someone still in DXB maybe ask them to contact the relevant IT department, or send an email to retiree staff travel.

I wish you luck.
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Old 12th Feb 2020, 06:49
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Thanks Gehenna,

IT says its the bank, the bank says its the website. Not able to pay outside Dubai with any credit card.
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Old 16th Feb 2020, 12:44
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Hi again Tatin1

Sorry that you are still having trouble.
Do you have the contact details for staff travel, or would like me to send them to you, so at least they may be able to point you in the right direction?
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Old 17th Feb 2020, 06:40
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Tatin - had a similar issue a few years ago. You may already have tried these, but what appeared to solve the problem for me was a) make sure your Pop-up blocker is off. If it is already off, turn it on and then off again b) make sure you don't have any active Ad-blocking software c) if you have Anti virus software, put the TRIPS URL in the 'safe site' list d) just prior to accessing the Staff Travel site, clear all cookies from the cache on your device.
I'm not sure which of these fixed the issue for me, but one or more of them certainly did and I've had no problem since. Sorry this response is late - only just saw your post.
Good luck.
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Old 9th Jun 2020, 10:19
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This thread is now unfortunately more relevant than ever. Good luck to all who received the bad news today.
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Old 9th Jun 2020, 20:26
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EK resignation tips?

Just do your job and they will take care of it for you.

TC and upper management are weak and scum for treating staff like this.

Sir Maurice Flanagan is rolling over in his grave.

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Old 10th Jun 2020, 10:13
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Hi all,
I received a job proposition to work abroad but I currently have a loan with a bank here in the UAE.
I want to accept the job and move, but I want to continue paying my monthly dues accordingly so that I can come and go to the UAE if and when needed. I have a Salary Transfer Letter active in my HR profile.
1) is it still possible to go through the resignation process with an active loan? Doesn't HR request a "no liability letter" to clear you?
2) Do I get the EOSB to myself or will it be blocked by the bank? Does the bank block your account?

If some kind soul could inform me details about al lthis I would deeply appreciate.

Best regards to all and wish you all the best to you, families and colleagues
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