Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Qatar Salary

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Two tone, thanks for that.
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What about the registration fee ?
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Avg monthly roster F/O A320

My rolling monthly avg for the last 3 months has been 90+ flight duty hours. That does not include time spent sitting on the ground at the intra-gulf destinations... flight time 2 hrs with a duty time of 8 hours... and only get paid for the actual FLIGHT duty hours!! Often doing 6 or 7 duty days in a row, with only 1 or 2 days off between; most of which you spend sleeping trying to catch up on lost sleep.

Lots of night flying, reporting 2200 + (local time), returning to Doha the following night.. arriving in the morning... minimum rest during the day and operating again at night... after a series of such duties sleep deprivation and fatigue is a real issue, but ... there is a lot of sand in the desert...where you will find a lot of ostrich heads buried !!!

The total flight hours per roster is not the only issue though, it is the poor quality of life resulting from fatiguing rosters and no leave to enable you to switch off, unwind and recharge.

Add to that the fact that some of us have not been able to take our entitled leave for winter (usual response to any request here is either "Captain... not allowed.." or "Captain... not available..") , and there are rumours now of the next summer period leave being cancelled, due to crew shortage... True the company is supposedly going to compulsorily buy back the unused leave...(I have yet to be convinced of that),.. an option would have been nice, besides... money doesn't buy quality of life or lifestyle.... contrary to local belief that money can buy everything!!!

Lots of unhappy people here...who are looking for better options...of which there are many if you are rated and prepared to go east.
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@ spit15
Hi would you be able to inbox a sample schedule just want to see what kind of schedule one would get please thanks
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if you fly 90+hrs every months, you will finish in 10 months.
then following two months off??
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Very good point
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If you factor in 42 days of leave (if it's allocated!) then add in all the bits that don't count toward flying duties, for example LPC/OPC, CRM, security refreshers etc., that will take you to over 11 months of work in a given year.

90+ block hours per month is becoming the norm on the 320 fleet in QR. When a pilot almost reaches the maximum hours, for any given period (28 days, annual or whatever), a standby duty will be rostered so there is no opportunity to relax even if you approach max hours.

Defo NOT two months off!

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Like others here, would it be possible for someone to post a roster on the 320 or send a PM. A couple of the posts above make it sound pretty harsh. I was hoping to see more of my family not less.
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I tried to collect some info from another threads and It looks like the roster for the 320F is something like:

- Flight time 60-70 hours/month, Duty time: 120-140 hours/month (but you are paid for the flight time).
- 7-9 days off month (some of them might be outside station).
- 2-4 STBY/month
- Several layovers per month (depending on how you bid. It can be more... it can be less).
- sometimes 1-2 dead-heading (unpaid duty)
- Last minute change is not unusual (as they deserve some destinations with both A320, A330 and sometime B777)
- Bidding system available.

Updates to this info will be highly appreciated.
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no family time

Grum you are dreaming if you think you are going to be spending time with your family working on the 320. You will be working or sleeping. Everyone I know on that fleet hates it and wants out, and so many are leaving.
I'm on the 777 and never see the family enough, 8 days off a month, and the 320 a lot worse.
It's bad here, as long as you know it before you join it makes it easier. The only reason you come here is for the money, or if your English for the sun!
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Sun..???... Ahhh if only !!!!

It's either obscured by dust, or you're trying to catch up on sleep after the gruelling string of night duties that all you get to see is a sad semblance of a sunset at dusk!!! I did see a bright light over chasing us over Africa one morning bound for Nairobi... is that the sun-thingy..???
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Sorry Speedhold....

I would.. under any other circumstances... But unfortunately with this bunch, people get fired for divulging truths. And it is not beyond the realms of the company's paranoia to dupe people on here to try and ascertain individuals identities. So am afraid... I will remain anonymous.com. That means I cannot post my roster. Sorry. Take it from me though, all the -ves you read are close to the mark... the only +ve I can see is the chance for non rated guys (so I hear) to get a rating, and bag a few buckets of cash if you live wisely whilst here.

