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EK Resignation Tips

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

EK Resignation Tips

Old 27th Jun 2016, 15:04
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not sure R.A.T


Verification letter as describe above

Etisalat they said 3 days notice only now (I will give them 3 weeks just to be sure)

HSBC credit card balance to zero and then takes 5 working days to cancel

The quote from the freighter company was accepted immediately (I used one from the list on the portal)

Selling cars and unwanted furniture is problem since everyone is getting out of Dubai in masses......(anybody knows a different website than dubizle or any other ideas please post).

around 40days and am out

Just looking at the rosters this month it makes me go ........
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Old 27th Jun 2016, 17:55
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What's the deal on staff travel after one resigns, I'm led to believe that no further tickets can be purchased, is that correct?

When do existing tickets need to be used up by, is it 12 months after your resignation date?
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Old 28th Jun 2016, 13:37
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short flights long nights
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Just a suggestion....and things may have changed in the 15 months since I have left....but if you need to go to Etisalat, I suggest you get there at 7.30. Otherwise you will wait in a big queue.
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Old 28th Jun 2016, 15:38
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Just want to confirm something ref resignation at EK. When you resign, my understanding is that it is 90 days to your last working day. Does that include the Visa Cancellation (which I think they block out as 3 days)?

In addition, how soon after visa cancellation can you leave? If you have everything wrapped up by say a Wednesday, can you leave the next day on a repatriation ticket ?
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Old 28th Jun 2016, 20:59
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90 days do include Visa Cancellation. On your very last day you get your passport back, hand in your ID & Medical cards, and get your final settlement.

Friends have left the following day, but did find it very stressful. I left 2 days later instead, which I meant I didn't have to run around like a headless chicken.

All in all the EK side of leaving and repatriation was handled very well for me. I do suggest booking a meeting with your leaving coordinator early on. That helped me clarify a lot of questions. The same team were also readily available on phone and email.
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Old 29th Jun 2016, 17:46
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It is kinda funny that the only people in the bouncy castle who are consistently praised are the leaving team/coordinators. ��
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Old 30th Jun 2016, 10:10
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Well, they had a lot of practice lately.....
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Old 30th Jun 2016, 15:19
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Uplink - I had everything pretty much closed down, cancelled, and family and pets out of Dubai around two weeks before my last day of service. I checked out of EGHQ after a bit of queue shuffling in employee services and left the same night. Be sure to ask your coordinator for the company provided accommodation for your last few nights in Dubai, they don't readily advertise the fact that you are entitled to it.

Good luck!

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Old 7th Jul 2016, 08:56
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WRT company accommodation-

We moved from Silicon after bein g there for seven years, so the villa was due a painting. We left some picture hooks in the walls, we were not charged for the removal/filling/repaint there.

We moved to Flamingo three years ago- will we get slugged for the walls if we leave hooks up?

If so, does someone have a local handy-person who could fill/touch up cheaper than the company will slug us?
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Old 7th Jul 2016, 19:17
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I thought you were entitled to a night or 3 in a hotel before you left, such as travel lodge?
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Old 7th Jul 2016, 20:04
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When I was working in the ME I always had 2(!!) passports. My european(mainland) home country did issue that after I told them I had to work in the ME(Qatar to be precise, it was enough to show them my company ID and my QR Visa) and that my employer may keep my passport which is really inacceptable to european standard.

So, I always had a "backup" passport ready to run in worst case to the embassy and have my way out of there. Would suggest everyone still down there(why the hell is still someone down there ^^) to have the same precautions taken.
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Old 7th Jul 2016, 20:30
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How can a second passport help you leave the country? It won't contain a legal tourist visa.
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Old 8th Jul 2016, 02:09
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You get the 2 extra nights in a hotel, ONLY if you already are in Company Accommodations.
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Old 8th Jul 2016, 04:17
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Ladies and Gents, quick question. Can the company take away your assigned leave while serving your notice? Thanks!
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Old 8th Jul 2016, 12:59
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They will try. Ask to have it reinstated by emailing all the departments you can think of ( the higher the better ).
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Old 8th Jul 2016, 20:42
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BYMONEK - yes you are quite correct, but when I left last year ahead of what appears to have been a bulge in resignations, unless you knew it was an entitlement it was well screened from view. I wasn't aware of the entitlement until a fellow escapee told me.
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Old 14th Jul 2016, 19:06
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Can someone tell me where I can find the information on how much EK pays us for each Vacation Day not taken after resignation? Thanks!
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Old 14th Jul 2016, 19:09
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Basic salary, multiply by 12. Divide answer by 365, gives per day amount.
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Old 14th Jul 2016, 19:14
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Thanks Don, was expecting something more complicated and less in my favor from EK!
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Old 15th Jul 2016, 16:58
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Quick question to wine lovers. If you have build a collection over here, is it true that you won´t be allowed to take it back home due to UAE customs restrictions? It sounds a bit strange for me but somebody working on a shipping company told me this. Any info will be appreciated.
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