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Which Middle East Airline has best quality of life?

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Which Middle East Airline has best quality of life?

Old 8th Dec 2012, 17:43
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Just out of curiosity what would a QR Captain make, for say 75 hrs of flight time in USD per month. Please try and include the flying allowances, layover allowances, housing and education.
Can we then compare the same to and EY 777 Captain. I mean, even ballpark figures would be ok. Just to get a fair idea. Also, is the cost of living in Doha much higher than in AUH.
Just wondering and good info too.

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Old 8th Dec 2012, 17:47
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I have heard that a large number of pilots have already left QR for that other big UAE airline - including many on the 777. For that reason, the 777 fleet is evidently short of pilots at QR. Just a prime example of how pilots will move elsewhere (once their training bond expires) if conditions are not competitive.

You would think QR would understand that by now with so many departures - but evidently NOT.

It is quite a shame because QR has a great, growing fleet, a good location (I still prefer Dubai but Doha was not too bad) and a decent overal package - it COULD be a great career airline. It has the potential - but the attrition rate among pilots suggests it is not there yet. Other regional airlines (and those in China/Asia with growing fleets) will benefit.

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Old 8th Dec 2012, 17:57
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I have found the following links for ME airlines on PPJN (a public website) - look in the ME section. The link for that other big UAE airline was not included. Not sure how accurate or up-to-date these figures are.

Qatar Airways pilot jobs, payscales and entry requirements.


Emirates pilot jobs, payscales and entry requirements.


flydubai pilot jobs, payscales and entry requirements.


Air Arabia pilot jobs, payscales and entry requirements.
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Old 8th Dec 2012, 20:15
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Don't give mana any info. I think he is management and will only use what others do in the region to try and get EK to join in the never ending downward spiral in conditions.
Nope. I just found that first 320 roster a bit too hard to believe. Two local nights in 7 days is pretty much an industry standard, but I'm not sure if it's applicable in QR? If it's not, then they can work you a lot harder than the other ME carriers.
Two local nights off doesn't sound like a lot, but if you are faced with maximum 8 days off per month and a lot of night work, they can really be of help.
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Old 9th Dec 2012, 00:10
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Thx Iver. Good info
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Old 22nd Jun 2013, 08:36
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why nobody talks about Ethihad,I recok its pretty good.
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Old 22nd Jun 2013, 08:43
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That post pretty much sums things up over there - a high standard of goodly english.

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Old 23rd Jun 2013, 10:37
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And the awareness ! Now, I wonder why no-one is talking about Etihad & , therefore, would you want to go there as a result ? Somebody, earlier, offred the advice that Gulfair on the Embraer was "the best gig" . Well, 1.5 years later, all those guys had to go walking the streets ! Yankeydoodle, same advice...........Stay where you are !
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Old 23rd Jun 2013, 13:06
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In response to SamJet, Laker and rest of the boys

Whilst a lot of the lads here have said their peace, and shockingly, almost everyone seem to be calling a spade a space!(!)!..!!..

I left Dubai during its first Gold Rush(2006)and was out by time the Klondike camps started to close. I've seen Dubai, Doha and Bahrain at its best, and worse.

For the Family Guy | Well, if your married, Dubai would make sense, sure you have schools, company sponsored villas(depending on where you stand in the food chain) easy access to shopping, activity to keep the Mrs. Busy and out and about, fun for the kids and enough watering holes to restore the ol nerves in the evening. Dubai is good as long as you refrain from the filth of the middle east; namely immigrants from 'piss-poor' countries who throng the place to make a quick buck, shaft a few credit card companies and return back to Morrocco, Egypt, Syria(or whats left of it), Yemen, Tunisa, Sudan, Iran(The wise asses who drive the most Chevy Camaro's) and Iraq(the maniacs driving the Ford Mustangs).

Dubai's nice as long as you keep to yourself and have like minded folks around. IT really isnt a place to mingle and socialize, unless you want to find your wife caught up on the "Afghan R and R" orgy scene(or if thats your thing, sure, there are loads of villa's into that).

Locals are arrogant, annoying, rude and nasty; and the cops cant be trusted in Dubai. period.

For the Single Guy | I'd put my money on Bahrain, its more expat friendly, the city's get a vibrant and respectable night life, you actually CAN meet a reasonably decent chick here unlike Dubai where she'd steel your credit card and vanish back to where she comes from!. Bahrain's been the most liberal of all the Middle East nations and the locals are extremely friendly and hospitable. I remember a story from the 1990's, when a family invited us to their joint and gave us a feast!. these were the days when cellphones were called "car-phones".

Oman in times to come "Might be the ideal place for the Family | I've flown and been around Muscat a few times, its not as lavish or "BLAH" as Dubai, but the people make up for it. the Money is good, increasingly they seem to be building up reasonable leisure spots, locals are humble, friendly and extremely possessive of expats(they feel they still owe us gratitude when he helped them during war they had in the early 70's); and importantly, Muscat/Oman is extremely safe. Not just that, it has water and is green, unlike Dubai or Bahrain for that matter.

