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'Addition' to the EK uniform

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

'Addition' to the EK uniform

Old 14th Jun 2014, 16:29
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The latest on the MANDATORY BAG RULES, including Approved Contents:

- No juice allowed in your bag.
- No putting stickers or tags on your bag.
- No writing on your bag.
- No modifying your bag by piercing it or dangling jingly jangles from it.
- You must only hang the company issued tag on your bag and let it dangle so everyone can see who's your daddy.
- You must wash your own bag at least once a week. Cabin crew have their own duties and will not be expected to wash your bag for you. Keep your bag clean.
- At sign on, IFS grooming Nazis will ask you to show them your bag to ensure it is clean and has no balls or juice in it. Please cooperate by putting your bag on the table for them to look at.
- Balls are prohibited at work and any pilot found having any balls in his bag will have them removed and put in the FDM's drawer next to the olive oil bottles.
- Take care when walking through the airport so that your bag and the FO's bag do not rub against each other. This rule does not apply in the case of A380 crew.
- Don't kick each others' bags.


- Don't let anyone else touch your bag.
- Security of your bag is your responsibility. When waiting in a hotel lobby, keep your bag on the floor between your legs.
- Don't let anyone else hold your bag for you when you visit the lavatory.
- The bag is cheap and delicate and should not be squeezed between the cockpit wall and the seat when vacating the flightdeck or it may split.

Company image - when meeting your betters in the HQ, you are expected to stand to attention, hold your bag in your left hand and shake hands with your right.
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Old 14th Jun 2014, 18:30
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Phantom Driver

Perhaps I should also mention that when Denis Healey went cap in hand to the IMF to bail out the UK the £Stg fell so I got a 25% tax free pay rise

PS As a sign of how things have changed over the years KAC always stayed in the Taj Mahal in Bombay ( as was ) Even GF stayed there in those days
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Old 14th Jun 2014, 23:24
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Is each new bag going to come stuffed with 1000 aed notes? Coz I would like my bleeding pay rise please!
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Old 16th Jun 2014, 15:26
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So that would be "No" then!
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Old 18th Jun 2014, 14:23
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I count 27 crosses on the outside plus several hundred on the inside

I'm not sure l need a business-mans carry-on hand luggage as a nav-bag.

Tis 2.5 time larger than the bag l use and that fits my hat and 'jamies!

I guess l will be able to put my laundry in their from whenever this comes into affect. Yay. Great for the first 20 minutes of (prior to) my duty period.

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Old 24th Jun 2014, 07:48
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Dear Alan

Dear Alan,

Tried your nice new bag the other day. Didn't like it. Won't be using it again.



Last edited by BLOGGSON; 24th Jun 2014 at 07:50. Reason: Typo
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Old 24th Jun 2014, 07:50
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Wot he said....
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Old 20th Jul 2014, 04:29
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Now that the use of the bag is mandatory from August 1st do we have to start writing reports on each other for not using it or can we assume we'll have to sign another piece of paper we've checked the other guy is using the correct bag? Or will we have to go to the CC briefing to get our grooming checked?
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Old 20th Jul 2014, 04:37
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The most IMPRACTICAL flight bag ever seen... In fact, it's not even a 'flight bag'... How the hell can you access the damn thing when it's stuffed between the seat and the sidewall!

Yet another well thought out waste of money
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Old 20th Jul 2014, 05:00
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Well we could get rid of it in a hurry if EVERYONE put in an ASR saying it blocks access to the emergency torch….., although they'd probably just instruct everyone to buy themselves a maglite to keep IN the bag!
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Old 20th Jul 2014, 07:05
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Good gosh. Complaining and moaning about this non event denigrates legitimate complaints we have over other issues. Grow up people. This has no real effect on anything important in our professional lives. Complaining about this makes us look like a bunch of 13 year old girls worrying about Justin Beiber.
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Old 20th Jul 2014, 07:30
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"that's funny right there" - Mater @TangoUniform
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Old 20th Jul 2014, 07:38
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Don't really give a flying phasmid about any of this but when you are dragging the thing around an airport, try to fit it in one of those frames that judges cabin bag size. My colleague tried it in two different locations on our last layover and it didn't fit. Might be an issue for those of you who like the freighter and it's associated positioning duties.
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Old 20th Jul 2014, 08:13
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The new bag's great. Fits 5 bottles of grog, easily, and on layovers such as Lagos, where one doesn't venture too far, all that is required for the layover.
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Old 20th Jul 2014, 08:20
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I wonder did they buy them from here?
Certainly not advertised as a pilot bag.

Swiss Wenger Bags
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Old 20th Jul 2014, 10:08
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I like it, enough room for my shreddies, clean shirt(s) jeans, trainers, and a few other odds and sods for the 24hr summer EU/Africa/Asia layover. No waiting for a suitcase at the rotunda anymore for me
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Old 20th Jul 2014, 13:42
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Yes but FED what do you do about your LAGs in your carry on bag - you know, toothpaste, bryllcreem, KY, etc...

Don't the nazis take it all away from you at the airport when you go anywhere near the USA?
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Old 20th Jul 2014, 14:45
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Swansafa must translate into bigot in some language.

Last edited by TransitCheck; 21st Jul 2014 at 08:45.
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Old 20th Jul 2014, 15:52
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As long as your in uniform you can carry all your liquids and jells with you. Out of uniform different story. I can't believe that a uniform shirt is a secure item. With it on anything through, with it off your just like the rest of the cattle.
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Old 21st Jul 2014, 08:47
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That was a guy I flew with back in the 90's who was a bigot. Name removed to protect the innocent.....I didn't search the EK seniority list before I posted.
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