My roster for this month is 92 flight duty hours, and 140 + duty hours. with 7 days off. Half of the duties start after 8pm and go through to the morning, with close to min rest during the day before reporting for anther night. They say they only roster 3 nights in a row... but they get around that by scheduling a chocks on at 2359... add half an hour for post duty, and another half an hour for holding, waiting for crew transport and the drive back to the check-in/out building, and it's 0100 before you have even left the airport, then 30 mins to get home... and hour to unwind .. and finally get to bed by 0230 if you are lucky. So they split two strings of nights by one of these duties and you are Legal... and according to them... sufficiently rested...

On the plus side... if you are looking for a fast track divorce.. this is the place to accelerate the process!!!
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@spit15 Or any that can answer this
Thanks for the info ... Do you how many days off u get on the other fleets Qatar has.?. ie 777 , 330.
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It's policy to give no rostered days off above the minimum legal required - i.e. 8 or 9 per month, depending on number of days in the month.

Any more than that is stby duty.

Having said that, it's about a 50/50 chance on the 777 / A330 of actually getting through your stby without being called out, whereas you're virtually guaranteed to get called on the A320 fleet
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Luke, my son, NOT true!
On the 777 I've got 5, 6 or 7 days off in a row for the last 12 months EVERY month.
So, 12+ days off per month. It depends how you bid, but it is possible.
I'm really sorry for our colegues on the 320 and I feel their pain having worked for a regional operator in Europe before.
Just my POV>
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Homo Ludens

I am on the 320 fleet. Please don't feel sorry for me. If and when I want to leave, I have a far more better chance of getting another job than I would had I been on the 777.

Chances of a command upgrade for me is far better on the 320 fleet than it is on the 777, so sometimes being on the 320 fleet is maybe a good thing, depends on what you want in life.


How people feel about being here in and being on the 320 fleet depends on where you have come from. If you have moved up in size of aircraft, maybe you are making your career strategy better. Maybe job security is better here than from where you have come. Maybe the money income here is far better than in the home country you have come from. Many airlines around the globe are now going bust. Spanair last week, Malev this week. Although what you have said is correct, nobody is stopping anyone from leaving and as as long as the job is getting done and is legal, no one cares. All anyone has to do here is hand in their notice and in just over 90 days time, you're out of here. Depends on each ones circumstances and what you want in life. If you could go and work for any airline in the world, who would it be with. And this answer will differ from person to person depending on their circumstances and age, so your view may not be necessarily what others will think. I take it you're very unhappy here and I am sorry you feel that way. Many others feel the same way as you and I hope that sooner or later you and others find that golden job and manage to move on.

Head in sand ? Depends what is going around in one's head and what your reason is for being here.

As for working here, Use them as they use you, once complete, move on if you're not happy.

Not everyone is unhappy. Some love, some hate it. Depends who you are and if you miss home or family.

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@Black Pudding

Good thinking!

It's amazing how our lives become surprisingly better when we start utilizing one of the most fascinating traits in ourselves.. It's called " Flexibility"! Even if you don't think you are flexible, learn it!

Good luck.
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Black pud,
How long do you estimate till command and is there any transfer from 320 to long haul?
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Black pud,
How long do you estimate till command and is there any transfer from 320 to long haul?

How long is a piece of string.

If you have 3 years service and more than 5000 hours, you may be looked at for command

Fleet transfer eligable after 3 years after line check I think and if there is a requirement for you to move.

Transfer to long haul ? Who knows. If your a Captain on 320, more chance of walking on water, if you're a first officer, a lot more probability. The problem is, we are short of crew and its not easy to get you off this fleet and onto another fleet due to the training of someone to replace you. The 320 fleet is growing and I think new 320s to join the fleet in 2012, so letting people off it is not as easy as it sounds.

And really, you sure you want long haul ? Sounds glamorous, but its not. The 320 flying here is good enough for some. 330 is better, 777 is hard work. Each to their own. Far more chance of getting another job outside Qatar should you want to leave after a while with a 320 rating rather than a 777 rating.

Lets put it this way. If you join Qatar as a First Officer, in time you may have a chance of fleet transfer which you may not get working for other airlines that do not have such a large selection of aircraft. Also, unless you're stupid or very unlucky, you're not going to lose your job like Spanair or Malev guys
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Command time on 320 is down to 2 years now if you have 5000hrs. It just got reduce, but a lot of FO still don't take the upgrade to move on a différant fleet.
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