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Qatar Salary

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3 Years???? From signing the contract or when you finish your TR or when you are done with linetraining?
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I'm fairly certain it begins once you've passed your final line check - thats how the old bond system worked, i'm sure those on the new scheme will chime in soon enough.
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Is money deducted from NTR DEC's also.?how much per month?
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same system for ntr dec. deducted once your start flying the line.
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Do we know for sure when the bond deductions start?

Is it from the day you join the company or is it from when you complete the TR, when you start line training, or when you complete line training?

Really appreciate the info.

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"I thought one of the selling points of this place was that they paid you in full on time."

Are you suggesting salaries and allowances aren't always paid when they should be?

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Thanks Kij'
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Lets get something straight.... salaries are usually paid on time.... BUT they have to be paid into a bank account that does not get activated for up to 4 weeks because "the bank" wants a fricken letter stating your salary from HR (who take extraordinary amounts of time for simple things like a templated letter).

If you dont have a bank account before your supposed to be paid, then you get a cheque and take it to "another bank" to get cashed........

I like it here but its these things like needing letters to do things, and these said letters , for some reason take more time to recieve from HR than ???????????? ...... thats what will leave you shaking your head asking why.
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StormMcginley have adverts out today for Qatar
I wonder what their cut does to the previously mentioned paylevels....if any?
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Post 135:
Latest news, 10 P/C increase in basic salary, and 1 full month bonus for profit.
Post 137:
The big difference is that, this time it is true
Post 156:
I just wrote NEWS, I never wrote "confirmed news"
Now what, is there any truth in the rumour or is it true that it's a rumour?
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Someone asked this question above:
if you fly 90+hrs every months, you will finish in 10 months.
then following two months off??
Forget it. Instead, you will be assigned stand-bys although they can not make use of you, or expect some stand-in duties in SIM. Stuff like that to hinder you from enjoying too long off-periods.
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So, some people out there consider the housing/school fee allowances at QR as part of the basic salary?

First of all, you need QR's permission to move to own accomodation. The monthly housing allowance is 12k for Capts and 10k for FOs. If you're single you may want to share an accomodation, this would be the best case (economically). But perhaps you cannot share because you've got a family. Have you checked the rents in Doha? It may be the better option to live in a company accomodation for a family.

The school fee allowance is QR 50k for a single child per annum. It's 35k per child and annum in case of 2 or max 3 children (4 children if you're a qatari national). Reimbursed is the exact amount of the tution fee only. The allowance does not apply to kids under the age of 4 and above 19 yr, even when they're studying. This is based on the 'Renumeration and Benefits Changes' from 12 June 2011.

Let's say, you have 2 kids going to school. Child A at grade 7 which tution fee is 45k/ annum, child B at grade 3 which tution fee is 20k/annum. Do you really think, because you have 2 kids you will be paid 70k just like that? No! For child B you will be reimbursed the actual costs of 20k, for child A the max, in this case 35k. Actually, you will have to pay 10k from your own pocket for child A for that academic year! Furthermore, the allowance covers only the tution fee. Test- and registration fees, school uniforms, shoes, books, transportation, special activities organised by the school (sports, trips etc) are NOT covered by any allowance.

Go ahead and recalculate your salary!
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allowances are allowances, or helps to some aim!! No one here was expecting more than that neither considering them as basic salary, as they are not. But do you think those allowances are ridiculous or negligeble?? Maybe the company should pay also for our kids' ipads and Xbox... Sure that's the rigth way to do it... No less!!

By the way, I'm pretty happy about the salary...
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Maybe I should have said: 'Go ahead and recalculate your salary the right way.

The allowances are of course not negligible. My intention was to enlighten those people who think of the housing/school fee allowances as a granted payment to everyone like the basic salary. You may opt for own accomodation to make your salary look better. But this allowance is never enough for a semi- or fully furnished decent accomodation. At the end there will be a couple of thousand $ less left for yourself from your hard earned money (certainly, some people take this into account and do it).

Maybe the company should pay also for our kids' ipads and Xbox...
I wasn't mentioning funstuff and toys, but rather necessary items required by the schools. Someone else earlier in this thread asked about registration fees.

Don't make any illusions. It's alright when allowances are paid, but they don't really help to maintain the salary, no matter how they're presented.

How about this one: not funstuff and toys, but other expenses which are required to run the business could be company-sponsored instead, e.g. resident permits, visa for family members, medical, e-gate pass.
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salary increase

i just can say:

same like every year - spring time in doha - rumor time about salary increase

and by the way: money is not everything, quality of life is more important at least for me

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Guys, so I am looking at houses, cars, and schools. The housing allowance for a family of 5 seems just adequate, barely at that, but apparently manageable. As for schools, not at all, three kids 105,000 riyals? I already checked and it does not cover in the better schools. Am I mistaken? Can you gents clarify.
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maybe 10 years ago things were diferent!! The salary now has no secrets,
31000QAR for CPT on entry (increased 1000 every year till 10 years), plus
1500QAR for utilities, plus 300QAR for transportation. Then comes the 120QAR per
block hour ( based in 850 block hours a year on the 320) wich means 102000QAR a
year (average), plus 12000QAR/ month for the house allowance (144000QAR/year)
and if you have 2 kids they pay you till 35000QAR/year per kid wich means
70000QAR more. All added up and you take more or less 710000QAR per year. Now
just do the math... 1QAR=0.365USD or 1QAR=0.209 whatever you're aiming for!

Of course you can argue that house and school allowance don't count as
salary but even so you get about 496000QAR per year. Maybe I'm wrong but the
calculator showed 15075USD or 8673 per month. But then again, this is all
average...for a first year CPT.

You said avg block hours for the 320 was 850 hrs. Do you know what the avg block hours for the 777 or other wide body aircraft would be? I was just wondering if there was a substantial pay difference between the wide body and narrow.


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There is, there is

320 and 300 guys are the poorest ones

777 guys get paid for sleeping

330 normally good layovers, good paycheck, but also flying a lot

But check the whole thread, lots of it was said already earlier
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Get payed for sleeping

Grow up airwjo
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Originally Posted by Chuck Noris
Get payed for sleeping

Grow up airwjo
pay 2
verb ( past and past part. payed) [ trans. ] Nautical
seal (the deck or hull seams of a wooden ship) with pitch or tar to prevent leakage.

My sincere condolences to the poor 777 pilots who got payed. That really is a violation of your human rights.
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