These are based on my personal observations of having flown a lot around the ME; whilst opinions differ, Muscat night be a nice place to come into in next few years.

All the best mate!
Old 23rd Jun 2013, 17:22
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how does AUH compare?
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Old 23rd Jun 2013, 19:45
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THe *Censored" Airline

AUH was before my time, so cant say that i know about them that much.

On this forum, the "HAD" and "HAD-NOT-HAD-HADH" are words that strictly are forbidden, by Royal Decree, unless you want to die the death of a thousand cuts or be lashed in Public.

Something like using the "N" word in Africa, the "C" word in China or the "H" word in a southern state in the U.S.

THe sheer fact that someone suckered the "dim-wit" arab into sponsoring Manchester City itself says a lot.

Though, i must admit, M-City is doing rather well, arent they?.
Old 24th Jun 2013, 02:17
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Wait, why would you leave an employed job as a A320 pilot in the USA to fly in the Middle East? JetBlue/Virgin/Spirit/Frontier/legacy even as FO you can hit six figures in just a couple years. I would leave a regional to go to the ME, but no way would I leave a LCC/Legacy (unless furloughed) for the ME.

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Old 24th Jun 2013, 08:56
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nail-on-the-head flyer
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Old 24th Jun 2013, 13:20
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Muscat night be a nice place to come into in next few years.
Agree on that. Provided there will be jobs.
Great city. Down to Earth locals with a great sense of humor.
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Old 24th Jun 2013, 13:58
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In Muscat ( Oman) locals have to work (like in the normal world)and you can find them working everywhere ( shops, hotels, taxi drivers,... contrary to some others countries in the gulf .
You feel the difference immediatly in the mentality,they don't self proclamed themself VVIP people simply because they are locals unlike some other countries around.

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Old 24th Jun 2013, 17:28
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Flyer: Because some people may want to fly international for the adventure, upgrade on wide body in 2-3 years, make tax free (up to $97k) six figures plus housing stipend, and not fly 3-5 legs per day around the US. Now I'm single with no family so I have a different perspective than the family guys...it's all about how you view the opportunities and what your goals are, whether ME or LCC in the states. Good luck to those facing the decision!
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Old 26th Jun 2013, 09:54
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Oman @ LOC 22550 and Mach five point Five

Muscat i'm sure would do well. And fully agree with LOC2250.

Being an expat and i'm sure a lot of ladies and germs here would agree, any region where the local population exceeds the expat colony would obviously be a nice place, and Muscat does truely fall in that category.

Yup, apart from the locals practically runing everytihng, right frmo taxi's to the post office, the 7-11 stores and the souks, they have a different sense of respect for someone outta town.

It is one hellvoa relief not seeing that many Filipono's, Indian's pakistani's and bangladeshi's weave their way into the lower tier 'worker-bracket', although i'd firmly like to state that i have nothing against Filipono's, Indian's pakistani's and bangladeshi's and i respect their contribution to what they do to keep our cities running, not having them around in Muscat that much does give the place a sense of being "NORMAL".

I'm not sure if anyone here had any interaction with Omani pilots, atleast with my experience of chatting up with them, they do come across as extremely conducive and i've sensed a lot of 'mutual-professional' respect from them.

Although being an expat and flown in a few places where the local pilots gang up on the expats, especially with the "They get paid more than we do" and the "..THrow the expats out"... retort, i've rarely seen that come from Oman.

THere's a lot of Ag Aviation or crop dusting in Oman so yeah, it does feel normal when your flying in that region, kinda reminds you of home when you hear some sense of reality as opposed to everything being 'plasticky and window-dressed' on the Radio.

Oman air does have some interesting growth plans so flagging that airline for the future might make sense.
Old 26th Jun 2013, 22:15
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No longer live and work in middle east but lived there - Dubai, Kingdom, Oman in 1980,s and would say Oman and its people were, and still are the best place to live in those parts. Only have to travel in ME for short stays now, and would say Dubai is like teenager on speed, everything wanted Now with little planning. The Kingdom is er, very different . Oman has order, and a plan, GREAT PEOPLE and in my opinion is the pick of the bunch out there .
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Old 27th Jun 2013, 16:42
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Mr Mac, well, your the smart one mate.

hi Mac,

Well, looks like you were smarter than me mate; you left the dump-hole at the right time and when it still was respectable and decent.

Although ive been criticized for slamming Dubai, i agree with the Young kid on speed reference, it really is the pits off late.

Oman's such a sea change than the other places; its that sheer level of warmth that the people have which its it all worthwhile.

I left OMDB around early 2000's; but yeah, in your days i'm sure it was awesome.

See you around mate!.

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